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Samantha Copland

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We envision a world where everybody feels their best – physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. On a trip of a lifetime to India, we stumbled upon a perfume store in Rajasthan and purchased the shop’s stock of crystal glass bottles on a whim. Told of their unlikely arrival by India Post, I promised to follow my dream if they arrived safely home.

As the founder, I’ve immersed myself in the natural world studying Natural Perfumery under world renowned alchemist Mandy Aftel, Flower Essences, Cannabis Terpene Blends, Asia-Pacific Natives, Aromatherapy, Plant Shamanism, Medical Herbalism and Rongoa Maori Medicine. I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology & Psychology and Performance Music, relevant for my early understanding of classical composition.

I’m well-travelled with over fifteen years business acumen specialising in Sales & Marketing, leading international projects. This tapestry of interests has formed the basis of a new approach to designing and sharing Natural Fragrance; Scent, Soul & Science. We’ve hosted over a thousand Club Members in three global locations and made over fifty fragrances for brands, people and places.

All of our team enrols in our in-house training programme to stay passionately abreast of international trends and techniques in fragrance, technology, art therapy and wellbeing. Not a day goes by where we don’t experiment with scent, soul science.

Thank you for being part of our scented journey.
Samantha Copland, Founder & Scent Designer




Kathryn Marangos Jun 2022

Perfume Masterclass

Fantastic insight to perfume and its magical affects. Learning how to produce a signature scent with the best teachers there are. Highly recommended. Thank you Samantha for a fantastic day.

Perfume Making workshop review by Kathryn Marangos Sydney

Cheryll Deano Mar 2022

Natural Perfumery Class

Great teachers and got to smell so many different scents! Great to also smell everyone's creations. Overall an enjoyable afternoon. I'd love to do the next class.

Mary McNicoll Feb 2022

Natural Perfumery Class

This was a great experience and a fun way to spend Sunday afternoon. Learner a lot about scents. Bubbly and quality nibbles were an unexpected bonus.

Julia Raffaele Jan 2022

Natural Perfumery Class

Was a fun class, nice afternoon to meet new people and learn about perfume making located at a beautiful venue. It is very much an intro class, too whats involved. The teachers were there helping out a cheat sheet to smells that go together would have been helpful in saying that though, its meant to be experimental to your choice so it might defeat the purpose. I had a nice time, went by myself and felt very included in the group and I would recommend to friends to go.

Tj Carroll Nov 2021

Natural Perfumery Class

I has so much fun participating in the fragrance workshop, Samantha and her team are such a pleasure to deal with, and so helpful. We hosted the workshop as a drop in style format which was part of a larger event, and it worked exceptionally well. From the get go Samantha was so passionate about ensuring everything was perfect, and it was. The workshop was enjoyed by all sexes and ages, I can 't wait for another client to pitch the workshop for. LOVED IT!

Shelley Sun Nov 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Natural Perfumery Class

The experience was really really good. I've organised this event for a group of my girlfriends (20 ppl) as a celebration for getting out of lockdown since we haven't seen each other for some time. The venue was great, the teachers were really professional and helpful. We were all really pleased, even those that didn't actually make something that they would normally wear, they were all really pleased  + more

Perfume Making workshop review by Shelley Sun

Mariela Diaz Nov 2021

Natural Perfumery Class

Great class in a lovely venue. Broad range of high quality materials. I Love my new scent!

Jessica Douglass Sep 2021

76 ClassBento workshops attended • 59 reviews

Make Two Solid Perfumes with Native Botanicals

Such a beautiful craft kit! I love the smell and the fact that I am able to create something so personal.

Make Two Solid Perfumes with Native Botanicals review by Jessica Douglass

Matilda Hillam Sep 2021

77 ClassBento workshops attended • 45 reviews

Make Two Solid Perfumes with Native Botanicals

The kit itself was really lovely, quality ingredients. Unfortunately the video was just a recording of a live zoom session which perhaps could have been better packaged, even simply edited for an at home prerecorded viewing.

Perfume Making workshop review by Matilda Hillam

Holly Windisch May 2021

Natural Perfumery Class

My Mum and I loved this experience. Educational, super engaging/hands on and alot of fun.

Nathan Shoemark May 2021

Natural Perfumery Class

Great incite into the perfume world. Presented well with good one on one assistants when needed

Genevieve Dolan Apr 2021

Natural Perfumery Class

Sam and Maggie were incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable. I attended on my own and I felt completely at ease from the outset. The location was spectacular (views over Melbourne CBD and beyond!) and I learnt so much about how to make / measure and test options for making my very own perfume. I had a brilliant time and I’m looking forward to signing up for the master class!

Perfume Making workshop review by Genevieve Dolan Sydney

Felicity Tsiang Nov 2020

Natural Perfumery Class

What was the teacher like? They were really nice! My friend and I were quite indecisive but they were super patient with us, which I appreciated a lot :) How was the venue? It was really nice and fitting for the class. The atmosphere was nice and it had a lot of ventilation in the room so we didn't feel too stuffy. If materials were provided, did you like them? Yes, definitely learned a lot about new scents and fragrances. Was the class good value for money? Yes! Just wish that it was a little bit longer (we did go a bit overtime) so that we  + more

Victoria Shubenina Jun 2020

Natural Perfumery Class

We had great time. The instructor was very experienced and patient with our group. There was a lot of oils to choose from, so we all created a very nice perfume that we took home.

Perfume Making workshop review by Victoria Shubenina

Genevieve Giraud Dec 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Natural Perfumery Class

Great discovery with clear explanation from Samantha. Great to see and smell the outcome of perfume from natural oils.

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