Jade Forder, painting, drawing and paper craft and ink teacher

Jade Forder

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Hi, I am Jade, your art facilitator!

I say a facilitator rather than a teacher because I emphasise the journey you go on rather than the pressure of expecting a masterpiece at the end. I want you to find your creative spark, listen to your subconscious and create something deeply personal.

My classes aren't about copying something I have already made. I will show you new techniques and the artwork you create will be unique.

I aspire to inspire others to be creative even if they don't think they are artistic.

My motto is "There are no mistakes in art, only happy surprises". There are always ways of adding, painting over, collaging etc to enhance your art if something unexpected happens or if it isn't going how you expected.

These ways of teaching mean that these classes are perfect for beginners and up.

My classes are a safe space to experiment with what you have learnt, grow as an artist and visually express yourself in ways that might be difficult with words.

My goal is to get the word out and encourage people to use art as a stress reliever, as "me time", as a healer, as a way of having fun, as a way of being you.

My classes are to be accessible to everyone so try to use supplies you would have at home.

Who am I?
I am a self-taught mixed media artist/mum from the Blue Mountains. I make time for myself by doing my art and running my small biz. I am a biz geek! I love a spreadsheet!

Art keeps me balanced, it has helped me get through some challenging situations. I create art to let my soul know I am listening.

I discovered my love of teaching in the last 10 years, teaching art classes for kids in my home. The mums wanted in on the action so I started teaching adults about 3 years ago and it has grown from there.

I am passionate about providing the adults in my classes an experience to have some me-time guilt-free. It isn't a luxury, it is a necessity, otherwise, we would all go mad!

For the kids coming to my class, I want them to feel like it is a space to share and feel heard, a space to be themselves out of the confines of school, a place to use their imaginations and practise their creativity.





Veronica Caruana Jun 2022

Paint a Collection of Things That Make You Happy

Meaningful and fun activity that allows you to reflect while creating art. Steps are very easy to follow and allow for creative freedom. Highly recommend!

Megan Apr 2022

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Paint a Collection of Things That Make You Happy

Great fun, great videos, great idea, great teacher, great for young and old. Overall Brilliant

Painting workshop review by Megan

Amber Forder Feb 2022

Art Journalling: Word of the Year

A great class in so many ways. Jade is a natural mentor who gently guides people to create a meaningful piece of art for themselves. I had minimal tools but was still able to create a piece that I will keep to remind me of the 'word of the year' and other phrases of importance. Highly recommended! x

Mishel Robbins Feb 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended

Art Journalling: Word of the Year

Jade provides a calm and fun class. Following her prompts and guidance, an art piece emerged. My end result is a hot mess that I'm proud of. I especially enjoyed her led meditation. It has highlighted to me where I need to put more thought or practise into. I think this class would be great for anybody and everybody.

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