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My name is Anika, I've been a music/piano teacher for over 6 years and absolutely love the feeling of sharing my passion and knowledge with others!
I never intended on being a music teacher, previously I worked as a sound designer for TV and Film, and also in a graphic design studio as the studio manager. It came to me as I love helping people and I love music!
I've always enjoyed the creative arts and believe there isn't just 'one way' to approach teaching. The one thing that is for sure is that you need to get to know your students, make them feel comfortable to open up and trust you. I love working with kids because they are so excited and up for a challenge. They can be a handful no doubt, but luckily I'm very patient!
I enjoy singing, playing the piano and writing my own songs in my spare time - I'll be releasing some songs on Spotify very soon!


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