Eda Tevrizci, paper craft and ink and textiles teacher

Eda Tevrizci

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Eda Tevrizci is a professional Ebru artist living in Australia since 2016. She started to work on traditional Ebru art early in 2015 which stole her heart immediately and has been practising it since then.

This art form has been added to UNESCO's world cultural heritage list in 2014; she uses water surface as a canvas and then transfers the created patterns onto paper, fabric or other materials.

Using natural pigments, traditional materials and water surface as a canvas, she tries to find a balance and connection between the traditional and modern designs through her works but she is more after in creating contemporary, abstract forms rooted in the traditional art form.

After living and running workshops in Melbourne for five years, she now conducts ebru workshops and short-term courses in Adelaide for art lovers who are open to a unique experience — paint on water surface.

Apart from workshops, she also creates tangible ebru designed jewellery and fashion accessories, stationery and home decoration products all of which reflect her vision of life.

For Eda, Ebru is a lifelong learning journey and she is keen to share her expertise with people while trying to achieve more each and every day. She loves the freedom and endless possibilities that Ebru offers and always looks for new and creative ways to adapt it to the new forms of today’s world.




Rochelle Binney Jun 2022

Ebru Marbling Workshop

Eda was really good fun and has such a passion for her craft. Would highly recommend this class. The transformation from tray to paper is incredible, Thankyou Eda

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