Sewing Course for Adults: Level 1

Take your first sewing classes for beginners and learn how to sew in Perth

4 x 2 hours Class size 1 to 3

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On the search for relaxing indoor activities? Our sustainable sewing studio is open to anyone who wants to dive into the world of creativity and sewing.

This course is a good opportunity to try yourself in this hobby, to reveal your design skills, learn how to use a sewing machine without any fear, and slightly change the environment and type of activity as well.

As a mother, your teacher remembers how much she wanted some spare time (a couple of hours at least) to change perspectives, gain new emotions and return to her daily routine a little bit refreshed.

This course is suitable for everyone who is looking for new emotions and is ready to spend their precious time for their own benefit! Surrounded by like-minded people and with my support, you will succeed.

At first glance, you can’t even believe that something beautiful and useful can be created from different pieces of fabric but in two hours you will be holding in your hands what you have created yourself!

You should always start with something simple, something that you can overcome with ease and then gradually complicate your tasks. For this reason, our course has been split into two levels.

Level 1 course consists of four lessons of 2-2.5 hours each in a mini-group of 3 people.

During this course you will be making:

  • A dining mat
  • An oven glove
  • A pillowcase
  • A shopping bag

All four projects are not ordinary at all as they will not be assembled from one piece of fabric but from many different pieces which is very cool since you can still master different techniques and prove yourself as a designer.

We will teach you how to:
  • Use a sewing machine correctly
  • Wind a thread on a bobbin correctly
  • Thread a sewing machine correctly
  • Change a presser foot or a needle
  • Use a sewing machine settings
  • Learn how to cut fabric correctly

You will be able to master:
  • Straight stitches
  • Zigzag stitches
  • Back stitches
  • Decorative stitches
  • Hand stitches

You will learn many small but very important nuances, for example, how you need to sew to the corner and then turn and continue stitching. In the future, it will be easy for you to sew a new project yourself or simply shorten your trousers, skirt, dress or curtains.

To attend this level you don't need to bring anything - all fabrics will be provided. All attendees will learn how to join fabrics, how to sew in a zipper, how to make a pocket or applique, sew curved lines and foundational knowledge on how to operate a sewing machine, overlocking machine and etc.

These things are simple, but each of them will be very beautiful and will fit you and you will be able to repeat these projects for yourself and for your loved ones as a gift!

Your teacher's constant support and instructions allow everyone to complete projects in an ideal way so you will be proud of yourself and each time you will experience great delight from the fact that we have created a beautiful and wearable thing from a piece of fabric that will not gather dust on the shelves but that you will wear with pride.

In our projects, we give a new life to unnecessary fabrics. We will even use small scraps of fabric that are usually placed in a rubbish bin. We will create our own unique project that cannot be replicated.

This is another contribution to maintaining a balance in nature and waste-free production. If you'd like to donate or use what you have, we'd love to accept!

Knowledge required
Suitable for complete beginners.
What you'll get
  • Sewing machines, tools and fabrics provided.
  • Guidance from an expert.
  • Your own fun projects to take home!
What to bring
  • Your own sewing machine if you prefer.
  • You have to bring your own fabrics for projects as an apron, a skirt, shorts and a t-shirt. Your teacher will tell you the required amount of fabrics in the first lesson.
Session repeats

This class series runs over 4 consecutive sessions, at the same time every week.


18b Hunter Way, Padbury WA

Sewing Course for Adults: Level 1 location
Your teacher
Dinara Yussupova
Dinara Yussupova

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Hi everyone!
My name is Dinara and I'm the founder and the owner of Sustainable sewing studio.
My course formula is:
Environment + Creativity = Sustainable sewing studio.

I offer attractive and interesting activities. This is an absolutely unique possibility to:

  • Gain experience in sewing
  • Make a useful and unrepeatable thing with your own hands
  • Receive a color-therapy, which brings lots of positive emotions and frees your head from all your worries.
  • Make your small contribution to save the planet by using recycled clothing/fabrics/textile.

Why to choose my classes?

I promote and offer:
  • Zero-waste approach in sewing
  • Friendly and positive atmosphere at my workshop
  • Guidance from experienced (20+ years) fashion designer and teacher
In addition:
  • Most of my workshop are suitable for beginners
  • We can work out the best time for you if you can't attend at standard time-slots
  • You will meet like-minded people and increase your social network
  • No limits for your fantasy - you choose, you create!

I will be more than happy to see you at my classes and share my knowledge with you!


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