Learn Decorative Clear Wax Candle Making at Home

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Ignite your creativity with our decorative clear wax candle class online!

1.5 hours

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How it works
We'll send a ClassBento Box to you (a craft kit with what you'll need). Shipping is free, and it should arrive within 2 to 4 business days for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra; 4 to 9 days elsewhere. We ship nationwide.
Enjoy the online class - after booking, you'll get a pre-recorded video with instructions. You're welcome to ask the teacher any questions you have.

Clear wax candles are GORGEOUS! In this hands-on class, you will learn the basics of clear wax candle making and have the choice of using decorative features to create a variety of themes like an underwater ocean theme, fairy garden or a glitter extravaganza!

You will learn:

  • Types of containers to use for candle making
  • Ways you can decorate your candles
  • How to wick up your candle
  • Melting and pouring your wax
  • All about the different types of moulds you can use to decorate your candles
  • How to make a clear wax candle
  • How to create a forever clear wax candle
  • How to safely decorate your candles

NOTE: We do not add fragrance or colour to our clear wax candles as clear wax does have some very specific heat restrictions, so from a safety perspective we choose not to add fragrance. They look beautiful, so we don't mind not smelling them!

Unleash your inner artist and join us for a mesmerising experience in our DIY craft box candle class. Dive into the world of clear candle making and let your imagination soar as you create stunning decorative clear wax candles.

Whether you're drawn to the calming ambience of a seaside candle or the whimsical charm of a fairy garden, or if you prefer to let your creativity run wild and invent something entirely unique, our class has it all!

You can choose to create your very own beach escape using our clear wax, a curated selection of seaside items, and a sprinkle of enchanting glitter. Let the soothing glow of your creation transport you to the sun-kissed shores, even from the comfort of your home. Or you might also like to create a mini fairy garden scene candle and unleash your imagination and design a miniature enchanted forest with a touch of fairy dust and a dash of glitter, your candle will radiate an ethereal glow that will captivate all who behold it.
Please read below before purchasing:

Just prior to your class date, you will be sent a link to view the recorded training, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

We cannot approve refunds as craft boxes may already have been sent and be in transit.

If you ever need extra help or have questions after watching the video training, please contact us within 7 days of class booking as our trainers are happy to offer support, and they can even arrange a video call to provide personalised assistance.

Knowledge required
Beginners are welcome as minimal wax handling is required, however, clear wax heats at a high burning point, so we do not suggest having children nearby when initially handling wax.

No prior experience is necessary to embark on this candle making adventure. Our expert instructor will guide you every step of the way, sharing tips and techniques to help you master the art of crafting stunning candles. Whether you're seeking a relaxing hobby or an opportunity to express your artistic side, our decorative clear wax candle class is the perfect choice.
What you'll get in your craft kit
All-inclusive DIY Craft Box: To ensure you have everything you need, we provide a comprehensive DIY craft box containing the highest quality materials. Inside, you'll find clear wax, a variety of sea-themed items, an assortment of captivating glitter, and all the tools required for your creative journey. Simply open the box, unleash your imagination, and let the magic unfold.
  • 450 gm clear wax
  • Wicks, stickums
  • One small clear jar
  • One medium clear jar
  • A clear glass votive tea light holder (use for forever candle designs)
  • A range of items to choose from to decorate your clear candles, e.g. shells, rocks, coloured sand, glitter, and more goodies!
What you'll need
  • A notebook and pen, so you can take notes while watching the video training. No workbook is provided
  • Any personal items that you wish to add e.g. crystals, tiny fairies, ornament, dried flowers etc.
  • You will require use of a stove or element for this class, as clear wax cannot be heated in the microwave
Your teacher
The Crafter’s Kitchen
The Crafter’s Kitchen

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At the Crafters Kitchen, we love everything creative! With backgrounds in behavioural psychology, we started running craft classes in 2010 to offer a way for our holistic psychology students to unwind, relax and spend time in creation mode. Since then, we have expanded to offer a range of craft classes in regional areas across Australia and in-person workshops on the Gold Coast.

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With our passion for all things craft and cuisine (including new cooking classes on the horizon) we look forward to introducing others to the joys of crafting and even helping them turn their skills into a small business.

For those who can't make it to our in-person workshops, we also offer a variety of DIY craft kits that can be shipped anywhere in Australia and you can join either a live session or enjoy our and pre-recorded step-by-step training videos.

Whether you're looking for a new hobby or just some fun, our craft classes are the perfect way to relax and explore your creativity.

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