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Welcome to INFINITE ARTS STUDIO, located just 20km North of the Perth CBD in Wangara, Western Australia and run by Artistic Training Consultant Will Huntley.

Will has a background in Film Special Effects; working on such projects as Alien 4, Austin Powers 2, Wild Wild West, X-Files-the Movie, The Edge, Jingle All The Way and much more. After that he moved onto designing and creating industrial design models for Nokia, Nordic Trak and Mitsubishi.

As a professional artist and teacher, Mr. Huntley will inspire and drive you to create artworks to the best of your ability. He loves being creative and loves sharing his knowledge and helping others even more! As an experienced instructor, he is confident in his ability to teach you art processes and materials, in such a way, that you will learn to create something beautiful in only a few short hours.

Are you an aspiring artist looking for inspiration and guidance? An academic seeking out knowledge and creative solutions through unique and focused professional development workshops? A teacher looking for new and innovative ways to enhance and engage your students? Or maybe you're just someone who needs an artistic escape for a few hours?

Whatever your reason, you will find that Infinite Arts Studio is the best place to feed your artistic needs! Infinite Arts Studio is a purpose-built, creative space, where you will work alongside me and other artists, professional and amateur alike.

In this inspiring space, together, we will help you achieve your artistic potential by giving you access to years of knowledge and real-world experience through, workshops, tutorials, videos, and exclusive memberships.

Together, the possibilities are infinite!





Nic Gallardo Oct 2021

Mould Making 101 Workshop: Silicone

The silicone mould making class with Will was a great experience. Will was very clear in his communication as an instructor whilst undertaking all of the planned activities. His approachable nature ensured that I went away from the workshop with the outcomes and knowledge I needed to pursue my specific interests. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like learn more about the craft of silicone moulding in a stimulating studio environment. Great value!

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