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Fremantle Baristas are WA's best rated in Barista Training, with industry relevant Barista courses and real employment outcomes.

Start your Barista Career with the best training!
Fremantle Baristas provide the best Coffee Courses since 2011, 5 Stars rated by all our clients.

Certified Hospitality Trainer since 2008, and Barista for over 20 years, Olivier has developed our courses to maximize practice, incorporating a wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks to become a great Barista.

Employers are more than ever looking for trained Baristas, who not only should be able to pour a great cup, but should also be capable of doing so in a fast paced, demanding environment.
Our students are trained to be ready to enter the industry.

We train small classes, to produce fantastic coffee, fast, without compromising quality or customer service.

100% practical, our courses focus on acquiring all the skills and knowledge required to become a great Barista.

It 's great to see so many of our trainees getting their first job within a few days after visiting us!

Check our reviews, they speak for themselves!




Sacha Sireni Apr 2024

Perfect - laugh and learn what else?
Perfect to see the barista's basics skills and the beginning of the "Latte Art"

Ryan Petkov Apr 2024

I learned a lot in this class, the teacher was excellent, very interactive and energetic session.

Veerraj Sharma Tauckoory Apr 2024

Thank you so much, was an amazing experience, wish could practise a bit more on the latte art.

Hannah Mar 2024

Great, fun class that didn’t feel like training. My morning coffee will be much better from now on!

Scott Schwartz Mar 2024

What a fantastic class. Olivier spent time understanding why each participant was there and adjusted the content to meet their needs (e.g. wanting to make better at-home coffee, learn basic barista skills for a job, etc). He took time to make sure everyone was learning the correct technique and gave plenty of time for hands on learning.

It was a great experience and I would happily recommend this to anyone who enjoys making a good cup of coffee at home or for potential jobs.

Connie Law Mar 2024

Really enjoy the class with Olivier. He’s knowledgeable, fun and very engaging with us during the class.

We have plenty of hand on practice on the machine. Definitely recommend to others!

Felicia Boon Mar 2024

A pleasant and fun experience at the barista class conducted by Ollie. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the art of coffee making. We had plenty of practice on the coffee machine with plenty of help and advice. Highly recommended to anyone interested to find out the process of producing a good cup of coffee! It was an eye opening experience.

Sabina Andrea Cruz Leon Mar 2024

It was a wonderful class and our teacher was enthusiastic and fun. He made us an amazing coffee

Coffee class review by Sabina Andrea Cruz Leon - Perth

Dorji Lhamo Mar 2024

It was a fun and informative class. Was going with every details and steps and I really enjoyed the session.

Jennifer Sabrina Diener Mar 2024

I really enjoyed both courses. I learnt a lot and this was conveyed perfectly. I've the feeling that I have understood everything so that in the future I can let it mature on my own with experience and time without needing outside help, and that is exactly how a course and learning should work. I'm absolutely satisfied. It was also taught in a very relaxed and humorous way, with breaks to recharge my batteries and test the excellent coffee quality. It was a perfect mix of theory and practice and I feel very well prepared for my future as a small barista. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful and instructive experience

Rushil Shah Feb 2024

Fun and engaging class. Ollie is a great instructor and very patient with us. He provides good tips on how to improve your technique. Worth it for anyone wanting to have a bit of fun and learn a little more about how to make a good cup of coffee.

Yushiro Hirayama Feb 2024

I really enjoyed to make a like to recommend my friend for the class

Gretchen Benedix Jan 2024

I booked this for my teens to add this to their resumes. They both loved it and learned a lot.

Marnus van Schalkwyk Jan 2024

Wonderfull experience.Enjoyed learning the basic requirements of a Barista.Truely believe that what I learned today, I will be able to implement it in a working enviroment.

Xiong Jiaxing Jan 2024

English is not my native language. But it doesn't matter since we have a lot of practice. Morning from 9:30-1pm, we had coffee together in the morning break and then 2pm-4.30. Very nice experience. I can make a heart but need more practice. Happy : )

Cinzia Baiguini Jan 2024

The teacher is great, very well prepared and skilled. Also, funny and this makes you enjoy his class even more. The venue is nice, with a nice view too in the heart of Freo. I recommend Dominique and his classes to everyone who wants to learning how to make Coffe.
Keep up the great work Dominique.


Bernadette Hughes Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Oli was charismatic, funny and used his vast knowledge to help students looking to get work/start businesses or just have fun. Definitely recommend!

Dawa Dem Oct 2023

The overall experience was positive, with an engaging teacher. However, I believe that more practice time is required.

Courtney Evans Oct 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was really good. The teacher was very knowledgeable and really funny and easy going, easy to get along with. The venue was great, and all materials were provided for us. Overall it was just a really good experience and I had so much fun with the latte art

Full Day Barista Basics and Latte Art Class review by Courtney Evans - Perth

Daniela Pereira Machado Machado Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Oliver make the class fun and easy, he take the time for help everyone, definitely recommend.

Sedona Reilly Aug 2023

Ollie is a wonderful teacher - direct, knowledgeable, and thorough. I learned several techniques very quickly and feel confident applying for beginner roles in cafes.

Coffee class review by Sedona Reilly - Perth

Akari Yamaguchi Aug 2023

I joined basic course and latte art course. Although I have never made coffee before, I felt it enjoyable to make coffee. Teacher is so kind to teach me and always help us, so I wasn’t bored at that time.

Amelia Berry Aug 2023

Everything was so great. Teacher was really fun, friendly and patient. Would have appreciated a follow up day for more practise but I’m just a slow learner

Matthew Page Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher was incred-e-ble a perfect mixture of professionalism, passion for the art of coffee creation. Hugely knowledgeable, funny and polite.

It was a delight to get a coffee made for us aswell.

I will encourage friends to take the course.

Coffee class review by Matthew Page - Perth

Nicole Dempsey Jun 2023

Our teacher made the course really fun, interesting and engaging I found that the content about the coffee beans was really interesting and making the coffees was really fun:)

Joel Quaid May 2023

Oliver was a great teacher and helped understand everything very easily.

Would definitely recommend to someone interested in learning.

Eve Lee May 2023

Very informative and great training. The teacher was very friendly too and I’ve learned a lot.

Fiona Heal Apr 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

If you are thinking of becoming a barista or just making good coffee at home then this is the course for you! Oliver was fantastic! Good communication, easy to find and he really knows his stuff. We really enjoyed this class and feel like we have definitely just learnt from one of the best. He has a great sense of humour and teaches you all aspects of making coffee, including what aspects determine a great cup of coffee. We never felt rushed, and were encouraged to ask questions but his delivery and explanations were very easy to follow. Highly recommend ! Thanks Oli

Ethan Jones Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher gave clear instructions. Was approachable if needed help with anything. Gave us plenty of time to practice.

Sidharth Dass Apr 2023

We really enjoyed Ollie's class. He was very helpful and patient. His class was really fun. Would definitely recommend everyone.

Full Day Barista Basics and Latte Art Class review by Sidharth Dass - Perth

Duncan Lawson Apr 2023

A great experience to be able to learn from a master. The facility was set up perfectly and teaching method ideal to understand how to make a quality coffee, then lots of opportunity to practice and perfect. Highly recommended

Tracey Huynh Apr 2023

Really interesting and professionally presented. Great mix of theory and practical on content. The tutor was meticulous and helpful, which greatly suit me. Highly recommend.

Sherrie Hurrell Mar 2023

Great venue, teacher and equipment. Learnt everything to make me feel comfortable going for a job as a new barista

Maria Miranda Mar 2023

Foi muito bom porque o aluno teve muita pratica e o material de cafe e leite foi o suficente para fazer toda a prática.
O professor esteve sempre ao lado dos alunos para tirar qualquer dúvida.

Coffee class review by Maria Miranda - Perth

Jillian Agrela Feb 2023

The teacher was excellent and very informative.
Thankyou so much from
Jill, Maddi and Leanne

Kathryn Gemmell Jan 2023

Great class!
Oly had a good sense of humour & made it fun, whilst teaching us the basics of making & serving great coffee.
We came way with a better understanding & admiration for good baristas, & will appreciate a well made cup of coffee. Great for people like us who wanted to increase our knowledge & also for people wanting to join the industry.
A fun couple of hours well spent.

Coffee class review by Kathryn Gemmell - Perth

Cheki Wangmo Jan 2023

I would like to say thank you for the efficient barista course that I’ve done today. It was really good and the trainer was really helpful. I had opportunities to make a lot of coffees for the first time in my life and learned a lot about the segment. I’m really happy and thank you class Bento for opportunity.

Choi Man Dec 2022

Teacher are full of knowledge and use the easiest way to show us how to make good coffee.Also he does the perfect demonstration for coffee art and show his professionalism in this industry.

Full Day Barista Basics and Latte Art Class review by Choi Man - Perth

Ofitin Dec 2022

I got more experience how can make barista coffee, it is good fun, and good teacher.

Coffee class review by Ofitin  - Perth

Maia Conrad Dec 2022

This course was great! I learnt everything I was hoping and more. The teacher was really good at explaining everything and demonstrating how to make coffee properly. I defiantly got my moneys worth.

Sascha Hawke Nov 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed the barista course. Ollie is a brilliant teacher and it's value for money. Thankyou

Melissa Hayman Nov 2022

86 ClassBento workshops attended • 54 reviews

Very informative class. Everything was explained well. Learned a lot and venue was very nice. Definitely recommend for anyone who wants to learn the basics of making great coffee.

Barista Basics Class review by Melissa Hayman - Perth

Harvin Kaler Oct 2022

Fantastic experience l
Thanks for all your knowledge Olie!
Highly recommend for beginners like us!

Barista Basics Class review by Harvin Kaler - Perth

Janet Lock Oct 2022

Great teacher, very knowledgeable and made the course interesting and fun. Haven't received my email yet though.

Janet Shaw Oct 2022

Teacher very experienced
Shared valuble knowledge
Venue good . Comfortable and relaxing.
We learnt alot to confidently make a good coffee.

Ben Campbell Oct 2022

Amazing teaching and explanations of each task, very friendly and inviting, professional and casual all in one, couldn't ask for a better teacher.

Yuhui Su Aug 2022

very kind and nice.
Gave us very clear knowledge about coffee. He helped me a lot

Brenda Moule Jul 2022

Had a great time
Teacher was fantastic definitely learnt some great skills i will be back for more latte art lessons

Annette Boogaard Apr 2022

Teacher was informative and a good hands on learning experience.
Good to do the full day because you learn open and close of day.

Melissa Eaton Apr 2022

Friendly teacher, focused on individual learning needs. Clean facility. Good to learn the basics. Would like more time/practice on milk pouring.

Mara Etcell Mar 2022

teacher was friendly and helpful, skills were easy to learn, perfect for a coffee lover :)

Full Day Barista Basics and Latte Art Class review by Mara Etcell - Perth

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