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Your new local paint and wine nights in Perth! was an idea that we thought of at the start of the year during lockdown and a year later, we’re so happy that we’ve been able to turn our breakfast banter into a small business ✨




Sarsha Fordham Aug 2022

Paint and Sip Class

The actual painting of this class was great! We had a lot of fun, and would definitely do it again. I have had a lot of comments on my painting and I love it! My only feedback is the price and word 'sip' in the title. I have done a lot of other activities and sip through Class Bento and they all provide the wine for you. I only found out the day before that you had to buy your own drinks which I thought as included in the price. I wouldn't have booked the class if I knew the amount didn't include the sip part. I think it is quote expensive to just  + more

Lalitha Samykanno Aug 2022

Paint and Sip Class

The instructor was fantastic! She was so encouraging and gave very easy to follow guidance. Would definitely recommend!

Karen Tuiyott Jun 2022

Paint and Sip Class

What a beautiful experience! I decided to do something different for my birthday and enjoy my first painting session with a group of friends. Our teacher Steph made us so comfortable. I would definitely do this again ❤️ Thank you for having us!

Skye Frizza Jun 2022

Paint and Sip Class

Aimee was a great teacher and it was such a great way to speak a Friday night with friends and to finish the week

Shelley Munnee Jun 2022

Paint and Sip Class

Our teacher was lovely and laced our experience with humour, her own experiential learning of art, suggestions if asked and was very helpful. The venue offered great space, music in the background and good quality products provided for our artwork. Definitely good value for money. I gained relaxation, enjoyment and great learning from the experience. My group of friends, 7 of us, had a ball

Zena Ibrahim May 2022

Paint and Sip Class

Loved the evening, loved the focus on people of colour and the artist (Steph) was so encouraging of our own creativity without being very restrictive! Loved the venue! Thanks again

Jeffy Koshy May 2022

Paint and Sip Class

Hosts were amazing! Luvier was so friendly and now I have a cool piece for my office! 10/10 not to be missed Super cool intimate venue too! Thanks for a great night guys

Georgia Russell Jan 2022

Paint and Sip Class

A fun and very therapeutic night with a talented teacher who made the class even more enjoyable! Thankyou

Gabriele Reid Jan 2022

Paint and Sip Class

Oh dear, and I might be the only one, so stepping into the breach. Start time, 6.45 I read the instructions and respectfully was early and definitely on time. Waited until 7.15 until a few 'giggled' in. It was 38 degrees in the room. Just asking why come on time? As I sat waiting thinking, if it's 38 degrees, wouldn't it be good to have the airconditioning on (as there was an airconditioning system) early enough to create a pleasant environment. It was not, it was stiflingly hot. I had to ask for some windows to be opened before the event corrdinators  + more

Rikki Cross Jan 2022

Paint and Sip Class

Myself and my friend thoroughly enjoyed our class, we felt so stoked with the end product and so supported the whole way through by our teacher, she created a safe and comfortable space for us to express ourselves . would definitely book again ! thankyou !

Margaret O’Neill Jan 2022

Paint and Sip Class

This course was a lot of fun. I attended with my daughters and we all enjoyed it. The teacher explained things well, access to art materials was easy and well- organised and the venue was good. Heathcote is a beautiful environment. The only negative feedback i can give is that we were a bit close- not enough space oh and it was very hot.

Painting workshop review by Margaret O’Neill Sydney

Anubha Hota Dec 2021

Paint and Sip Class

Amazing experience! A lovely evening spent exploring our creative flair with the talented artist Steph :) Will be back for sure!

Barbara Farr Dec 2021

Paint and Sip Class

Loved the class but didn't love painting a person. Food and wine was lovely, thank you very much.

Shania Moore Dec 2021

Paint and Sip Class

The venue by the river was so beautiful. The teacher we had was lovely and encouraging and the art work she taught us was challenging yet fun at the same time. The atmosphere in the room was great with the music. Would definitely recommend to my friends!

Paint and Sip Class review by Shania Moore Sydney

Paris Culley Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Paint and Sip Class

100% recommend to try out sip n dip if you haven't yet, Ariel in particular held an amazing session and brought in fun and a teaching practice that applied to all skill levels.

Anjali Bhogal Nov 2021

Paint and Sip Class

Such an enjoyable experience. The artist was great, her lesson was easy to follow. Thank you to the hosts for creating such a lovely environment!

Maria Prada Nov 2021

Paint and Sip Class

My first class and I loved every single minute. Best teacher, the food and the service wonderful. I’ll do this class again. 100% recommended

Esther Glauert Nov 2021

Paint and Sip Class

I really enjoyed the class and thought Ariel was so much fun and a great teacher. The spread was well worth the cost and there was more than enough supplies. Great job guys!

Mihi Sinclair Nov 2021

Paint and Sip Class

Really enjoyed the class and arials approach. I felt like I learned some skills that I can use at home. I like that she guided us, rather than leading by example.

Alex Bollig Nov 2021

Paint and Sip Class

Ariel was an amazing teacher, calm, funny and well organised. It was such a relaxing and enjoyable experience. All the equipment was provided and was easy to use, venue was beautiful, and the food and drinks provided were really lovely. Would definitely do again!

Devesha Joshi Nov 2021

Paint and Sip Class

My friends and I absolutely loved this class, we had such a lovely evening! The teacher was experienced and walked you through the class, it’s great for newbies or experienced artists. There was a lovely atmosphere and the hosts were really accommodating! I’m looking forward to the next class

Painting workshop review by Devesha Joshi Sydney

Ryan Kuser Oct 2021

Paint and Sip Class

I’m very happy my girlfriend and I decided to book tickets for this class. It was a beautiful night with a great vibe. Steph the artist was great, she explained every step along the way and made it feel easy for someone that hasn’t painted since primary school. The hosts Shania and Hardy were amazing and weren’t too far away when our glasses needed topping up. Overall it was a pleasure to attend the night. I’ll definitely be telling my friends and family about this. :)

Julia Oct 2021

Paint and Sip Class

Such a great night, easy to follow along even for non artists. We had a great laugh and went home with a good looking painting

Sandrine Oct 2021

Paint and Sip Class

Highly recommend this workshop - fun & chill, yet although I was a beginner, i went home with an impressive piece of art! Thank you so much for a great night. Will be back soon!

Julia McLachlan Oct 2021

Paint and Sip Class

This class was simply amazing! Sip & Dip done an incredible job of the class structure and setup. The artist instructions were clear, easy and fun. Whether you are a novice or expert this class would appeal to anyone. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun and different night out. Plus you walk away with your beautiful creation.

Paint and Sip Class review by Julia McLachlan

Tessa Campbell Oct 2021

Paint and Sip Class

Such an enjoyable way to spend an evening! Gorgeous setting, a great teacher, and plenty of time for creativity. What could be better!

Painting workshop review by Tessa Campbell

Shrutika Rana Oct 2021

Paint and Sip Class

Wow what a beautiful location! Right next to the water, and loved the decorations! The hosts were super friendly and helpful, never let my wine glass get empty. Loved the teacher as well, was so easy to follow her instructions and she would come around to talk to everyone. Would definitely recommend if you’re after a fun activity to do with your friends. Good vibes all around

Kiara Wee Oct 2021

Paint and Sip Class

The venue was perfect for the event. The art host was fantastic she was engaging fun and energetic. She had some great advice for novice painters and more advanced painters. The little nibbles and wine added a warm cozy feel and I had an overall great time. Would recommend a girls night out. Couples or a group of friends spending an interesting night together different from the usual pub.

Ashwina Arvi Oct 2021

Paint and Sip Class

Amazing energy, very enthusiastic and genuine. Made it easy for us beginners and added no pressure

Stephanie Brown Oct 2021

Paint and Sip Class

A really fun evening! Lovely cheese-boards , wine and atmosphere. The teacher was fun and informative. A relaxing way to spend an evening and even better that you can take home your masterpiece! Well organised with friendly and inviting hosts. Venue was perfect.

Mehreen Farrow Oct 2021

Paint and Sip Class

More of a social event. Not much individual instruction. No drinks if you weren't drinking alcohol

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