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Sienna Wolke
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5.0 (12)

I have been practising yoga all my life and love to share it with everyone from yoga beginners to more experienced yoga practitioners looking for a great workout and maybe something different.

I always bring a positive and fun vibe to every session.

It's about learning something new and staying in the moment. :)




Rachael Mistry Nov 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I know Sienna Class was a great introduction to online yoga, very convenient to do from home.

Terry Nov 2022

Yeah nice class
Even for me - I am a little tight in the hamstrings
Still managed to keep up
In my own way ☺️

Cheryl Oct 2022

Thank you for great classes that I can attend while at home online. Learn Yoga at Home keeps me inspired to continue regularly which is the best way forward to good health, strength and gives me motivation to get through my sometimes challenging days. Lovely instructor, explaining for different levels throughout the class. Highly recommended for all.

Ruby Oct 2022

Thans Sienna.
Really needed that stretch and strength session. Your cues are so easy to follow - definitely the best online yoga class I've ever been to!

Helen Oct 2022

Love this Online Yoga Class was challenging and interesting. Great music too.

Maia Oct 2022

I LOVE Sienna’s yoga classes!
I always finish them feeling amazing

Rosemay Oct 2022

Sienna is a wonderful teacher she puts you at ease during her classes with clear instructions to follow.
She has a true passion for her teaching and wants to educate and inspire others.
Her classes are good value for money.
I will definitely recommend .

Cheryl Williams Jun 2022

I really enjoyed Learn Yoga at Home class and will be attending regularly. The lovely instructor Sienna, explains the poses all the way through the class. I found this very informative

Maia Megase Jun 2022

I LOVED Sienna's class
I great mix of stretching and strength work.
I cannot wait to do another class!

Loreta Menechian Jun 2022

Very interesting and fun session of yoga. A really good workout focussing on balance, flexibility, and core. Perfect session to do at home. Will definitely recommend this to everyone looking to stay fit.

Freya Megase Jun 2022

I loved the class!
Sienna was great at keeping yoga fun while still giving me a challenge
By the end of the class I was feeling the burn of a good workout
And this newfound energy for the rest of the day!

Shafar Sulaiman Jun 2022

Excellent session. The flexibility of being able to do a yoga session at home is what made me attend the class in the first place. A solid workout for the body and mind. Sienna as an instructor was also excellent. Instructions given were slow and clear to follow. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking to have a workout routine in the comforts of their home.

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