How to Give Mum What She Really Wants This Mother's Day

How to Give Mum What She Really Wants This Mother's Day

By Kellie Maloney

Whether Mum expresses love through a warm hug, an adventure together or a thoughtful message, working out what she values most is key to finding an experience gift she’ll adore this Mother’s Day. Rather than guessing what that might be, take our love languages quiz to find out in just a few minutes.

Which word best describes Mum?

A - Warm

B - Encouraging

C - Attentive

D - Generous

E - Helpful

Mum unwinds by…

A - Soaking up some suds in a relaxing bath

B - Listening to motivational podcasts

C - Going for a walk or doing an activity with a loved one

D - Shopping online or writing out a wishlist

E - Gardening or cooking

Mum would try a creative hobby because…

A - It makes her feel good physically

B - It’s confidence-boosting

C - She can share that hobby with others

D - She can make things to give as gifts

E - It’s practical

What’s your go-to Mother’s Day gift that makes Mum smile?

A - A pamper package

B - A sentimental, hand-written card

C - A voucher for dinner or an event

D - A bouquet of flowers

E - Breakfast in bed

You admire Mum’s…

A - Affectionate nature

B - Uplifting energy

C - Adventurous side

D - Thoughtfulness

E - Perseverance 

Mum feels most appreciated when you…

A - Give her a big cuddle and kiss on the cheek after a hard week

B - Tell her how amazing she is and how much you value her

C - Spend time together and make meaningful memories

D - Buy her a thoughtful gift for no particular occasion

E - Lend her a helping hand

The results are in! It’s time to show Mum the love with…

Mostly A’s: The affectionate Mum who loves physical touch

Mother's Day 2023

Bring it in! Mum is all about cuddling and showing affection. Treat her to a gift experience that she can really sink her hands into like wheel throwing. As the pottery wheel thrums, she’ll be able to shape and mould clay into customisable items for her home. It’s the ultimate, sensory experience for these expressive women who love all forms of physical connection.

Julia got her hands messy at a wheel throwing class with Mum and said:

“What a fun and relaxing experience my mum and I had getting our hands into organic clay and creating unique pieces. The therapeutic and sensory benefits of touching clay speak for themselves.”

Mostly B’s: The cheerleader Mum who shines with words of affirmation

Mother's Day gift ideas

As your personal, full-time cheerleader, Mum values when you return the love with reassurance and kind words. Join her at a relaxing painting class and be sure to encourage her during the experience. From textured art to paint and sip classes, there are so many unique ways that you can nurture her inner artist. As Mum paints a masterpiece with you as her number-one fan, she’ll start to feel more confident and really make her one-of-a-kind artwork shine!

Dilys and her Mum encouraged each other at a painting class and said:

“Mum and I loved this class. [It] helped my mum to feel confident in doing something for herself and exploring her creative side.”

Mostly C’s: The go-getter Mum who values quality time

Mother's Day gift experiences

Whether you’re jet-setting around the world or simply grabbing a coffee together, Mum is happiest when she’s spending time with you. Make her day and discover something new together like a tufting, mosaic or glassblowing workshop. Whether you’re shooting colourful yarn through fabric, piecing tiles together into a glimmering collage or transforming molten glass into quirky sculptures, these full-day activities mean that Mum gets an additional present—a few extra hours with you!

Jessica enjoyed the day with her Mum and daughters at a mosaic lamp making class and said: 

“The teacher was fantastic and the whole experience was magical from start to finish. I went with my mother and my two daughters and we had such a great time together!”

Mostly D’s: The thoughtful Mum who enjoys giving and receiving gifts

gifts for Mum

Finding the perfect, heartfelt present is Mum’s lifelong mission and she loves spoiling you. However, you may find that as the queen of gifts, Mum can tend to get a little fussy when it comes to the receiving part. Stick to the timeless classics with an experience like flower arranging. Surrounded by fragrant and fresh blooms or delicate dried flowers, Mum will craft her own floral art design, which she can keep or gift to someone special. Best of all? Floristry is a relaxing and rewarding hobby that’s sure to make Mum feel a sense of calm and with the skills she learns in her class, she can come back to it time and time again. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving!

Lucy and her Mum’s flower arranging skills bloomed at a floristry class, she said:

“Our teacher was warm and approachable, and brought an abundance of flowers and a wealth of knowledge. This was my mum and I’s first time flower arranging and we thoroughly enjoyed it! If you are wondering whether it will be worth it… it definitely will be.”

Mostly E’s: The pragmatic Mum who cares for you with acts of service

gift experiences for her

When you need Mum she’s there in a flash, prepared with an itemised to-do list that’s already half completed. Your mum primarily shows her love by lending a helping hand and going out of her way to support you. Appeal to her practical side this Mother’s Day with a hands-on cooking class. From al dente handmade pasta to flavoursome Japanese cooking, Mum will love learning how to prepare, cook and serve delicious dishes for the family and will appreciate having you, her helpful sous chef, along for the ride.

Trish and her daughter got hands-on at a cooking class and said:

“My daughter and I enjoyed the rustic Italian class as it was a great introduction to cooking some classic Italian food. All the ingredients were set out for us and the instructions from the chef were easy to follow. We doubt that we’ll ever purchase ready-made pasta or focaccia again!”

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