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At Mitra Ceramic House, our mission is to create a safe, communal space for all kinds of artists - beginners to professionals - to come together and express their creative sides. We believe in unlocking the creative within each and every one of us, and offer a wide range of classes for all students. Whether you’re a professional aiming for sharing your experience with others or, a brand new student hoping to learn a thing or two about pottery, or if you’re simply interested in picking up a new hobby, Mitra Ceramic House is here to welcome you into the fold.




Brianna Jude May 2024

Well taught and small class. Everyone’s piece was unique. l’m looking forward to bringing home my glazed piece in a few weeks.

Pottery class review by Brianna Jude - Brisbane

Hannah Mackay May 2024

Great option for a casual private group, quality material, but time runs out quickly and need an extra class for glazing.

Pauline Macnamara Apr 2024

The instructor Mitra was excellent very patient and very good teacher - so much fun and rewarding to mage something

Highly recommended and would definitely do it again when I have the chance

5 stars

Luisa Gil Lopez Mar 2024

It was lovely the class. Everything very well explained and it was a moment to really enjoy! Thank you for today!

Abby Howell Mar 2024

This was so much fun a d Tyler was super patient and very knowledgeable! Can't wait to see how my pieces turn out when I get to pick them up :)

Wheel Throwing Pottery Class for Beginners review by Abby Howell - Brisbane

Karen Gibb Mar 2024

We enjoyed all of it and the instructor was both knowledgeable and fun to learn from.
It was a great experience and I will certainly be recommending the class

Coralie Harris Mar 2024

Shorter was great. Very chatty and enthusiastic and please to help and salvage our disastrous efforts
Much fun

Cleo Shave Mar 2024

My partner and I did the boobie mug workshop with Becca, who was so lovely! The instructions were clear and the class was a perfect pace to make a mug and not feel rushed through the process. Such a relaxing way to spend an afternoon! We will definitely be back!

Maria Rendon Mar 2024

Excellent from the beginning till the end. I absolutely recommend it. thanks so much for everything

Miranda Jones Mar 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great instructions and fun experience! Loved that the small group size, which allowed us to get help from the teacher throughout. We had no experience and were still able to create two finished products. Highly recommend as a unique activity and you get to learn a new skill.

Lena Crowley Mar 2024

I was given a clay throwing class at Mitra Ceramic House for my birthday. I bought an extra ticket so that I could do the class with my daughter. Rebecca our instructor was patient and clear. All materials were provided including the aprons. It was a lovely therapeutic way to spend a Saturday morning. Will definitely go back, and will definitely give a class as a gift!

Cleo Gardiner Feb 2024

Mitra was very experienced and helpful for us as beginners learning the basic technique of wheel throwing. It was so meditative and enjoyable. Thank you.

Belinda Sullivan Feb 2024

Loved the class. The teacher was very knowledgeable and helpful. Great team bonding experience! Highly recommend.

El Dumigan Feb 2024

Have wanted to try out wheel throwing for a while and thought it would be fun to do a Sunday morning class. The space is super cute and the teacher was super lovely and kind. I feel I learnt a lot and am excited to see my pieces fired! Might even come back to graze them.

Kerri Phillips Feb 2024

Friendly, instructive and lots of fun. I really enjoyed this workshop as an absolute beginner with the wheel.

Jennifer McDowell Feb 2024

Thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. I did it to revise what I learned 30 years ago. Feeling confident now after just one lesson.

Pia Dennis Feb 2024

Received a voucher for Christmas after wanting to learn pottery throwing for a while. The venue is easy to find and has easy parking. As for the class itself, all materials were provided and our teacher was very accommodating and helpful. She first did a demonstration and then helped us at our own wheels, so you could pause and ask for directions if you were uncertain. The small class size (4) meant we each got help to make two nice pieces to take home.

Greg Sweetman Jan 2024

This was a fantastic chance to have a go at wheel throwing. Great information and advice and a good chance to have a go (with very mixed but fun results!) Highly recommended.

Fiona Hilditch Nov 2023

This was a great class for beginners or for people who just want to try wheel throwing pottery for fun. I like the fact that it was a small class size (4) as this allowed the teacher to spend more time with each of us. I thought it was great value for money as we got to make 2 pieces and we even had time to make a third piece. The teacher was great. They were very knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly. I am not very artistic but found the teacher and other students very encouraging in the class, which was great.
I would love to do more of these classes. The venue was nice and location was good. It's 5 stars from me :)

Ella White Nov 2023

The teacher was absolutely amazing. I am not very gifted in creative tasks, but she was patient and helpful in assisting me with my mug. The instructions were made to be super simple and easy to follow. I had such an amazing experience and will definitely be coming back.

Melissa Anderson Oct 2023

Becca was a wonderful teacher, very calm and patient. It was intimate and relaxing as there were only 4 students. Even though I wasn't great I still enjoyed it as it was more about the experience than the end product.

Ngarewa Oct 2023

Venue good.
Teacher amazing and knowledgeable.
Arrived a little late but managed to get 2 projects done.
Parking expensive so maybe get dropped off?
Overall experience was fun and recommend for everyone

Ceramic Plant Pot Workshop review by Ngarewa - Brisbane

Arabella Mann Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great teacher. Very helpful when not doing well. Helped to get back on track and gave great pointers

Aidan Solly Sep 2023

A great class!

Our instructor was very informative and the small group size meant she was able to assist everyone when needed.

The studio space was very clean and welcoming. Each person had their own wheel to work on as well as a good amount of clay and other sculpting tools.
Even working slowly and redoing some steps, I had ample time to work on my pieces.

Would highly recommend if you’re looking to try throwing pottery.

Wheel Throwing Pottery Class for Beginners review by Aidan Solly - Brisbane

Jordan Harmsworth Sep 2023

Teacher was fantastic, venue was quiet & had personality, and the class itself was exactly what I was looking for!

Brendan James Sep 2023

It was a great chill space and teacher was ace. Letting us go at our pace.

Isabella Turner Sep 2023

As someone who is not normally a creative person i was genuinely surprised at how much i enjoyed this class! 100% would recommend for anyone, my best friend and i had an amazing time!

Wheel Throwing Pottery Class for Beginners review by Isabella Turner - Brisbane

Julian Pollard Aug 2023

Excellent experience, good fun, good teacher, smooth experience. I am a man of little words :)

Claudia McTainsh Aug 2023

Teacher demonstrated well and clear on what to do. Very supportive and encouraging. We thoroughly enjoyed our first wheel throwing clay experience. Her engaging manner and patience made our experience a memory to treasure.

Clare Richards Jul 2023

I really enjoyed the morning making a cypriot pot and getting in the mood by listening to authentic background music. Small group of 5 with Beatrice as the teacher and Beatrice was lovely - as well helpful and professional. The time flew as we all created individual styles for our pots. I am looking forward to seeing it once out of the kiln. Was a really relaxing and fun morning. Venue had lots of street parking and having it on a Saturday meant the street parking was free. I would absolutely recommend this class as it was focussed and something a little different. I also liked everything was provided, including aprons, so you just could just turn up. For my first attempt I was more than happy!

Pottery class review by Clare Richards - Brisbane

Warren Baker Jul 2023

Mitra was wonderful as a teacher. Very welcoming and made everything very easy and fun. Had a great time with the clay after a very long absence

Louise Hodder Jul 2023

Teacher was so patient and kind. It was an amazing experience, have always wanted to try and it was so much fun! Would definitely recommend and maybe try again at some point. :)

Pottery class review by Louise Hodder - Brisbane

Taylah Budd Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

was a really lovely class! can’t wait to come back and do another class!

Hand Building Workshop: Mug and Tray Set review by Taylah Budd - Brisbane

Sophie Liddiard Jul 2023

So much fun, lovely midweek reset. Would absolutely recommend to any one and definitely come again

Anna Welsby Jul 2023

Mitra was great, and very patient with all of us. She was helpful and encouraging. We had great fun in this private class. Can’t wait to see the final product!

Bernadette Chapman Jun 2023

This class was very fun and we enjoyed it a lot, were very supported and felt comfortable learning and asking questions

Pottery class review by Bernadette Chapman - Brisbane

James Ashton Jun 2023

Mitra was fantastic and we had a really great time doing the class. Will definitely book again and would highly recommend

Sam Foster May 2023

Friendly and helpful relaxed approach. Took her time to show us what to do every step of the way.

Cristine Apr 2023

Had lots of fun designing my clay, instructor was excellent, and professional. Beautiful atmosphere from beginning to end. Thoroughly enjoyed the small class, very intimate, therapeutic and simply an amazing experience.

Heather Blakeway Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class, we had lots of fun and Becca our instructor was so lovely, helping us with every step.

Talisha Jasper Apr 2023

It was a great beginners class with a very sweet and helpful teacher!
A good amount of clay and the class allows you to make 3 pieces and fire 2, which is great value for the class.
Would recommend.

Pottery class review by Talisha Jasper - Brisbane

Matt Barden Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a fantastic class for a group of people who had no experience. Mitra was beyond helpful, friendly, and very accommodating of our schedule. I will definitely be coming back in the future.

Megan Stephenson Apr 2023

We had so much fun The class was so informative but left enough space for us to find our own creativity thank you We will be back!

Pottery class review by Megan Stephenson - Brisbane

Shane Kirkwood Apr 2023

We had a great time. We were helped in each step of the way by our teacher.
Lots of laughs and very relaxing.

Kristen Camp Apr 2023

My partner and I had a great time. The small group of 4 made the class very intimate and calm. The direction from the instructor was very clear and helpful and made the class a fabulous experience. I'm looking forward to getting my clay pieces back to showcase around the house!

Natasha Langridge Mar 2023

Had a great time today! Can not wait to see how my pot turns out :)

Introduction to Ancient Cypriot Pottery Workshop review by Natasha Langridge - Brisbane

Courtney McDonough Mar 2023

Awesome experience overall, teacher was lovely and very patient. Loved the creative freedom, will definitely book again.

Tony Jojo Mar 2023

The teacher and overall experience was super fun!
It was nicely paced and allowed us to experiment with different things throughout the class - my girlfriend and I had a great time doing this together.

Will be back for more!

Emma Holland Mar 2023

I loved that it was a really small and intimate class allowing 1 on 1 feedback with the teacher. The vibe of the class with the music and everything was so calming. It was an amazing experience! Will be recommending to everyone!

Cameron Molver Mar 2023

Fantastic experience! Very enjoyable and friendly experience, could have been more time efficient, but that may be due to the class(and me) rather than the teacher. Im already looking toward another session, definitely worthwhile!

Jane Mayne Feb 2023

My mum and I arrived and Becca was so friendly and welcoming. She had 2 late comers and she was still as welcoming and kind even though she needed to repeat information and prep for someone that was not booked in on her end. Becca was informative, happy and helpful throughout the whole class and was wonderful company for newbies like us. The room was hot, aircon would have helped, hand clay work is hot business. But this didn’t take away from us thoroughly enjoying our session. We look forward to seeing our pieces after they’ve been glazed.
Thanks Becca!

Dinnerware Set Making Workshop review by Jane Mayne - Brisbane

Georgia Jan 2023

Great experience, the class was fun and the teacher was lovely! Would definitely recommend to others!

Jewel Deang Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Our boobie mug workshop was so fun! Our teacher was very helpful and encouraging the whole time. it was an intimate group which made it better so our teacher was able to help us as much as possible. located in west end and super easy to find. can’t wait to see what the final mug looks like. cute vibes, good times and something we would do again!

Boobie Mug Making Workshop review by Jewel Deang - Brisbane

Alex Mills Jan 2023

61 ClassBento workshops attended • 58 reviews

I loved the feel of this clay and had fun creating my dream mug.
The venue is wheelchair accessible.
Just a note to people with sore backs, the chairs are not very comfortable.

Hand Building Workshop: Mug and Tray Set review by Alex Mills - Brisbane

Jill Gough Jan 2023

The teacher was excellent. Explained everything we had to do, then made sure we did as was required. The venue was easy to find, and quite a good set up, and only five people in the class, so the teacher had time to attend to us all.
Some of the mugs were really good, and some, not so good, but on the whole we learned to put it all together.
The trays were another thing. Hope they come out as good as we all hope.
It will be interesting to see them all finished.
I will certainly think about another class.

Alex Mills Dec 2022

61 ClassBento workshops attended • 58 reviews

Sadly I wasn't unable to attend this workshop due to illness but the organiser had great communication

Robin Stammers Dec 2022

The class was excellent. Tyler explained each step and importantly explained why things were done this way. He has a great manner and the class was enjoyable. When the opportunity arises, I would love to return for further lessons. Thank you.
Cheers Robin

Eszter Bari Nov 2022

Amazing experience. Detailed and interesting introduction, all material/equipment provided. Teacher is helpful and friendly. We truly enjoyed the experience, it was great fun. Many thanks, we will be definitely back for the glazing session!

Pottery class review by Eszter Bari - Brisbane

Tara Bowden Nov 2022

Great class, lovely teacherreally enjoyed the experience, would love it to go on a little longer.

Oceanna Robson Oct 2022

We still had 45 minutes left of the class and the teacher wanted us to already pack up. Really boring

Teacher's response

Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to hear that our wheel throwing workshop did not meet your expectations. The workshop was ran with a recently joined instructor who is under training. We apologise if she has not communicated well with you or you felt the workshop was boring.

We normally provide 3 balls of clay to try on the pottery wheel. Depending on you fail centring the clay or not you might finish early. We always provide more clay to practice if you fail. We understand that some students might decide to leave earlier if the extra pieces won’t get fired by us.

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