Discover Australia's Top Painting Classes for Adults

Discover Australia's Top Painting Classes for Adults

Discover Australia's Top Painting Classes for Adults

It only takes one stroke of a paintbrush to kickstart a new hobby, and with a whole host of painting classes in Australia, it’s never been easier to flex your creative muscles. You don’t have to be Picasso to pick up a paintbrush – in fact, most classes are set up for total beginners!

Your friendly local teacher will provide all of the equipment that you need to learn painting. They’re there to share their passion for painting with you and to provide helpful and informative instruction throughout the classes. All you have to bring is a willingness to get involved and clothes that you don’t mind potentially getting scruffy.

From watercolour classes to paint and sip sessions, painting classes make great rainy day activities if you’re looking for a way to fill an otherwise gloomy afternoon or evening. They also make fantastic birthday party ideas or even team building activities. You and your friends or colleagues can relax and enjoy the chance to get social in a warm and welcoming environment. Take a deep breath, recentre yourself, and see what emerges from your creative practice.

Whether you want to learn acrylic painting for beginners or feel that oil painting classes are more your vibe, there’s a painting lesson that’s just perfect for you. From Sydney and Melbourne through to The Gold Coast and Perth, these classes are a must-do for any bucket list of indoor activities. Plus, if you don’t want to paint alone, they also make ideal experience gifts for a loved one in your life. You and your chosen partner can hit your class of choice together, benefiting from the chance to reconnect and let your creative juices flow.


Wonderful watercolours

painting classes for beginners

Watercolour classes are a great introduction to easy watercolour painting. Leave behind any misconception that these creative classes are more suited to children as you discover the process of painting with watercolour. Practice your technique and learn from your expert local teacher before putting paint to canvas and expressing yourself visually. You’ll leave the workshop with a new set of skills, as well as a beautiful piece of art to proudly display at home. 

What’s more, watercolour painting courses make great date night ideas. You and your partner can step away from your screens and recommit to each other in a relaxed environment, as you explore your inner selves and make memories together.


Discover beginner-friendly acrylic painting classes

paint studio in Sydney

Look no further for fun things to do in Brisbane, Perth, or Adelaide this weekend – acrylic painting classes are the ideal activity. Acrylics dry quickly, are very forgiving if you make any mistakes, and are easy to use (particularly compared to either oil or watercolour paint). They also make for vibrant, dynamic artwork, so you’ll leave these experiences with a canvas that you’ll feel proud to display on your wall.

Workshops in acrylic painting for beginners are also fantastic ways to celebrate a special occasion. You can gather your friends and add them to your list of bachelorette party ideas or treat a talented, creative person in your life to a class spent improving their technique. You’ll come away with a wealth of new knowledge and experience in using acrylic paint. Plus, even if you attend solo, you’ll be surrounded by fellow enthusiasts, and may even find yourself in a community ready to inspire your new painting hobby.


Here's a round-up of 7 different painting courses to try in 2022.


Brush up your oil painting

Oil painting classes are for those who consider themselves amongst the ranks of Dali, Rembrandt, and even the great Leonardo da Vinci. Just kidding, these painting classes are perfect for everyone – even those who’ve only just begun their artistic journey. 

You’ll be guided through the process of using oil paints by your expert teacher, who’ll also advise on the materials that you’re working with. For example, did you know that the paint pigment is often mixed with an essential oil such as linseed in order to create oil paints? Learn about building texture and develop your confidence with this medium, improving your observation skills, shading, and colour matching.


Step out of your comfort zone with abstract art

painting class for beginners

Art is subjective, and you’ll very likely have heard someone exclaim, ‘I could have done that better myself!’ when looking at a piece of abstract or contemporary art. But most abstract artists hone their skill as representational creatives first, developing fundamental artistic techniques before branching out. 

Abstract painting classes will challenge you to think out of the box and beyond the object that you’re painting. Learn how to work colour, shapes, proportion, and texture into vibrant artistic pieces and discover creativity that you never knew you had.


Mix a beverage with your brushwork

If you want to learn painting but feel that any of the above workshops sound too intimidating, then a paint and sip night is for you. Gather your friends and pop these workshops on your list of must do Melbourne, Sydney, or Perth activities and enjoy a wine art night together. You’ll be able to appreciate a glass of something delicious as you improve your brush skills and paint a pre-agreed picture. Whether it’s a landscape or pet portrait, your teacher of these painting workshops will provide accessible advice for improving your technique, and you can relax and get social in a low-stakes space.


Make the most of top painting classes in Australia

Whether you’re in need of team building activities that will get your colleagues out of the office and away from their screens or you’re compiling hen party ideas for a close pal, painting classes are a great group activity. You’ll be able to relax, release your creativity and make a piece of art to be proud of amongst fellow painting enthusiasts.



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