9 Heartfelt Gifts for Your Stepdad in Australia

9 Heartfelt Gifts for Your Stepdad in Australia

By Annie Symmonds

Show your stepdad how much you care with these creative and heartfelt gifts for Dad across Australia! Whether you and your stepdad have been in each other’s life since you were little, or you don’t know him that well, these thoughtful experience gifts are sure to make him feel special. Sink your hands into soil and build a DIY terrarium together, learn how to cook a Spanish feast, bake sourdough bread as a family and so much more with these unique gift ideas he’s sure to love.

On the hunt for meaningful Father’s Day gifts? Learn how to snap memories on your smartphone with a photography course. Looking for festive Christmas gift ideas for Dad? Surprise him with a Christmas-themed BBQ cooking class. Whether you’re after gifts for Dad in Sydney, Melbourne or beyond, there are so many arts, crafts and cooking classes across Australia to try with your stepdad in 2024.

It’s not only a good way to break the ice, but you’ll also be able to enjoy spending quality time together. Keen to know more? Here are some beautiful Father's Day, Christmas and birthday gift ideas for all stepdads in Australia to explore!

Go with the flow at an acrylic pouring class

Is your stepdad an arty type? It doesn’t matter! Discover new creative outlets which don’t require either of you to take part in any of the traditional art forms, such as painting or drawing. Instead, learn the unique art of acrylic pouring together. Dad will love learning how to pour acrylic paints onto different surfaces to a stunning abstract artwork characterised by its depth and brilliance. These classes are completely beginner-friendly and perfect for your stepdad even if he hasn’t picked up a paintbush before!

What’s more, you’ll be supporting local artists and enjoy learning new skills together. Who knows – acrylic paint pouring could become a creative outlet for you both to continue doing together as a hobby.

Build a DIY terrarium

terrarium building class father and daughter

If your stepdad is the kind of guy who loves buying new plants and gets a lot of satisfaction from getting his hands dirty in the garden then he’ll love a terrarium class. Terrariums are so fun to build together, so join your stepdad for an exciting class in Brisbane, Melbourne and beyond, taught by a friendly, local teacher. 

He’ll learn how to meticulously layer each part of his terrarium and choose which succulents will work best for his unique mini-ecosystem. Terrarium classes are a fantastic opportunity to build confidence by bringing more plants into your home. Whether you’re after unique birthday gifts for Dad in Sydney, experience gifts for Dad in Adelaide or vouchers for Dad he can use later, learn new skills and bond while bringing out your creativity at a terrarium workshop near you.

Get snapping at a smartphone photography class

stepdad at a smartphone photography class

Help your stepdad get up to scratch by taking epic photos on his smartphone. If he’s always trying to capture a special moment but misses his chance, he might often ask you for help! Join him in a beginner-friendly photography class and you’ll be taken to some hidden locations in your local city and taught how to master light composition, how to use filters and so much more. 

When it comes to taking good photos with your phone, it’s worth learning from an experienced photographer!

Spanish tapas class for Dads who love to cook

Help your stepdad build his confidence in the kitchen and learn how to make mouth-watering Spanish food at a fun Spanish tapas class. In this beginner's class, he’ll learn how to make new dishes for the family at home and be surrounded by like-minded cooking enthusiasts who are looking to build more confidence. 

From delicious tapas cooking gifts for Dad in Perth to pairings with mouth-watering paella in Brisbane, learn how to cook delicious dishes from Spain (with sangria or margaritas of course!). Come along for moral support and build priceless long-lasting memories together.

Learn how to bake sourdough bread

father and son baking class

Making sourdough bread is one of the most rewarding baking hobbies you can take up, and there’s no doubt your stepdad will gain a lot of satisfaction learning how to make the perfect sourdough, which he can continue to nail when he gets back home. 

Join him and get your baking on to learn brand new baking skills you both can put into practice daily. Whether you choose to do this activity together for his birthday or Father’s Day ideas, the whole family will feel so proud when you both master the art of baking sourdough together.

Discover how to make coffee like a barista

coffee making class

Help your stepdad discover how to make the best latte like a barista pro does and take his coffee game to the next level! If he’s tired of making boring filter coffee, he’ll love learning how to make coffee better than at his local cafe.

He’ll discover how to perfect latte art and pour an exceptional coffee with the help of a true coffee aficionado. Your stepdad will be able to ask plenty of questions and will learn where to source the best coffee beans and coffee machines in his local area.

Get behind the grill at a barbecue cooking class

You can’t go wrong with a BBQ cooking class! If you’re looking for fun gifts for your stepdad, join him in a barbecue cooking class and bond together while learning loads of new tips and tricks for perfecting smoked meats. Whether you’re after birthday present ideas for Dad or Father’s Day gift ideas, he’ll love spending quality time together with you as you learn new cooking skills over an ice-cold beer.

Even if you both think you know how to use a BBQ, there are always more skills to learn. Sit back and enjoy and don’t take it too seriously – this beautiful experience gift for Dad is all about creating long-lasting fun memories together.

Play with clay at a wheel throwing class

wheel throwing clay

If your stepdad would be keen to try something completely different and isn’t afraid to get his hands a little messy then a wheel throwing class would be the perfect gift experience to try together! Guided by makers from your local pottery studio, you’ll be taken through the process of throwing on the wheel step by step, transforming a chunk of clay into a work of art! 

Wheel throwing pottery classes are also a friendly reminder to be more mindful and to not let little mistakes get the better of you — for this reason, they also make great presents for Dad if he’s been stressed lately and is in need of a break.

Get crafty at a rug tufting class

Looking for unique things to do in Australia with your stepdad? Explore your crafty sides with a tufting class and learn how to create a beautiful and personalised rug. With the guidance of skilled instructors, you'll learn the techniques of tufting and how to create intricate patterns and designs with different yarn colours. 

This hands-on class will not only result in a stunning rug but also provide a bonding opportunity as you both craft a tufted rug from the heart. Whether it's for birthday gifts for Dad from his daughter, unique Father’s Day presents, or just a special day to spend together, a rug tufting class promises a memorable and meaningful experience for you and your stepdad to cherish for years to come.

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