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Take our private sewing class and learn how to sew your own projects

2 hours Class size 1 on 1

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In today's online landscape, the abundance of workshops and self-paced lessons is undeniably enriching. Yet, navigating self-learning can sometimes feel like leaps without sturdy ground, potentially skipping essential foundational knowledge—knowledge that instills confidence and assures quality in your craft.

Enter the value of personalized guidance. Having a seasoned professional by your side, steering you in the right direction, infusing inspiration, and generously sharing accrued wisdom is an unparalleled advantage.

Our tailored private sewing classes champion individualized learning. It's a journey, carefully curated from the novice stage to mastery, ensuring a thorough accumulation of knowledge pivotal for your future endeavors.

Our private sewing class is the perfect fit if:

You're eager to delve into sewing for yourself and your cherished ones.
You've envisioned a project and seek the expertise to bring it to life impeccably.
Crafting a thoughtful wardrobe remains a challenge amidst store offerings.
In these sessions, all your inquiries find answers. Your tutor, Dinara, zeroes in on missed areas to eradicate any gaps in your knowledge, tailoring the curriculum precisely to your needs.

Flexibility is key. Choose as many sessions as you desire—a boon for those navigating erratic schedules or unconventional working hours.

Dinara, armed with specialized education as a fashion designer and boasting over two decades of experience, steers the voyage. Together, we traverse the realms of sketching, precision in measurements, pattern construction, intricate modeling, deft cutting, meticulous tailoring, tasteful embellishments, and so much more.

The diverse spectrum of projects we explore includes:

Adorable baby apparel.

  • Ethereal women's wear (skirts, trousers, dresses, and more).
  • Glamorous evening gowns, intricate wedding dresses, and elegant corsets.
  • Refined outerwear (coats, jackets) designed for flair and function.
  • Sportswear tailored for performance and style.
  • Intricately designed lingerie.

Your teacher, Dinara, is your go-to resource for anything sewing-related. Reach out using the contact button below to start a conversation before booking your session. Embrace the opportunity to tap into a wealth of sewing wisdom and experience.

*NOTE: When you make a booking please let us know (text or message) what would you like to do in this class so we can prepare beforehand.

Knowledge required
Suitable for complete beginners.
What you'll get
  • Sewing machines, tools and fabrics provided
  • Guidance from an expert

18b Hunter Way, Padbury WA

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Your teacher
Dinara Yussupova
Dinara Yussupova

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Hi everyone!
My name is Dinara and I'm the founder and the owner of Sustainable sewing studio.
My course formula is:
Environment + Creativity = Sustainable sewing studio.

I offer attractive and interesting activities. This is an absolutely unique possibility to:

  • Gain experience in sewing
  • Make a useful and unrepeatable thing with your own hands
  • Receive a color-therapy, which brings lots of positive emotions and frees your head from all your worries.
  • Make your small contribution to save the planet by using recycled clothing/fabrics/textile.

Why to choose my classes?

I promote and offer:
  • Zero-waste approach in sewing
  • Friendly and positive atmosphere at my workshop
  • Guidance from experienced (20+ years) fashion designer and teacher
In addition:
  • Most of my workshop are suitable for beginners
  • We can work out the best time for you if you can't attend at standard time-slots
  • You will meet like-minded people and increase your social network
  • No limits for your fantasy - you choose, you create!

I will be more than happy to see you at my classes and share my knowledge with you!


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