Private South East Asian Cooking Class for Two

Learn how to cook a range of South Asian or South East Asian dishes with your friend, colleague or partner!




4 hours Class size 2 to 4

label $330 (or 4 payments of $82.50 Afterpay)

Are you in search of a cooking class that can feed a group of people for a dinner party at your home while you and your partner learn and acquire some fun new skills? Latasha from Latasha's Kitchen in North Perth will host you in a fully customisable, private cooking class for two people, where you can learn how to cook six South Asian or Southeast Asian inspired dishes to feed at least twelve people.

All food that you cook in this four-hour cooking class will be packed to go in alfoil containers, so you can serve as a dinner party for family or friends. You are also welcome to bring in your own 4 litre pots if your prefer. Just reheat and serve!

All fresh meats, vegetables, seafood and garnishing ingredients required for making the dishes are purchased by Latasha's Kitchen. Some of the prep work is done before hand and Latasha will personally teach and assist you both in preparing each of the dishes carefully throughout your hands-on class.

Dishes can be chosen from our website or you can contact us for more information and suggestions according to any dietary requirements you may have.

Request a date and time for your class where you will cook with Latasha Kitchen's Australian-made products to make dishes influenced by South Asian cuisines from Pakistan, Regional Indian and Sri Lanka or Southeast Asian dishes from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand or Vietnam.

You will customise your own class by choosing your preferred selection of dishes. Once you request to book, Latasha will point you towards a large list of dish options and you can discuss your needs and wants. We are here to help and advise if you find this process daunting.

We do suggest that you learn how to cook what you have the most difficulty in cooking or getting right. Or even dishes that you enjoy eating with your family or friends as a shared table.

There are no limits set for what you wish to cook – you can learn all meat dishes, a mix of meat, seafood and vegetables, or all vegetarian or vegan.

You can opt to have dishes cooked mild, medium, hot or a mix.

Please note:

  • The cost is $660 for two people. We cannot run this class if there’s only one person, as the format and amount of food needs two people to cook and feeds 12 people.
  • Classes will only begin in April when the store is open.

Knowledge required
What you'll get
Six customisable dishes to take home (feeds 12 people). All cooked food will be packed in alfoil containers with lids and then placed in insulated food grade delivery bags for taking home. Or you can opt to bring in your own 6 x 4 litre Dutch oven or casserole pots with lids.
What to bring
Please wear closed-toe non slip shoes. Preferably long or 3/4 sleeves.
Long hair should be tied back. Jewellery minimised.
Your own 4 litre pots if preferred. 6 pots will be needed.

LATASHA'S KITCHEN is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and adheres to COVID-19 government guidelines.


Latasha's Kitchen - 40 Angove Street, North Perth WA

Your teacher


Latasha was born and brought up in Malaysia. Her father, as well as mother’s family, originally hailed from Kerala in Southern India. As a result, her cooking reflects the distinctive traditions of food from both South Asia and Southeast Asia. Latasha’s Malaysian-born husband is of Malaysian and Sri Lankan descent – the later also a land noted for its coconut and chilli-based curry dishes.

Settling in Perth in 1994, Latasha quickly realised that Australians were unfamiliar with the many ingredients, methods and styles she took for granted growing up in a different culture. For years she harboured dreams of demonstrating her love of food through her own cafe, something that was brought to fruition in 2003.

Resisting the temptation to tailor her original family recipes to suit ‘western’ palates, Latasha began converting a growing number of customers to appreciate the flavour of meat slow-cooked on the bone using masala ground from scratch, with fresh ingredients and strictly no preservatives, commercial stocks or MSG.

After 10 years of operating her highly successful and popular cafe, Latasha decided it was time to produce a specialist range of home-style pastes, condiments, relishes and dressings that people could buy and use every day at home. Latasha’s Kitchen followed a natural progression for both her and her customers. A new journey unfolded.

"I wanted my customers to be able to make and share good food with family and friends in their own homes. The only way I could make this happen at a large scale was to close my restaurant and produce a range of pastes, condiments, relishes and dressings for them to use at home. This way they could replicate our restaurant meals in the comfort of their own homes and share it with friends and family any day of the week. I want my customers to create their own food memories!"

The range of products released is really versatile and were influenced by South-East Asia, North India, Regional India and Australia.

"I am driven by a passionate love of flavours, textures and colours. I also love to inspire others to experiment, create and explore too – especially when the seasons change. I created my products to help simplify the creation of base flavours to enable anyone – whatever their age or cooking ability – to create delicious food for themselves or others. I never stop learning and experimenting. I live for it!"


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