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Little Lonsdale, this once 'notorious' north-east corner of Melbourne, was a sight to behold in the 1850s. Its colourful past -specifically, a deep shade of harlot red- made it a magnet for the debauched, where wanton wenches and liquored-up larrikins lurched down its lamp-lit lanes.

Fast forward 141 years, and here we are. Little Lon Distilling Co. A gintrified establishment commemorating the rich history of Little Lon with a range of characterful, small-batch Melbourne gins that raise a tipple to the delightful deviates that once trod these lurid laneways.

It’s our double-distilled tribute to a hood once heaving with bordellos, bohemians, dance halls, opium dens, and gangsters and whose history is receding into the mists of time. It’s our way of keeping Little Lon’s spirit alive. Experience a true Melbourne gin masterclass and gin tasting experience in our historic CBD cottage.

Come for the gin. Stay for the stories. It's the spirit of Melbourne - now in a bottle.




Vicky Hoenger Aug 2022

Premium Gin Masterclass and Tasting

Great little place to experience some amazing gin with a delicious platter, topped with amazing history taught by a knowledgeable passionate young distiller. Well done Little Lon Distilling Co. Vicky

Deirdre Margary Jul 2022

Premium Gin Masterclass and Tasting

The venue was amazing, the history of the cottage and the area was fascinating and the teacher was very informative, friendly and helpful. Overall we had a really enjoyable experience.

Ruan Witt Jul 2022

Premium Gin Masterclass and Tasting

Fantastic class by Tara! A fun, educational, and generous gin tasting workshop - thanks for a great night! Sarah & Ruan

Megan Donsky Jun 2022

Premium Gin Masterclass and Tasting

Beautiful venue… very knowledgeable person conducting the tasting you’ve done really well. We were so sorry for a. Running late due to flights & then b. Having to rush off. Such a great little place to hang out if we had longer. Thank you.

Katie Wendt Jun 2022

Premium Gin Masterclass and Tasting

Tara our tasting guide was phenomenal, great history for this little heritage listed cottage, I’ll recommend this to all my friends.

Anna Xia Apr 2022

69 ClassBento workshops attended • 55 reviews

Premium Gin Masterclass and Tasting

Little Lon is a charming cottage distillery, the only one in the CBD. The class goes through a variety of curious characters from its rich and colourful past that each gin is named after. So fun and enjoyable. Snacking board provided with lots of gin and tonics. You’re sure to have a good time.

Premium Gin Masterclass and Tasting review by Anna Xia

Andrea Dockley Mar 2022

Premium Gin Masterclass and Tasting

Great history, Lyndon was so personable. Great tasting gins - highly recommend even if you don’t love gin (who doesn’t love gin?)

Philip Young Feb 2022

Premium Gin Masterclass and Tasting

Thoroughly enjoyed the “class” and the tastings. We now have a good understanding of the Gin industry and a little more knowledge of the process involved. The best part however was the distillery itself in the little heritage listed cottage in the middle of the city surrounded by skyscrapers. We had no idea it was there.

Vivienne Kane Sep 2021

Food and Drink Tasting class

The class and presenter were excellent. Would highly recommend to friends, and look forward to visiting Little Lon Distillery in real life.

Belinda Neville Sep 2021

Food and Drink Tasting class

Loved it Loved the history of Little Lon and the surrounding part of the city and characters. Gin was on point and enjoyed listening to the other people on the zoom.

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