Tantra Workshop: Mindful Sexuality

Learn how to connect through tantra

2 hours Class size 12 to 40     label $60

Most of us live high-stress lifestyles punctuated by busy schedules, connected more with our phones than ourselves and our bodies. Our minds run the show, making check marks on an ever-expanding to-do list. This off-kilter focus affects our creativity, sexuality, relationships and sense of self and our place in the world. But tantra provides a remedy.

What is tantra? This ancient Eastern spiritual practice is almost impossible to define but often described as a way of life that can lead to personal transformation and enlightenment. In this class, we will use tantra for mindful sexuality. Anchor yourself in the present moment, connect deeply with yourself and with others and explore new pathways for pleasure and ecstasy.

This is a super accessible experiential workshop in which there will be a combination of theory, sharing, sense-based meditation, embodiment exercises and breath-work.  We’ll explore what tantra means and perform simple (clothes on, PG-rated) touch meditation.

This workshop is appropriate for singles, couples, and people of all orientations and genders. You’ll only do the stuff you want to do—you’re in your personal sovereignty 100% of the time. The class is fully clothed and, while it relates to sexuality, it involves non-sexual interaction.

Please note: This class requires at least eight students to run. In the unlikely event that we don't get this number of students, we'll cancel the class and fully refund you and inform you via email, so please watch your email a few days prior to the class.

What to bring
  • Your beautiful, open-minded self
  •  Comfortable clothes

Your teacher
Elisa Caro

Elisa Caro

4.7 (33)

Elisa is a tantric, sacred sexual shamanic and mindful sexuality practitioner. Her work blends teachings from ancient tantra, shamanism and modern psychology to empower people to embrace their sexuality and feel at ease in their body so that they can live their lives with greater truth and integrity. Get her free video-series on the orgasmic woman here, or connect with her on Instagram.

Your host

4.9 (3228)

Work-Shop is a creative concept that will broaden your horizons and help you unleash your inner awesome. We provide affordable short courses in life skills and alternative art. We’ve teamed up with Australia’s brightest creative minds to share their knowledge and help teach you a new skill. From 3D printing and stencil art through to music and gardening – life skills and personal development through to cooking doughnuts and mushroom foraging, we offer a broad range of fun and creative short courses to suit our time poor lives. We will inspire you to pick up that pen, paintbrush, hammer or sewing machine and flick the switch that will kickstart a whole new way of life.

Community values lie at the heart of our project. We collaborate with local artists and industry experts to teach classes and utilise local suppliers for any materials needed. We also provide a creative environment for emerging artists to produce and sell work, and meet like minded individuals. Work-Shop will be a space for everyone, with a rotating schedule of art shows, information nights on local issues and a whole range of events and community initiatives.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Sam Moroni Aug 2022

Great class, would encourage anyone looking to expand their sexual, spiritual or emotional horizons to check it out

Jemma Williams May 2022

Had a beautiful, enlightening experience at this event. Elisa explains tantra's basic details very well and the activities had us fully in the moment and connected with one another. It felt very much like a safe space to explore. Thank you Elisa!

Kathryn Wendler May 2022

The class was transformativeI have learnt so much about myself and what holds me back from connecting on all levels.

Scott Trevethan May 2022

Elisa is a joy. A wonderful teacher. Thank you! Always a pleasure to be in Elisa's presence.

Carmen Barry Aug 2021

The workshop was very informative and has given me some great techniques I can use. Elisa’s style was very warm and energetic. She built trust which made participation easy

Emily Pape Apr 2021

Elisa was an incredible teacher, the space was very welcoming, warm and free of judgement. I felt instantly comfortable to share my inner thoughts and pleasures with strangers! Great class and would highly recommend/go again!

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Jacqui Vincenzo Apr 2021

Elisa guided us through the main pillars of tantra and provided us with a demonstration and ways to incorporate tantric practices into our lives. Elisa has a magnetic, beautiful and inviting energy that lights up the room.

Prit Thandi Apr 2021

Prac exercise was useful.
Class duration was optimum
Class size and mix was good.
Keep it up.

Bethan Gee Apr 2021

Teacher was ok but I felt the course covered a few topics in very little depth. The teacher should’ve picked three topics and covered those in depth. It felt like the teacher was winging it and just went through whatever came to mind rather than having a structure for the session.
I felt the breathing and arm exercises were completely pointless.
As a learning and development specialist it felt like the teacher knew the subject matter but had little experience in facilitation.

Roby S Apr 2021

Really enjoyed this session feel more energy in my body, Learn how to live with confidence and enjoy the every moment of life.

George Athanasakos Mar 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and it gave me exactly what I needed at this time in my journey. More than I could have imagined. As a single attending the class I wish I had partnered with someone of the opposite sex from the beginning. I definitely would have gotten more from it. As simple as they were the activities properly allowed me to open up and connect with a complete stranger in a beautiful way.

Gerry Mellas Mar 2021

A good and interesting starting base in learning tantric practices and embedding them into daily life

Lulu Siret Dec 2020

Great teacher, very inspiring, great venue. The group was maybe just a little to large to share for me but it was very safe though.
I’m very keen to do more of Elisa’s workshops!

Ricky Kuruppu Dec 2020

was a step out of the comfort zone, but the space and teacher was great. There's lot to learn on this topic, but a great place to start. Everyone was friendly too.

Alexandra Jessop Dec 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The workshop was great and I enjoyed the practices but also found the theory was very engaging.

Vanessa Russo Dec 2020

Awesome teacher amazing class! Thank you very much for the experience! Definitely a must do!

Amy Crooke Oct 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Another Wonderful Workshop with Elisa. She’s so passionate about what she does and it creates a comfortable environment to learn. Thank you for sharing and for creating a change.

Elisia Ramsey Sep 2020

A fun night for my partner and I. It gave us some tools to explore to build our connection.

Francine Cirillo Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

My boyfriend and I attended a webinar with Elisa this week, and we absolutely loved it! We were both a little nervous, and it was certainly out of both of our comfort zones! Elisa immediately made us feel at ease (even though we were in a Zoom!) and made a clear effort to ensure that we all felt comfortable throughout the session. It was suitable for both couples and singles and everyone was friendly and open to discussions.

Elisa explained Tantra beautifully and simply, so that even my boyfriend who had no idea about it previously, understood what was going on. Sometimes when you go to workshops I've found that you get a lot of information with nothing tangible to bring into your own lives moving forward. I loved that she talked us through exercises that we can now use in our own time and even emailed us a copy in case we forget!

Even though we were both a little nervous, I am so glad we made the step to come to the workshop. We were given the permission to share our wants and needs with one another in the supported environment. l thought that before we were pretty open with each other, but it allowed us the space to be completely vulnerable and share things that we had not thought previously to share.

I found Elisa to be lovely and approachable and I look forward to attending another of her Workshops next week. Now that I've told a few friends about the workshop, they have all asked me to pass on Elisa's information as they want to try it for themselves!

Kaitlyn McCubbin Aug 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

An absolutely wonderful workshop to learn to better connect with not only yourself but also your partner. I throughly enjoyed this session and will be back for more!

Valeriya Samokhvalova Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really great class, I enjoyed it very much! The teacher is very knowledgeable and approachable.

Fiso Aug 2020

It was strange doing a class by zoom but the quality was fantastic and even being able to split up into little groups was great. Elisa, the presenter was very charming and a great teacher.

Tantra Workshop: Mindful Sexuality review by Fiso

Zofia Kwiatkowska Aug 2020

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Great summary of the topic and fantastic trainer. Elisa is very experienced, authentic and has an amazing aura and personality :) Very refreshing workshop and a great start to learn more about the topic

Nicholas Jones Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great teacher - down to earth, makes you feel comfortable on your journey. Will definitely be signing up for another course. Highly recommended!

Suhela Gremmel Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I really enjoyed the class and got a lot out of it. Elisa was fun and approachable and created a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere that made the exercises, which had the potential to be awkward, smooth and insightful.

Cassandra Holeczy Aug 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Elisa, as always, somehow kept the workshop light and humble while diving into deep concepts. I never walk away from time with her without learning something about my soul.
Thank you ♥️

Julisa Edwards Aug 2020

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 10 reviews

This class was fantastic! Great taster into the world of Tantra and really helpful to understand what it's really about. Excellent examples and guided meditation, very keen to take other classes from this teacher, she was great!

Body and Soul workshop review by Julisa Edwards

Kate Starke Jan 2020

Teacher was engaging, held space for us in a really generous, confident and safe way.

Content was engaging and able to be applied and taken away to real life situations.

A great workshop and evening.

Jimmy Linden Jan 2020

Very nice introduction of Tantra. Teacher was very passionate about what she does. She has a lot of possitive energy that she brings in the class

Katherine Roberts Jan 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Elisa was a warm, engaging presenter that connected well with the group and shared great insights and practices

Celine Gruson Nov 2019

Great venue. Elisa made us feel comfortable from the beginning.
It was a good balance between Theory and practice.

Annabel Brand Nov 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Venue was great and paper n pencils were supplied which was handy for notetaking
Elisa was gorg very well spoken, kind and informative
The class was in a very wholesome/accepting environment but was wayyy more challenging and interactive than anticipated lol but I am so grateful to have been given the tools presented in the workshop and am excited for future growth and discovery
Thank youuu! xx

Josh Bydak Nov 2019

Elisa was fantastic. A very open soul and wonderful teacher. Both my partner and I got so much out of the class and would recommend it to anyone looking to try that experience.

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