Learn Figurative Sculpting for Beginners


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Learn how to sculpt a bust at this hand building online class

1.5 hours Class size 1 to 6 (public dates), 1 to 15

label $99 - $119 ($119 per guest when you book for 1 guest, $109 for 2+ guests, $99 for 4+ guests)
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The skill of figurative sculpting is very applicable in the modern world. From character development to model-making to film and stage production and even interior design. Once you conquer it, you will be capable of sculpting pretty much any shape you want.

Getting there takes a lot of practice and this live online class can help you on that journey by systematically developing a portrait sculpture of a person from basic geometric shapes. Your experienced teacher Irina, a professional sculptor herself, will instruct you on what to pay attention to.

Finally, you will learn what to do with sculptures once you finish them, how to preserve them or make them functional. Your teacher will direct you on how to continue sculpting once the class has ended.

During the class, your teacher will be sculpting with you and will demonstrate everything in order to follow and guide you in your progress.

You can attend this class as many times as you like, as this skill takes a bit of dedication. Class numbers are limited to five people so that you will always get your chance to ask questions and receive assistance. Bookings for larger groups are welcome via “custom booking requests“.

Note: This class is open for a custom topic that you may want to sculpt if you are booking for a group.

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Knowledge required
All levels welcome.
What you'll get in your craft kit
  • Air Drying Clay block suitable for a small bust or portrait - 700- 750 g. It’s a professional-grade air drying clay
  • One wooden and one metal tool for sculpting
  • Wooden sculpture stand
  • Small paint container (5-7)g for patina
  • One small paintbrush
What you'll need
  • Aluminium foil (about 1-2 m)
  • If you would like to sculpt a specific person, please have some photo references ready

Note: it gets messy, please take that into account.
Your teacher

4.8 (165)

Hi, I'm Irina.

I like to introduce myself as a sculptor, although I'm engaged in different art disciplines too. I have never had another profession, nor have I wanted one. I fell in love with three-dimensional art at a very early age which came to me naturally, as I was born in a family of artists. It was the world I've grown up in, a measure of value around me.

I have graduated from Fine Arts, majoring in Sculpture, and with a bit of luck, I had a chance to work internationally and gain great experience in different industries and media. Cooperating with professionals from other creative fields has perfectioned my skills and broadened the views of my artistic expression.

I have tried to gather all the projects I am engaged in on this website, showcase it, sell and teach my art. Always open for the new projects with fellow creatives, just get in touch.


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Verified reviews

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Pamela England Jun 2022

Teacher went too fast and did not appear to be happy to take the class.

Reply from this teacher:

Hi Pamela, I’m very sorry that you were under that impression! To that, I can only say that a little bit more faith that different behaviour does not necessarily mean something bad can be beneficial.

I was trying my best to cover all the parts of the bust in 1.5 hrs, not to leave you deprived of anything.
That is why I also offered to send you an additional instructions and visual references as you mentioned yourself that your creative dynamic is rather slow ( which is perfectly fine!).

Teo Falconer Apr 2022

Teacher was incredibly patient and accommodating. Would recommend this class to anyone looking for a nice, respectful teaching style.

Samantha Leongtave Dec 2021

The class was given to me as a birthday present from my husband. I didn't know what to expect so had no expectations. It was my first time doing any kind of clay sculpting since I was at school. As a total beginner I found it difficult to follow in watching the teacher on a screen and trying to make the figure at the same time so missed crucial parts of learning. It would have been better to be broken down into parts or sections of watch first then you try method and then feedback, with some info on what the tools were best used for/how. I guess in such a short time she had to cram in alot, perhaps a longer time frame would be better.

Kyuri Kim Nov 2021

It was a great great time for me. I have wanted to learn sculpture but I looked so difficult to learn. But I am so happy looking at the sculpture made by my hand for 1.5 hours today. Thank you Irina:):)

Hideki Yamaguchi Nov 2021

Great customer care, teaching skills and "after the class" follow-up

Julie Lin Nov 2021

Really enjoyed the class. Informative, great fun & relaxed. Would highly recommend it to friends. Thanks Irina.

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Spring Shen Nov 2021

Good lesson but face to face lesson will be better . The teacher can do touch up for students.

Laura Zhu Nov 2021

非常喜欢这个节目 内容真的非常好
I like this program very much. The content is really good.

Ping Mu Nov 2021

It is very interesting to learn how to make a Figurative Sculpting very happy with it

Kymberley Patten Oct 2021

The class was great, An excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon. THe teacher was very helpful, and gave great pointers, and feedback. It was very relaxing. I love the small class and if anything, I wished it could have gone for longer

Penny Spencer Oct 2021

This was my second sculpture class with Irina - I really enjoyed it and very happy with my result !

Pottery workshop review by Penny Spencer

Penny Spencer Sep 2021

Really enjoyable class to do ! Easy to follow/ well taught. I’ ve never tried sculpture before and feel inspired to keep learning more . I recommend it !

Learn Figurative Sculpting for Beginners review by Penny Spencer

Alina Selwin Sep 2021

Really enjoyed the class. Loved the kit provided. Very interactive and Irina guided me step by step from the beginning. 100% would recommend this class to others. <3

Matilda Hillam Aug 2021

A lovely little introduction into figurative sculpture. Clear and easy to understand for all levels.

Learn Figurative Sculpting for Beginners review by Matilda Hillam

Mark Moskvitch Jul 2021

Fantastic class and great teacher. Irina explained everything really well and gave constant feedback on my work.

Would highly recommend this course and would do it again. The online format worked really well.

The hands on experience and focus on preparation have opened up a whole new world of creative outlet for me.

Louise Smith Jul 2021

We really enjoyed Irena’s class. We did it together as a family with our teenage children and it was a great way to spend time as a family, especially during lockdown. Irena was very flexible and gave wonderful advice. We each ended up with a very unique figure. Thank you Irena. :-)

Charmaine Smit Jul 2021

Highly recommend this class. Was good fun and I learned a lot in such a short time. Thank you!

Anonymized Customer Feb 2021

A fun, informative class with a very knowledgeable and kind teacher. Would definitely recommend this class.

Tina Nosurname Feb 2021

Thanks again Irina, it was a great opportunity and I'm inspired to keep sculpting :)

Erica Hopewell Jan 2021

An enjoyable experience. Irena provides great direction and has a good eye, providing corrective advice on the run to keep the work on track.

Learn Figurative Sculpting for Beginners review by Erica Hopewell Sydney

Kiersten Rasmussen Jan 2021

The class was really interesting and wasn't intimidating to me as a complete beginner. I learnt a lot and felt comfortable throughout the whole process

Sebastian Hecker Oct 2020

Highly recommend.

Irina was very patient, extremely accommodating and guided us through creating our pieces without being critical of our work or disinterested.

We were happy with the end result and was fantastic doing it in a group online.

Pottery workshop review by Sebastian Hecker

Duncan Bullock Sep 2020

I had a lot of fun in this class. The teacher was very helpful, and kept the class moving quickly enough to give you the basics and give your model a good shape for you to continue with. She was very generous with her time too. I also particularly liked that she had her large model there to demonstrate on as well. The only difficult parts for me were that I am a little deaf so sometimes I find it harder to hear than in a normal conversation, but that would be the same in any online class.

Mia Havryluk Sep 2020

I think Mia and Luca were the youngest students the class ever had, if website can state appropriate ages would be helpful. Nonetheless Mia enjoyed the class, and was happy she got a taste of sculpting (and tried out a new activity during lockdown) although it was a little harder than expected done online. For girls her age, would be helpful if there is a curated session and/or follow up class included to check in for further questions and encouragement. Could you let me know contacts of suppliers/ shops that we could purchase the materials from for further work? Thank you. Serena Mum

Sophia Hyland Sep 2020

We really loved taking this class with Irina! She was professional, insightful and personable. She was great at being able to review your sculpture in progress and provide helpful suggestions on how to make it better and more realistic. We've been really looking for ways to find interesting things to do during lockdown and this exceeded our expectations. Thanks, Irina

Learn Figurative Sculpting for Beginners review by Sophia Hyland

Luca Allen Sep 2020

This was a really fun, helpful class with a super nice teacher. I highly recommend :)

Kylie Swain Aug 2020

The class was great, Irina was helpful and explained everything. I received guidance. It was a lot of fun!

Kylie Norton Aug 2020

The session was really informative and interesting. I was able to learn the fundamentals but all my other questions were answered, thank you

Jacqui Stockdale Aug 2020

I really learnt so much in a short time. Irina was a lovely teacher, very knowledgable and patient. The class was quite a challenge however I was inspired to continue working on my sculpture of a head with a real life model. Would highly recommend this class to other artists I know.

Sarah Stevenson Jul 2020

It was really fun learning figurative sculpting and the teacher was full of knowledge. She taught with such clarity and even emailed notes from our discussion afterwards which was so nice of her to do. I was really happy with how my sculpture was looking by the end of the class and enjoyed the whole experience; so I would definitely recommend to others interested in trying out some figurative sculpting! :)
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