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SixteenO’s Art Studio

location_on Adelaide

4.6 (70)

SixteenO’s Art Studio is an art studio situated on the edge of Adelaide’s Chinatown. With students and customers from all walks of life and backgrounds, we wish to bring people together through the fun activities that we call art.

We specialise in painting, sketching, pottery, the digital arts and many more. Whether it’s for fun, a hobby, or a future career, SixteenO’s Art Studio has something for you.


Wheel Throwing Pottery Class for Date Night

4.8 (9)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Adelaide

1 to 6

label $169 - $474

Pottery Workshop: Make Botanical Handmade Dinnerware

4.7 (37)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $65 - $69

Pottery Wheel Throwing Workshop: Marbled Clay

5.0 (4)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Adelaide

1 to 6

label $99 - $110

Hand Building Pottery Workshop

4.0 (2)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $69 - $89

Paint and Sip Class: Autumn Landscape

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $69

Hand Building Workshop: Marbled Clay

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Adelaide

1 to 25

label $79 - $99

Fluid Acrylic Bear Art Workshop

4.4 (5)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $59 - $69

Glass Painting Workshop

4.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Adelaide

1 to 25

label $59 - $68

Neon Lights Paint and Sip Class: Van Gogh

4.5 (2)

date_range 14 Jun, 12 Jul

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $59 - $69

Ceramic Painting Class: Tea / Coffee Cup and Saucer

5.0 (1)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $59 - $69

Acrylic Painting Class: Monstera

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $59 - $69

Painting Workshop: Pop Flower

date_range 8 Jun, 23 Jun

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $59 - $60

Neon Lights Paint and Sip Class - Butterfly

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $59 - $69

Neon Lights Paint and Sip Class:Magical Mushroom

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $59 - $69

Glow in the Dark Painting Workshop: Neon Jellyfish

date_range 22 Jun, 17 Aug

location_on Adelaide

1 to 25

label $65

School Holiday Pottery Class for Kids and Teens

7 to 18 years

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $69

Handmade Pottery Workshop: Make a Christmas Mug

4.4 (5)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Adelaide

1 to 20

label $69 - $79

Pottery Workshop: Make Easter Handmade Dinnerware

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $89 - $552

Mother's Day Pottery Workshop: Make Ceramic Flowers

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $79

Acrylic Bunny Painting Workshop - Easter

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Adelaide

1 to 30

label $49 - $69




Ilham Farid May 2024

Great ambience and class. The teacher was very sweet and explained well! It was a lovely experience

Christopher Soltes May 2024

The teacher was lovely and was quite skilled in the arts of pottery. Had a great experience with lots of laughs and friendly staff ️

Ellie Treloar May 2024

We had so much fun, I booked this for Mother’s Day and it was such a great present, very happy with the experience and will visit again for more classes!

Allison Cranwell May 2024

A fabulous afternoon catch up with girlfriends, laughing & chatting while playing with clay. The teachers were very helpful and can't wait ti see the end result once they have been fired.
Highly recommend this for anyone & everyone!

Ashleigh Howes May 2024

Session was ok. Main instructor was helpful. Location was easy to find. Would be interested in trying a different class

Katrina Weil May 2024

Not great with communication. Make sure to confirm your booking via the phone number. We waited about 20mins inspite of an email thread of being told to come 15mins early to set up for a hen party. They did try to compensate extra time for guests to eat but only just as they were late. Also gave us a complimentary plate and tiny bit of clay for kids to play with. So that made it okay. Customer service not so good as she did tell us off for a bottle left on the table and a few other things in exchange of deleting the review.

Leah May 2024

We loved our class! The instructor was friendly and supported us through the process of making our botanical imprinted clay pieces. The quality of the clay and glazes used was excellent, and a wide range of tools were readily available for us to use. Would love to do another class.

Trinity Nelson May 2024

Absolutely loved the class!! Great experience for Mother’s Day. We brought our own botanics for the plates and had an amazing time fiddling around with each piece to figure out what we wanted to create. Our teacher was fantastic, we were provided some guidance but not too much.

Pottery class review by Trinity Nelson - Adelaide

Samantha Cox May 2024

The ladies were lovely, it was a fun class. I would love to go back.

Book from there website not ClassBento and it will be cheaper! Sixteen is their name.

Glassblowing and Mosaic class review by Samantha Cox - Adelaide

Jules Lumbers May 2024

The class was good, but we didn’t feel welcomed at the door, weren’t offered an apron (so clothes got ruined), the colour chosen was insufficient for my bear and my friend’s bear’s ear got knocked when they were putting it on the shelf.
The room is quite crowded with 2 different classes happening at once, but we still really enjoyed the class.

Dana Lynch May 2024

Such a fun class to do. The teacher was wonderful and friendly. I would recommend this class to others.

Alessia Dimmell May 2024

Me and my mum made bowls out of marble clay and it was so much fun! Our teacher was so chill and we all had so much fun, and the final product turned out wonderful. We were provided with everything we needed and it was such a cool space to work in. I would absolutely go back and do more lessons!! :)

Cassandra Dimian May 2024

Dinh was the best teacher We thoroughly enjoyed the class, he was attentive to us and gave us practical advice and helpful advice throughout the session. Couldn’t recommend the teacher or the studio enough, definitely be coming back again

Thao Nhan Phan May 2024

The teacher was very knowledgeable: all her instructions were clear and easy to follow. The venue was clean and cosy. I liked the materials used.
I learned you need a steady composure to make a good clay pot. Yes the class is very enjoyable so good value. I like that the class is small so the teacher can always help you.

Charlie Cao May 2024

Ryan our instructor was so down to earth, friendly, patient, and had a sense of humour. It was my friend’s and I first time and would definitely recommend this to anyone, friends, couples, and family! This experience was definitely one of a kind especially having Ryan. I hope to see him soon with more activities at Sixteeth’O

Danielle Fisher May 2024

While my niece and I really enjoyed our pottery class, we experienced significant difficulty in communication during the 2 months following. We were told during our class that in approx. 4 weeks our pottery would be available for pick up and we would be notified when it was ready. After waiting this time and not receiving any communication we began to attempt to contact the studio to find out more information. On 6 seperate occasions, over 3 different platforms (phone call, text - the preferred method of communication stated on the website and Instagram DM) we attempted to contact the studio to find out when our pottery would be available for collection. However, we received no response. Finally, 2 months after our class we received an email informing us our pottery was ready for collection. Concerning, 230 email addresses were exposed when this group communication was sent out without using the blind carbon copy (bcc) function. When arriving at the studio to collect our pottery, 2 customers were also waiting. Both customers had one of their two pieces of pottery but had been waiting over 45 mins while staff desperately searched for their missing piece. One of these customers shared with me that during their class a couple came in to collect their pottery pieces and left with nothing as they were not able to be located. These experiences are echoed on their Facebook page, with customers pleading to be answered about the collection of pottery. And while a review on google shares how positive their experience has been since making an accurate (bad) review, it should not have to come to this in order to receive basic customer service. I appreciate this is a small business, however more needs to be done to improve their systems and processes to ensure a satisfactory experience for customers.

Liisa Grace-Baun Apr 2024

What a remarkable turnaround! Following my previous review, the art studio went above and beyond to rectify the situation. The staff promptly and personally delivered the missing items to me. Moreover, they generously gifted me six stunning pottery pieces, enhancing my overall experience. It's evident that they value their customers and strive for excellence. Being a new, small business, they encountered several issues with the flood of bookings, but they have gone above and beyond to amend and improve their systems. I am genuinely impressed by their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Tina and Alexis Cattley Apr 2024

Enjoyed the experience, look forward to picking up our fired pottery. It’s a great 9th wedding anniversary activity idea.

Karen Trenwith Apr 2024

Great class and we had lots of fun. Good range of paint colors and flowers to choose from.

Risa Dobashi Apr 2024

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

It was easy to access the studio as it was un the city and bear the bus stop. Quick demonstration was given by the teacher, which was clear and provided the tips for the playing. Materials were easy to use and plenty enough. Sufficient time was allowed to get on with the work.

Pottery Workshop: Make Botanical Handmade Dinnerware review by Risa Dobashi - Adelaide

Kerryl Palmer Apr 2024

Friend and family activity. Parking was hard. Room was a bit cramped. Less participants would help. Materials were good quality but for the price could have done 2 plates. Enjoyed creating.

Claire Palmer Apr 2024

A really fun session! The instructors were attentive and kind in teaching, the colour selection for underplayed was well labelled and the studio space was beautifully cared for.
Cant wait to book another workshop in there and go again

Sarah Porter Apr 2024

I think the class was great! Allowed you to be creative and get in touch with your inner artist while learning a bit about pottery and firing in the kiln

Anna Fragkoudi Apr 2024

I found the class just to be okay. It was too crowded for a small place, no paper towels were provided to dry our hands and it was difficult to have time with the instructors (there were 2) as some things were not clear during the session.

Baani Adhvaryu Apr 2024

We celebrated my partner's birthday with a few friends. The class was fun and engaging.
Would have been great if we were provided with aprons and the place was a bit more organised (they did have an emergency situation just before class so it could have been a result of that). Also, the actual neon lights experience was limited to less than 10 minutes.

Fiona Danaher Apr 2024

Gift from my daughter. Very nice teacher. Venue was good. Materials provided, to share. Made a pressed flower plate. Good value for money. Teacher came around and helped out. Xxx

Marjon Burgess Apr 2024

Very nice thing to do on a Sunday afternoon. Plenty of materials were provided. Will book again for another class

Logan Hill Apr 2024

Had an enjoyable time with my wife - the intimate class (one other couple) made it a wonderful experience. We’ll be back!

Brendan Dennis Apr 2024

I really enjoyed the class, it was fun to try something different. The staff were helpful.

Pottery class review by Brendan Dennis - Adelaide

Helen Helm Mar 2024

A very enjoyable afternoon learning pottery, I had never done anything like this before, but the instructor was so helpful, and clear in the directions.
All the materials required were at hand and I was very pleased with my results

Aimee Cummins Mar 2024

65 ClassBento workshops attended • 18 reviews

I was sent to the wrong address by this studio, who then blamed the intern for the mess up.
They appeared to not want to refund the full amount. They called ClassBento regarding this and then swiftly refunded the full amount, as it was indeed their mistake.
They contacted me a few times to ask me to take down my previous review as it “shows up in all of our studio comments”.
They offered a free gift to be sent out if I took down the review, and seeing as they had refunded me already I gave them the benefit of the doubt.
The gift never arrived, they just wanted my review gone. I will not be removing this review.

Marianna Topkas Mar 2024

This was so much fun. It was amazing to see something so simple create something so interesting. I love how it created something so unique.

Miah Thorpe Mar 2024

Our class was a lot of fun - my friend and I had a two hour session and each finished with cute clay projects! Cant wait to pick them up and see the final product after they’re fired

Tina Macpherson Mar 2024

we completed a work team building activity here. It was a great way to sit around the table, busying our hands whilst sharing stories and unhurried time together. All materials were provided for the project, but to make it a bit special some picked their own flowers so that could be the story of their finished handmade product.
how-tos was well explained and we were able to complete our project with plenty of time. I can't wait to pick up our finished works in 4 weeks' time.

Kate Bowley Mar 2024

It was for our 9 year anniversary
The teacher was amazing and patient. It was an amazing experience and I would tell others about it.

Jasmine Newman Mar 2024

We had a very pleasant experience. Well worth a couple of hours relaxing and learning something new.

Alice Kay Mar 2024

A lovely way to catch up with a friend.

The studio provides everything you need, and the teacher is helpful and nice!

my friend and I had such a nice time and it’s exciting to think, we can pick up our creations in a few weeks!

Pam Salandra Mar 2024

Was a fantastic day, both myself and my friend was impressed with the staff, the materials available and the location.

Alexandra Kosciuszko Feb 2024

I liked everything. However, the class was quite full (it maybe would have been nicer if it was a bit smaller, but it wasn't that bad). Also a bit more communication (when my dish was already painted I learned that I had to cut the edges because after baking it, they would become very hard, and might cut my skin; earlier the teacher took a piece of my dish and started modeling it, even though it was an already formed piece for something else so I had to re-do it - even though she had no bad intention).

Clare Innes Feb 2024

Was such a great experience creating our own botanical pottery. Teacher was thorough and knew what she was doing. Helped make our creations the best they possibly could be. Highly recommend if you want a little escape from the real world for just a few hours :)

Linda Bobrowski Feb 2024

The class was great. It was really well organised and the teacher was very helpful as well as her assistant. We had so much fun.

Pottery Workshop: Make Botanical Handmade Dinnerware review by Linda Bobrowski - Adelaide

Sharryn Files Feb 2024

Valentines date night
Teacher was lovely but, didn’t ask what we wanted and did what she thought was best! We wanted the lip on the base but she scraped it off!
Venue was too small.
Material ok, spinning machine broke down, hairdryers got stuck
Pottery wheel and how it works
Bit too pricey but ok!
Value for money? Not really
The wheel for us! Getting our hands moist

Diana Stouraitis Feb 2024

Great teacher and a really fun process. We did this for Valentine’s Day. Very excited to pick up our work in a few week’s time!

Belinda Robinson Feb 2024

Wonderful experience and great fun, I highly recommend taking a class with a loved one

Miho Kongoji Feb 2024

It was a present for his birthday. The venue was conveniently located and there was plenty of work space. We made a cup with a marble pattern. The process of making it was delicate and difficult, but it was a wonderful time. She revised our work over and over again and taught us how to do it. Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Sally Brezzo Feb 2024

I loved the whole experience. The Teacher was so supportive and helpful. the venue was excellent and I would love to do more workshops.

Lisa Feb 2024

Christmas gift for my mum, teachers were good help.

It was a good few hours even if we are not very artistic

Lauren Manzie Jan 2024

Great class! Good with instructions and giving us great examples to be creative with our designs :)

Belinda Bowring Jan 2024

I have no pottery experience but it didn’t matter, the teachers are so helpful and managed to spend time with each of us making sure we got the most out of our session. Highly recommend this class and definitely good value for money, it was a relaxed afternoon !

Joanne Harrison Jan 2024

I did this class with family and friends, including my 3 nieces aged 10 to 12. Some had lots of experience, and some (like me) had no experience at all. It was really good fun and everyone enjoyed it.

Jase Yet Jan 2024

Nice and friendly teacher. We spent a bit overtime but the teacher waited for us to finish patiently. Cute atmosphere. Great activity and experience to go along with friends.

Faye Jan 2024

Enjoyable class - made a mug for myself which was achievable as a complete beginner. The instructor was helpful but was a bit distractable. Organising to get the completed mugs back has been quite tricky though!

Good class even as a complete craft beginner!

Chi Ho Tam Jan 2024

Teacher Ju is awesome! She is very talented in Pottery and patience with us at all time.

Katrina Psarakis Jan 2024

Very patient teacher and very informative. Lots of fun and relaxed environment. Would try another class

Tara Parker Jan 2024

Our teacher was fantastic helping us lots! We had a night of fun, would recommend to a friend

Pottery class review by Tara Parker - Adelaide

Sarah Byrnes Jan 2024

lovely creative space to slow down & make something with friendly experienced guidance on hand Thankyou

Anita Belperio Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teachers was very helpful and friendly. It was such a relaxing experience and left feeling very calm. Only downfall is parking. Very difficult in finding a car park nearby

Juliet Kratzer Jan 2024

Really enjoyed making my plate. As a first timer, I’m happy with what I made. Teacher was helpful and friendly. All tools needed were on hand. Looking forward to picking up my finished plate. I recommend having an idea of what you want to make before you arrive.

Pottery class review by Juliet Kratzer - Adelaide

Mikaela Georgiadis Jan 2024

My daughter and I attended a class and had the most wonderful time. The instructors were so friendly and helpful as were the other attendees. We just l loved making our plates and can’t wait to come back again and do more. Definitely recommend this activity!

Ryan Scrimshaw Dec 2023

A lovely surprise date that my partner loved. Had a great time and the teacher was very kind and helpful

Bel Dec 2023

Had lots of fun & looking forward to collecting my finished bear & canvas. Will definitely do it again with friends.

Sharon Fish Dec 2023

We had a great time. Providing aprons would probably be an improvement.
My daughter & I really enjoyed our time

Rose Hooker Dec 2023

Great way to spend an afternoon.
Lots of fun and also very relaxing.
100% recommend

Tamara Whan Dec 2023

The Class was lovely, the teacher was helpful and because it was only the two of us they let us be creative outside of the class theme to really enjoy and have fun at the class.
Due to another class at the same time we were a little behind schedule but the teachers were very paitent with us and made sure we were complete.
Thank you very much.

Shelley Heard Dec 2023

My teacher was very nice, concise and clear in his instruction. I would recommend this class to anyone. The finished product looked great.

Brooke Sivendra Dec 2023

I recently attended the Christmas mug pottery class and we loved it! The teacher was great and very patient as we made our mugs and we had a lot of fun. I’d definitely recommend and will be looking at the other classes they offer.

Olivia Lange Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The support was wonderful. The teacher was kind and personable and her team was very attentive.

Rafha Dec 2023

The teachers and experience overall was lovely, I had a lot of fun. Would recommend!

Maryam Abdussalaam Dec 2023

The teacher was great and lovely, her explanation was easy to understand and follow. All equipments were provided. Learned how to blend in the clays, and how to roll them properly.

Pottery Workshop: Make Botanical Handmade Dinnerware review by Maryam Abdussalaam - Adelaide

Fiona Broadbent Oct 2023

35 ClassBento workshops attended • 35 reviews

The studio is beautiful. All the natural lighting. The teacher is very knowledgeable. She has a warm personality. She was patient and had her attention on us. It’s amazing how the process works. As a beginner the guidance8&&is

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