Ultimate Chocolate Making Class

Make the ultimate chocolates at home.

4 hours Class size 1 to 15     label $160

This hands-on short course will introduce you to the fine art of chocolate making. For real fans of chocolate! You'll learn how to:

  • Make ganache
  • Melt chocolate
  • Temper all types of chocolate (dark, milk and white)
  • Mould, dip and decorate chocolates

This class was specifically designed so that you'll learn techniques that you can replicate at home, with nothing more than ordinary household utensils. No marble slabs or specialized equipment needed.

After this four hour workshop you will have acquired the skills to understand the properties of couverture chocolate and how to work with it to make a range of delectable handmade chocolates at home.

Please arrive by 9.45pm, for a 10.00am start.

Knowledge required
No knowledge needed
What you'll get
A set of written notes you can refer to time and time again.
What to bring
Chocolate making gets deliciously messy sometimes! Please bring an apron, and wear closed shoes. Hair protection will be provided.

209 Lilyfield Road, Lilyfield NSW

Ultimate Chocolate Making Class location
Your teacher
Kimberley Chocolates
Kimberley Chocolates

Chocolatier since 1994

4.8 (443)

My name is Joseph, and I started Kimberley Chocolates to produce high-quality chocolates in Sydney. I held a BSc in Food Science and wanted to make great chocolate more accessible to our community, including by combining it with flavours like chilli, lemon myrtle, and quandong (Australia's 'native peach'). Kimberley Chocolates won the gold award at the Royal Easter Show Chocolate Competition, and I started to appear in the media more often. People started contacting me to learn more about chocolates, and I realised that there is a great need for chocolate education, and that's where our chocolate workshops started!

But my passions and skills don't just stop at chocolate, I've also spent my fair share of time in perfumeries. I'm qualified in Organic Chemistry and Food Science from the University of NSW and worked for many years with the extraction of oils used for fragrance and food flavouring as well as at Unilever in the laboratory producing and testing perfume. Six years ago, I studied perfumery and with his my newly-refined sense of smell and skills in producing olfactory compositions, I began creating my own perfume. This led to sharing my knowledge and skills with others and three years ago I began running fun, hands-on perfume making classes in Lilyfield. As it is difficult to run classes during COVID-19 the Craft Perfume Box was created to bring the perfume-making experience to your home.

My teaching style is playful and fun, and very hands-on - the more sampling and laughing that happens, the better!

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Charlie Macdonald Nov 2023

What a triumph this class was! Joseph was incredibly knowledgeable and was keen to share his knowledge with us all. The class was fun and informative. Yvonne was tireless behind the scenes cleaning, clearing, washing up and organising with grace and good cheer. The other class members were delightful and as a group we generated a lot of fun. Not only armed with a new skill, we came away with an incredibly generous amount of delicious chocolates to share with friends and family. Thank you both for a truly unforgettable experience. Clare and Charlie xx

Jane Bradshaw Nov 2023

This chocolate making class was fantastic ???? ????. I learnt heaps about creating best chocolates. Thank you

Leon Hillier Oct 2023

Fun time making our selected chocolates. Joseph our teacher was very informative and his extensive experience and knowledge really helped us readily understand the chocolate making procedures that we needed to follow. End result chocolates were extremely tasty and looked the part also.

Alex York Oct 2023

The class was great fun. Joseph and Yvonne were lovely teachers and the chocolate that we made was amazing!

Sadia Khan Jul 2023

Joseph was an entertaining and professional teacher. He had great charisma and definitely is extremely educated on the components of chocolate. The class answered all my questions and kept me engaged throughout the whole period. Would recommend him to family and friends.

Jan-Maree Brodie Jul 2023

Loved our chocolate making class. Joseph explained the science behind some of the techniques and also made it all seem simple.
We left with lots of chocolate treats too. Yummo

Yani Sutaniman Jul 2023

The teacher Joseph was amazing. Very informative. We had a great time.It was a great experience. Furthermore we get to bring home yummy chocolates.

Baking and Desserts class review by Yani Sutaniman - Sydney

Kyra Jones Jul 2023

Teacher was fantastic - the perfect combination of relaxed and instructive.
Thanks Joseph we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Shelley Hagan Jun 2023

Very knowledgable teacher - and Yvonne - every household needs a Yvonne!
Venue was spacious, clean and easy to access.
The chocolates were delicious, seemed so easy, and hopefully some transferable skills to do at home. Great value for money as we took home a lot of chocolate - if we didn't eat it at the time - and a great bunch of strangers to learn with.

Baking and Desserts class review by Shelley Hagan - Sydney

Khana David Jun 2023

Very great teacher Mr Joseph
Great place and environment
Great tools and equipment
Worth everything cent for anyone interested in chocolate making course

Nicole Smith-Bertram Jun 2023

This was a really fun class. Joseph and Yvonne were incredible and we had a blast with the other people attending. I feel I learned a lot and cannot wait to make some chocolates at home! Would 100% recommend.

Kajal Naidu Jun 2023

This class is so much fun! Joseph is an excellent teacher with a wonderful sense of humour. He provided some very helpful tips and written instructions after the class. I can’t wait to try making some chocolates at home!

Baking and Desserts class review by Kajal Naidu - Sydney

Marguerida Lyras May 2023

The chocolate making was a fantastic experience. Joseph is so passionate and knowledgeable about chocolate. There were ample flavours available to choose from and he was very generous with the amount of chocolates we made (and ate during the making!). I went with my daughter and had a lot of fun. What we learnt the most was how to make tempered chocolate using a very simplistic method.
Will do it again in a heartbeat.
Thanks Joseph and Yvonne.

Baking and Desserts class review by Marguerida Lyras - Sydney

Plamenka Apr 2023

This chocolate class was a great introduction for beginners in chocolate making as well as having a great teacher. Joseph was very informative and showed us many helpful shortcuts that made chocolate making not that difficult as we thought.

Naomi Miller Apr 2023

Joseph was friendly, patient and knowledgeable. The class format was well thought out and moved at a constant pace.
The ingredients uses were of the highest quality and produced delicious chocolates.
Would 100% recommend

Ultimate Chocolate Making Class review by Naomi Miller - Sydney

Vladimir Gligorovski Apr 2023

The class was very interesting and quite educational and a nice learning experience also never done something like that before but really thought it was a good learning experience

Brendan Jones Mar 2023

We found this class really interesting even though we have never made chocolates before. The science behind ganache and chocolate making was really interesting. All the chocolates we made turned out well (flavours were great!) and we had WAY too much to bring home and are still eating it

Hun Park Mar 2023

Easy to learn. It was very fun and the teacher was friendly. I would recommend

Jacqueline Mann Mar 2023

Joseph was an excellent teacher with great attention to detail. Very enjoyable class in challenging weather. Delightful fun! Lots of goodies to eat there and take away. Excellent all-round!

Sam Falvey Mar 2023

The course was a lot of fun. The teacher was excellent, full of knowledge and experience. And of course the chocolate we made was absolutely delicious!

Julian Harris Feb 2023

I really enjoyed the training and the results were remarkably good! My husband said my chocolates were easily as good as Belle Fleur’s!

Ben Fox Feb 2023

The teacher is very engaging and I learnt a lot. I recommend everyone takes this course.

Marc Corneli Nov 2022

Very intuitive with detailed explanations. Definitely would recommend to anyone curious about chocolate making process with a twist.

Marc Harry Oct 2022

Absolutely delightful, just loved this training class. Much information, a lot of fun. Delicious, training place excellent, trainer perfect. I have so many yummy chocolates to take home mmm

Baking and Desserts class review by Marc Harry - Sydney

Arielle Lam Sep 2022

Overall, experience was good.
I would have given 5 stars if I had been given the opportunity to do all the steps to make chocolate - from Making ganache, to tempering to preparing/filling chocolate moulds.

Gideon Watts Sep 2022

The class was great! Good fun, good people, everyone brought a very positive attitude to the space.

Joseph and Yvonne run a fun class.

I learned some knowledge and skills that I am definitely going to use in the future!

Madlene Harb Aug 2022

Was a lovely friendly man that was extremely helpful during the class and I’d recommend him and Yvonne to people to learn how to make chocolate. It was extremely delicious . Thank You Joseph was a pleasure meeting you ,All the best in the future!

Kelly Choi Aug 2022

The chocolate class was super fun! Joe is a great teacher- you can tell he is passionate about chocolates. Joe explained everything at a good pace and we had plenty of time to ask questions. When I did the class, there was a total of 6 students and it was nice being amongst other chocolate enthusiasts - made for interesting conversation! We also took home a box full of chocolates- this chocolate definitely beats commercial chocolate. Will definitely recommend this class to chocolate lovers! Thank you Joseph and Yvonne!

James Anvia Jul 2022

He is a lovely teacher. Vast knowledge . So pleasant . The best class ever . AAA. Thank you

Rita Khallas Mar 2022

It was awesome, I would highly recommend it.
Lots of yummy chocolate to take home.
Teacher was fantastic
Thankyou for a fun and enjoyable chocolate making experience

Ana Djordjevic Feb 2022

Josef was a lovely teacher. The atmosphere was calm yet fun, structured in a way that resulted in lots of learning and maximum chocolateness :)

Stefano Moretti Feb 2022

We had a great time and walked away with so many delicious chocolates. Joseph was knowledgeable and great fun. Thank you for a delicious and enlightening Saturday.

Gria Saltis Jan 2022

Was a very interesting and informative class! Thoroughly enjoyed it! Would recommend! Great classroom experience A+

Fiona Allen Nov 2021

Fun and informative Oh and the chocolates were pretty tasty too Thank you very much

Monica Raven Nov 2021

So much fun! A day of humour and fascinating new learning. :) Joseph made everyone in the group feel comfortable and welcome and had us all mingling like old friends by the end of it.

Fiona Dennison Nov 2021

Thank you Joseph for a fantastic 4 hours chocolate workshop today - 27/11/21. You were a wonderful teacher using skill and good humour to guide us in making some great chocolates in a comfortable and well equipped kitchen. I would not hesitate to recommend your classes to my friends and look forward to practicing new skills at home.Thanks also to Yvonne for being an attentive assistant

Janet Souza May 2021

My friend and I enjoyed the class immensely! We are more technical cooks so learning the science behind it was so interesting and useful . for example
making ganache and the different ratios of ingredients and how to easily temper chocolate.
Joseph is such a knowledgeable and fun teacher - thank you!

Janette Hartley May 2021

Enjoyed this class and learned a lot about chocolate. Joseph was very knowledgeable and happy to answer any and all of our questions

Kylie Little May 2021

Awesome class very fun I learnt a lot about chocolate. It was great to create chocolates and explore how to make them at home.Great teacher who is very knowledgeable.

Sally Ellis Apr 2021

Good, clear instructions and easy to follow demonstration.
Joseph did well to include/involve all students when standing around waiting their turn.
Casual, relaxed atmosphere.
End result was very rewarding and professional looking chocolates. The taste was even better.

Lynne Adamson Apr 2021

A wonderful experience! Joseph generously shared his knowledge, well paced, humorous and inclusive of all participants. And how great to leave with our own box of chocolates! Thanks!

Ella Bruniges Apr 2021

Joseph was great, explained things really well and asked if there were questions throughout the class. He and his assistant were approachable and friendly with a chilled attitude. He was very knowledgeable and a great teacher.

The only thing you need is an apron, all the rest of the material was given.

What I learnt:
How to make ganache (for chocolate mould/truffles
How to temper chocolate

I got a box of chocolates by the end, of ganache filled moulded chocolates, chocolate dipped chocolates, chocolate truffles, strawberries dipped in chocolate and a Turkish delight dipped in chocolate.

I feel confident now in trying to make my own chocolates.

Most people came with a friend/family member. I was on my own and it was fine.

A really great class.

Baking and Desserts class review by Ella Bruniges - Sydney

Joshua Jones Feb 2021

It was fun and I learnt a lot I want to do it again if I could

Apurva Shukla Feb 2021

The teacher taught in a very jolly way , which was very appreciable.
Didn’t feel nervous.
The materials were all good.
It was worth the money spent.
The venue was clean and tidy .
Learnt how to melt the chocolates and make chocolate dips for strawberries etc.

Pat Abraham Jan 2021

What a fun course! George is fantastic and the products we made are amazing! I would recommend this to anyone. The skills I learnt here I can and will use at home.

Pat Abraham Jan 2021

What a fantastic course. Would recommend this course. Lots if fun, laughs and great chocolate!

Yolanda Weyde Dec 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed this workshop learned heaps, Joseph was very helpful and knowledgeable making chocolates, highly recommend this class

Ultimate Chocolate Making Class review by Yolanda Weyde - Sydney

Dominic Goldman Dec 2020

Great time
Joesph was fantastic and really made the day fun.
My 8 year old daughter loved it.

Zac Longworth Dec 2020

Joseph and Yvonne were both lovely people

Great tasting chocolate, a great lesson in how to make ganache and tempered chocolate

Thank you both!

Rebecca Panebianco Dec 2020

Highly recommended
We had so much fun. Cant decide which was more amazing the chocolates or Joseph

Simon Farrugia Nov 2020

It was a fun morning and awesome to be able to bring back so many yummy chocolates.

Katie Badman Nov 2020

It was a very slow start. Full hour went by without people having even done anything but watch. Picked up after that but theres no reason people cant make ganache at the same time. Good from then onwards, but finished 40mins early and felt like everything was being dragged out to kill time. However it was 39degrees so maybe the heat impacted the session? Joseph was lovely when he got going.
Made ganache, only 1 person tempers chocolate contrary to the description, RH en made 5 large truffles, smaller hand dipped truffles and chocolates from the 1 mix.

Ultimate Chocolate Making Class review by Katie Badman - Sydney

Ileana Farina Oct 2020

The class was great, my partner and I learnt so many things about chocolate, how to make yummy truffles, how to temper it etc. Joseph is extremely engaging and funny, and so knowledgeable! The class was extremely hands on and would recommend to anyone. I'm lactose intolerant, and Joseph was so accommodating: I have plenty of dairy free chocolate now!

Hetal Sancheti Oct 2020

Joseph is amazing at his knowledge and expertise with chocolates. He pretty much had answers to all my questions.
Enjoyed every bit of this class. Highly recommended for people who love chocolates :)

Ruba Khawaja Aug 2020

The session was Exceptional. I highly recommended. Joseph is remarkably knowledgeable and friendly. I really enjoyed it.

Hannah Moloney Aug 2020

I highly recommend this class. Joseph is an excellent teacher - extremely engaging, passionate and ensured that we all had fun on the day. Joseph has a wealth of information and educated the group in a very easy to understand manner. Most importantly the chocolate was absolutely delicious and we got to bring home lots of samples. Excellent value for money.

Dimitrije Grasar Jul 2020

Immensely experienced teacher, and a very insightful and fun class with plenty of chocolate!
Would definitely recommend

Vicki Cook Jun 2020

I had a great time and walked away with the confidence to make my own chocolates at home.

Ultimate Chocolate Making Class review by Vicki Cook - Sydney

Kristine Verschelden Jun 2020

Great interactive class, Joseph has a lot of knowledge in chocolate and makes the class a fun environment. Take home pack is generous and obviously delicious. Can’t wait to practice at home

Elizabeth Stewart Jun 2020

Teacher was engaging and knowledge. We had a laugh which is always good and his imparting of
Knowledge was excellent.

Baking and Desserts class review by Elizabeth Stewart - Sydney

Carul Chearnaigh Jun 2020

I was so impressed by his knowledge and experience. We can’t wait to come back . It was a fabulous day . Love every minute .
Carol and Deiana

Matthew Barrett Mar 2020

Joseph was incredibly engaging and informative, not to mention inclusive.
I walk away from the class today with my head full of what to do, what not to, and best practise.

Amanda Bush Jan 2020

Great class . And anyone can do it .
Very interesting to learn about they different chocolates
Very yummy

Sukriti Mantri Dec 2019

This class was a wonderful experience. Joseph, the teacher was awesome. The venue was easy to locate and was perfect. The class was really good value for money. I went with no idea about chocolates and learnt so much. I am so glad I took this class. Thanks, Joseph!

Therese Harris Dec 2019

Great informal class setting, Joseph was great at explaining concepts and ideas on the best way to add flavours, make the chocolate ganache etc. I loved the experience and its something I can now do at home. I would definitely recommend the course for any chocolate lover.

Carol Preston Nov 2019

The venue for the workshop was well set up, generous work areas, nice and cool on such a warm day and easy to see Joseph when he was giving individual instructions.
I am impressed that hair nets were required and there were good facilities for washing very sticky gloves.
Joseph is an excellent instructor, very generous in sharing his knowledge and particular is assessing our understanding, if he felt there was some doubt he would summarise the information again and we were always free to ask questions.
The quality of ingredients were top shelf and I am sure contributed to such a good end result, I think our chocolates were pretty good! Comparing notes with family who had done a similar class elsewhere we discovered how generous our supplies were and they were very impressed with the quality and quantity of our end product.
I came away with a better understanding of the components of various chocolates, how to handle the product with care to achieve a good result and nowI am confident that I can temper chocolate In the past I have shied away from doing anything too fancy with chocolate but that has now changed. I recommend the orange and brandy filling, yum. Full marks to Joseph and his ever helpful and encouraging assistant Connie.
Picture of my co worker having pots of fun.

Ultimate Chocolate Making Class review by Carol Preston - Sydney

Julie Reese Nov 2019

Lots of fun making sweet treats. I might not be able to fully recreate the steps at home, but I think I have enough of the idea to try. Plus great coffee, Joseph. Thank you!

Ultimate Chocolate Making Class review by Julie Reese - Sydney

Christian Minett Aug 2019

Excellent course for people skilled in the kitchen or just chocolate lovers. Joseph and Connie were excellent teachers and made the whole class interactive and fun.

David Williams Aug 2019

Joseph was very knowledgable not only on chocolates but most aspects of food and food sciences. Great class to be in, lean venue, everything supplied and come away with a box of chocolates to share with my friends.
I recommend anyone wanting to play with chocolates a home take this course.

Kiritkumar Busa Aug 2019

Exceeded Expectations!

Such a great class. My partner and I had a really fun time and felt like we learned so much. The instructor(got experience of more than 17 years as a Chocolatier) was so knowledgeable and friendly. At the end of the class we were able to bring home the chocolates we made. Both my partner and I were suprised at how professional looking they were. They use all high quality ingredients and you can tell with the end results. I loved the notes they email us at the end of class to help us recreate these chocolates in the future. Would love to do another class and would highly recommend.

Baking and Desserts class review by Kiritkumar Busa - Sydney

Rhys Davis Jul 2019

The teacher was engaging, highly knowledgeable, and explained everything very well. Would definitely recommend this class to others.

Cristina Gomez Jul 2019

Joseph was an excellent teacher. He not only gave you instructions on how to make chocolate but also the science behind it. It was hands on and kept us busy the whole time. Connie was also very helpful. I feel confident enough to go home and make my own chocolates and try different flavors. The area was also super clean thanks to Connie. Connie and Joseph were super friendly, highly experienced, and generous - even offering us amazing coffee and hot chocolate during the class. I highly recommend this workshop.

Baking and Desserts class review by Cristina Gomez - Sydney

Jess Mitchell Jul 2019

This course was amazing! The teacher was very personable and knowledgeable and supportive. We were very busy the whole time, they had planned it well so that we didn’t have any spare time. They were also very generous with their chocolate and hospitality, we got coffee, hot chocolate, strawberries, Turkish delight, and chocolate to eat as we went. The kitchen area was great for the 10 people in our course and was kept super clean by the lovely Connie. Thanks guys for a very enjoyable afternoon.

Baking and Desserts class review by Jess Mitchell - Sydney

Harry Hoyer Jun 2019

A great afternoon. Joseph was clearly knowledgeable and passionate about his craft, and made us feel very welcome. Plenty to take home as well

Baking and Desserts class review by Harry Hoyer - Sydney

Eleni Tsounias Jun 2019

The teacher was easy to speak too easy to understand. A bit more hands on would have been better so each of us having our own equipment and following teacher. The area was not as clean as it should have been mostly the floors but over all I did feel worth the knowledge gained, the information given. In end we all did take a lot of made chocolate home.

Matthew Leung Jun 2019

Incredible fun! Thank you for such an amazing event and making my mum’s birthday so much fun

Caitlin Stephens May 2019

Great class! Both Joseph and Connie were very knowledgeable and accommodating. Would highly recommend to all.

Marianne Passafaro Apr 2019

The class was informative, fun and the chocolate was delicious, we made lots of chocolate truffle balls & chocolate ganache which we were able to take home and share with our friends & family who were very impressed.

Miranda Bryce Apr 2019

This was really fun. The pace of the class was a little slow for me but it was fun. I was on my own and felt fine without having a friend there. Left with lots of chocolates and great skills I can use at home.

Mary Sriskandarajah Mar 2019

Excellent. Enjoyed every minute. I was waiting to find a teacher and Joseph was very good. I will recommend to anyone interested.

Anea Roque Mar 2019

The class was very nice. Joseph is a great teacher. He and his assistant Connie are very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed my time there and also learned a lot.

Erika Frey Jan 2019

Joseph is very knowledgeable and generous with his knowledge. He has a great interest in chocolate but also teaching. The class was not too fast which gave me time to talk to the other participants. I’m thinking about doing the class again just because it was so much fun. And you come home with a STACK of chocolates!

Louise Ashcroft Jan 2019

A very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Gorgeous gourmet chocolate used with expert guidance and advice.

Jabir Mursalin Jan 2019

Enjoyed playing with chocolate. Joseph was excellent and so do the other participants. A memorable experience.

Ying Ho Dec 2018

Pretty fun and informative. We all got a chance to try making chocolate hands-on and got some helpful tips for practising at home.

Ruth Calcutt Nov 2018

I enjoyed the practical lessons of chocolate making and look forward to putting my new knowledge into practise .

Can I bring my 3 year old daughter with me? She'll mostly just help me move the chocolates around and eat them.

Sure, no extra charge for this (just book for yourself), since your daughter would just be using your allocated portion of chocolates. Looking forward to welcoming you at the class.

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