Plant Based Dyeing Workshop

Plant Based Dyeing Workshop

Create wearable, sustainable fabrics dyeing with plants

Sewing and textiles
Kat Bevis

Kat Bevis

Natural Dyeing Workshop



1 - 15




You will learn the simple, yet beautiful art of creating sustainable, plant based fabrics all dyed and created with plants.

Learn to make your own pillow cases, dresses, baby clothes and more, without the use of any harmful or potentially toxic chemicals. The skills that you learn in this session will provide you with the knowledge to upcycle old clothing, safely dye and create beautiful pieces in the comfort of your own home and allow you to recycle your vegetable scraps!

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library_books Knowledge Required

No prior knowledge required.

build Equipment Needed

If you wish to dye something you already own, please bring it along with you! Please note that the dye will bond best with natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool or silk.


Plant Based Dyeing Workshop class location

Bexley North


Kat Bevis
Kat Bevis

Natural Dyeing Workshop

I am a teacher and creative artist with training spanning over 15 years.

I am passionate about dyeing and creating beautiful wearable art through the use of plants. In this workshop you will learn to dye fabric with avocado, turmeric, flowers and bark.

All of the dyes are eco friendly, sustainable with absolutely no toxins or harmful chemicals.

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