Last Minute Experience Gifts in Brisbane

Last Minute Experience Gifts in Brisbane

By Kellie Maloney

Spark a new passion and inspire creativity with these last-minute unique experience gifts in Brisbane! Shape clay into functional ceramics, learn how to cook on the BBQ with a beer in hand or try the viral crafting trend that is tufting. If you’re looking for great experience gifts that keep on giving, then these creative Brisbane workshops will give your special gift recipient the skills and knowledge needed to get started with a fun, new hobby.

Whether you’re buying for someone who has always wanted to try a pottery class or a friend who loves smartphone photography, you'll be sure to find the perfect present for that special person. And if you don't know what they like, you can always send them an experience gift voucher, so they can explore until they find something that catches their attention.

Ready to make wonderful memories with your loved one? Here’s a list of 11 unique things to do in Brisbane that make excellent experience gifts.

1. Sculpt ceramics at a hand building class

couple making ceramics at hand building class

Do you know someone who loves ceramics? Show them how to make their own sculpted masterpieces at hand building classes in Brisbane. In the space of a few hours, you’ll learn how to make everything from ceramic mugs to vases and even plant hangers. On the search for classy hens party ideas? Connect with your favourite girl crew with a playful clay and sip class!

2. Craft a beautiful DIY flower crown

group of women at flower crown workshop

Nothing says a girl's day out quite like a flower crown workshop. Guided by a passionate florist, your gift recipient will learn how to arrange fresh, seasonal flowers into a beautiful garland. Discover more about how to coordinate colour, contrast and texture to create a unique DIY flower crown to take home with you. If this class is something you’re looking to gift for a hens party or a baby shower, take a look at all the fabulous Brisbane activities on offer!

3. Learn travel photography

Photography is often a skill many want to learn. If you’re a keen traveller, you’ll love this travel photography class as you’ll learn how to take scenic shots. Bring along your own DSLR camera and during the class, you’ll have some practice shooting waterfalls, stars and even fireworks. At the end of the class, your professional instructor will issue you with a cheat card so you will be able to adjust your camera settings at home.

Or, try photography courses in the CBD and get familiar with night photography or even smartphone photography!

4. Get behind the BBQ

smoked meats bbq class

If your friend is both a meat-lover and beer drinker, there's simply no better experience gift than barbecue classes. With a glass of ice-cold beer in one hand and tongs in the other, your special someone will learn how to cook delicious BBQ classics such as smoked meats, glazed legs of ham and seafood. The best part? At the end of the class, they’ll get to taste all of their delicious creations!

5. Sip wine and paint an artwork

On the search for unique experience gifts for your friend who doesn’t think they’re creative? Paint and sip classes in Brisbane are the perfect place for absolute beginners to learn how to paint for the very first time. From Van Gogh’s Starry Night to Australian landscapes or even paint your pet classes, these indoor activities are a chance to get creative and get social. Guided step-by-step by a qualified artist, your gift recipient is sure to feel completely comfortable in one of these casual and fun painting sessions.

6. Make a macrame masterpiece

making a macrame plant hanger

Have a friend who’s in need of a relaxing escape? Macrame classes are one of the best things to do in Brisbane to unwind. One knot at a time, they’ll learn how to make pot hangers, wall hangings and so much more. Once they’ve learnt the basics, they’ll be confident making their own bohemian macrame masterpieces at home.

Read here to discover experience gifts in Brisbane that promote quality time.

7. Shake things up with cocktail making

Why go to a bar and buy expensive cocktails when you can learn how to make them yourself? With cocktail classes, your loved one will be able to mix, muddle and shake delicious cocktails like a margarita, a negroni or an espresso martini. Surprise your friend with the ultimate experience gift—an experienced bartender who will teach them how to make three cocktails or mocktails of their choice.

8. Learn the Japanese art of Ikebana flower arrangement

woman posing with ikebana flower arrangement

Have you ever wanted to brighten up your home with bright flower arrangements? Take things up a level with Ikebana classes. An experienced florist will teach you how to arrange flowers in the style of contemporary Ikebana. This is the perfect experience gift in Brisbane for a friend or loved one who needs some reprieve from the stresses of everyday life.

9. Make coffee like a pro barista

If your gift recipient is a coffee lover, they'll absolutely adore barista courses in Brisbane. These coffee making classes are like a dream come true, especially if you're just starting out in the tasty world of brewing coffee. They've got everything covered, from teaching you how to work a fancy coffee machine to creating beautiful latte art.

10. Dive into resin art

DIY resin cheeseboard

For those who appreciate the beauty of vibrant, glossy art pieces, resin art classes in Brisbane offer a unique and mesmerising experience. Learn the art of combining resin with pigments to create stunning, glossy finishes on canvases. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just exploring your creative side, these classes are a fantastic way to experiment with colours and textures. Unleash your imagination and take home a one-of-a-kind resin masterpiece!

11. Try the viral craft of tufting

tufting workshop Brisbane

Discover the art of tufting in Brisbane, a craft that brings texture and warmth into any space. Tufting workshops provide the opportunity to create your own plush, tactile pieces, from stylish throw pillows to cosy rugs. Guided by skilled instructors, participants can choose their colours and patterns, ensuring a personalised touch to their tufted creations. It's a delightful experience that allows individuals to craft functional and decorative items while enjoying a relaxing and creative atmosphere.

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