Most Memorable 30th Birthday Ideas in Melbourne for Men

Most Memorable 30th Birthday Ideas in Melbourne for Men

Sam Bowden

Looking for 30th birthday ideas in Melbourne for men? Whether it’s a special someone, a special family member, or you’re just looking to splurge on yourself, ClassBento has a range of Melbourne classes, courses and workshops perfect for the bloke in your life, even if that bloke is you! 

Remember that turning 30 is a relatively big deal. You’ve matured past your twenties and although you’re still a good forty years off a pair of half-moon specs and a residency in a local armchair, you’re not a kid anymore, kid. Acting your age, however, is - and we cannot stress this enough - grossly overrated. That’s why we have some sound advice to enable you to get the most out of our Melbourne activities without having your 30th birthday ideas wander too far into the realms of serious adulthood. 

30th party ideas for the foodie

Sometimes the simplest birthday parties are the best, and ordering a few pizzas and having a couple of beers makes for a great time. But it’s your 30th this year, so your 30th birthday party ideas should have a little more pizzazz! Why not turn the pizza and beer into a proper, party event with our pizza making party class! 

OTAO Kitchen in Richmond sure know how to throw a pizza party, and they can show you and the birthday crew how to make beautiful authentic Italian pizza while sipping on a few complimentary brewskis! You won’t be waiting for dinner long either, as their pizza oven will cook your creation in 90 seconds, so there’s more time for beers, eating, and good birthday vibes. Don’t forget to pack some party hats, though, otherwise what’s even the point of having the birthday?

If you want to take it up a notch and work on your tong skills, beer and smoking classes by BBQ School in Hawthorne have quickly become one of ClassBento’s most popular Melbourne activities! Learning to appreciate a range of unique Australian craft beers whilst discovering what it takes to smoke the perfect brisket is a great way to bring in your third decade on earth! The birthday boy and the party crew will savour three hours of beer tasting and meat smoking before sitting down and enjoying the fruits of their labour with a four-course banquet, complete with beer pairing! This Melbourne workshop is perfect for the man in your life, and a killer addition to your list of 30th birthday party ideas!

If you want to cut the middle man and get rid of food altogether, nothing says classy 30th birthday ideas like a gin tasting masterclass! Get the gents together, put on your finest monocle and swirl your glass in ambiguous superiority as you learn what goes into making botanical gins. The fine people at Four Pillars Gin run one of the most delicious indoor activities Melbourne boasts and can turn you and the gang into amateur whiskey sommeliers. Imagine being a gin sommelier before you turn 31. 

Gin tasting masterclass

30th birthday ideas for the creative man

30th birthday ideas for men don’t all have to be soaked in beer, you know. As much as it’s a go-to party choice, we have plenty of Melbourne workshops that don’t require alcohol to have a good time. There are plenty of unique activities Melbourne offers that can get the creative juices flowing without any actual juice! If the birthday boy has a creative streak, why not let him embrace it with our Ink Drawing Class in Fitzroy! As far as 30th birthday ideas go, this workshop is a fantastic place to start, and works as a perfect launchpad for further artistic mediums! Local artist Simon O’Carrigan will take you through every aspect of the artform of ink drawing in this incredibly engaging and exciting workshop.

Alternatively, if you love body art, Fitzroy is also home to ClassBento’s only Melbourne-based tattoo illustration class! Let your imagination get weird and learn how to draft, sketch and design your own flash tattoo illustration! Then who knows, for the next milestone birthday you can present him with the gift of getting the tattoo permanently placed on him! Obviously we highly recommend getting a professional for this aspect of the process, but whatever floats your boat.

Live on the edge, man. 


30th birthday ideas that combine both!

Ok, fine. If you wish to combine both the artistic side and the boozy side of your 30th birthday party ideas, we have a huge array of paint and sip classes that are perfect if you want to treat you and the birthday boy to a special night out. Although our extensive range can be explored here, below are a couple of our top Melbourne workshops that are ideal for 30th birthday ideas.

Paint and Sip Party Class

This class not only has a wonderfully liberal BYO policy, but allows you to choose from three class options: Acrylic on canvas, watercolour painting, or “paint your friend.” Honestly, choose the third and have a real laugh at each other’s expense. 

Watercolour and Wine Class

Our Melbourne workshops always pride themselves on providing a fun, relaxed and inclusive space, and this class is no different. Experiment with different watercolour styles while liberally enjoying a bottle of wine. What more could you ask for?

Arthaus Sip and Paint Class: Oil Painting

As far as 30th Birthday ideas go, this one is very much for the art connoisseur. Oil painting may seem daunting, but grab a six-pack, join this class, and spend your birthday figuring out what it’s all about. BYO alcohol and party hats. With so many 30th birthday party ideas in Melbourne, this is just a small sample of what ClassBento has to offer. Always ensure you contact the class instructor prior to booking, as many classes offer additional extras and special packages that could make that 30th birthday experience all the more special. 

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