11 Unique Things You Can Make at Pottery Classes in Adelaide

11 Unique Things You Can Make at Pottery Classes in Adelaide

By Kellie Maloney

Sink your fingers into some clay and release your inner creativity at these unique pottery classes in Adelaide! Guided by local, experienced potters and makers, you’ll learn clay hand building and wheel throwing techniques to create everything from quirky animal sculptures to useful homewares and kitchen ceramics. Not only will you create something amazing at these pottery workshops, but you’ll also gain the confidence and skills to continue this fun craft in your own time and practise some mindfulness with these relaxing indoor activities. 

Do you and your team deserve a break? Try our pottery team building activities and connect with your colleagues over clay! Leave any work-related stress at the door of your local pottery studio and let your imagination run wild instead. If you’re more interested in finding the perfect birthday party activities or hens party ideas then you should have a go at a clay and sip experience. These pottery classes are super laidback and beginner-friendly, so you can turn your attention to socialising and celebrating with your closest friends. 

Looking for gifts for her or him that really stand out? Gift an experience they’ll never forget with these Adelaide activities. Great for date night ideas or even just casual get-togethers with a close friend, you can’t go wrong with a beginners pottery class in 2024.

Get creative at one of these unique pottery ideas in Adelaide and make everything from moongazing hares and elephant planters to a speckled mug and much more!

Learn how to sculpt a moongazing hare 

moongazing hard clay sculptures

When you imagined starting out with DIY pottery you probably didn’t even consider your first project would be learning how to sculpt a moongazing hare, but that’s what makes this hand building class in Hawthorndene so wonderful! Over four mindful hours, you’ll be able to take your time moulding gorgeous, coarse-textured sculpting clay to make your very own hare figure. 

Set in the tranquil and idyllic Red Bird Studio garden in the Adelaide Hills, this clay sculpture class is the perfect creative escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These ceramics courses are wonderful gift ideas for a creative loved one looking for something a little more unique and challenging. 

Hand build tiny houses and towns

There are so many exciting possibilities with hand-built pottery and in this Adelaide workshop, you’ll even learn how to create your very own tiny town or village! Bring your imagination to life under the guidance of your passionate potter and shape, carve and decorate your mini houses, creating your ideal clay world. 

Shape and mould a speckled ceramic mug

speckled ceramic mug

Did you know that your morning coffee tastes even better in your own handmade ceramic mug? While that statement may not be scientifically proven just yet, you’ll definitely be satisfied with the gorgeous mug you make at this hand-built pottery class at Urth Clay Studio in Goodwood. Using the pottery studio’s unique snowflakes clay, you’ll be able to craft a mug that reveals a black speckled stone look after firing. 

On the lookout for casual team building activities for your coffee-loving colleagues? Get together for this fun ceramics class where everyone can make their own personalised mug for the office!

Try your hand at Kurinuki Japanese carving 

If you’re looking for some cool ceramic projects that are a little different, then give this Kurinuki class in Adelaide a try! Over two hours, you’ll learn how to sculpt your own unique Japanese-style artist set with this traditional method of carving the clay, considered a much more instinctual process. You won’t find many places in Adelaide that offer ceramic workshops like these!

Your friendly teacher will guide you through the process of making your clay vessels, from basic pinch pots to the final touches of carving and decorating. The art of Kurinuki hand building is a truly relaxing and meditative experience, great if you’re looking for laidback hens party ideas that’ll calm any pre-wedding jitters.

Brighten up your living space with pottery lanterns

pottery lanterns

Tired of living with bland décor? Brighten up your home or outdoor space with these ceramic pottery lanterns, created by your own two hands! You’ll take all the materials you need to make these beautiful and unique lanterns from the kiln to your very own home.

An afternoon spent making something truly special for your interior design could be just what you need after a long week. With easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of guidance from your wonderful pottery teacher, you’ll be able to spend your time focusing on the creative process instead of stressing about getting it right.

Learn how to make a gorgeous ceramic sushi set

If you’re looking for things to do in Adelaide that are both fun and unique, why not learn how to sculpt a ceramic sushi set at this hands-on pottery class and eat your sushi in style! These pottery classes are wonderful date night ideas for couples who want to get out and do something new and out-of-the-box together.

Take the chance to explore your creative side while you make your very own set of handmade sushi plates. With a great selection of clay, you’ll be able to paint your pottery pieces and create unique textures and patterns on your plates that will look fantastic when they’re fired.

Get crafty with a ceramic elephant planter

ceramic elephant planter

Is there anything cuter than an animal-shaped planter? At this unique Adelaide pottery workshop, you’ll be able to dig into clay to sculpt your ceramic elephant and add a planter or bowl for precious treasures on his back. Then using ceramic paint and the sgraffito technique, you’ll decorate your adorable planter, personalising it with your own unique style and flair.

Create a hand-built clay birdhouse

Indulge your creativity at this relaxing Adelaide pottery lesson and learn how to make a bird oasis! Working with your soft, smooth clay, you’ll be guided throughout the class on how to sculpt and shape your own masterpiece, as well as decorate and make it your own with textures, patterns and impressions.

Learn about the different styles of hand-built ceramics during this workshop that will have you fully immersed in the process of creating a functional piece of ceramic art that will be a new favourite among your local birdlife!

Master the art of ceramic marbling

Ready to take your pottery skills to the next level? This Adelaide pottery class is perfect for those who want to learn how to create their own marbled ceramics. You’ll be guided through the process of mixing different coloured clays, creating a unique marbled effect that will leave each piece with its own individual look and feel. 

Build a quirky face planter

Looking for a way to add some character to your indoor plants? Why not hand-build a quirky face planter at this unique Adelaide workshop! This hands-on class will guide you through the process of shaping facial features using clay, allowing you to create a characterful home for your favourite plant.

Let your imagination run wild! 

This list is full of so many unique things to make in a pottery class, but there’s nothing more creative than simply letting your imagination take over! Try out a mindful wheel throwing for beginners class at one of the local pottery studios in Adelaide and throw together something fantastic as you get comfortable behind the pottery wheel.

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