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I am in service of offering peace to the world; which innately begins by offering peace to the minds in which our world is created.

I am passionate about teaching meditation because it is a direct pathway towards peace, joy and boundless love. My life's intention is to ensure that others are happy, healthy and feel safe within their mind and body.

For me, developing a consistent meditation practice began when I found myself confronted and challenged by past and present trauma.

After years of practice I became a certified Advanced Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Specialising in Mental Health, after two years of full time study at Australian Centre of Meditation and Mindfulness.

Studying at ACMM allowed me to understand the vast range of meditation techniques and how to teach with a trauma-informed approach. I've gained a range of specialised skills which include:
  • Mindfulness & Buddhist Psychology
  • Parents & Children
  • Pain, Grief & Dying
  • Chakra's
  • Journaling for Clarity

In 2021 I taught and guided meditation for a year at a meditation studio based in Barangaroo Sydney. But have since moved to Tasmania where I now offer online and in-person sessions directly from my own business, Meditation Union.


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