Sparkling Wine Tasting with Seafood

Indulge in sparkling wine and seafood at this unique Shoalhaven experience

Tractorless Vineyard
Tractorless Vineyard
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2 hours Experience size 5 to 25

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Discover the fascinating world of sparkling wine production and explore different styles, all while enjoying a live demonstration and tasting at this Vincentia experience.

Join Tractorless winemaker Jeff as he takes you on a journey through the art of producing sparkling wine. Learn about the techniques and methods used to create those delightful bubbles that make sparkling wine so special. Gain a deeper understanding of the various styles of sparkling wine, from crisp and dry to lively and fruity.

During the experience, you'll have the opportunity to taste a selection of sparkling wines, each carefully paired with delicious local seafood. Savour the flavours as you sip on the perfectly matched wines, enhancing your culinary experience with every bite.

At the end of this wine tasting experience, return home with a newfound appreciation for sparkling wines and insider knowledge that you can share with friends and family.

Knowledge required
Beginners welcome.
What you'll get
Tastings of sparkling wine with local seafood.
What to bring
An appetite for good food and wine!

153 Elizabeth Dr, Vincentia NSW

Sparkling Wine Tasting with Seafood location
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Tractorless Vineyard
Tractorless Vineyard

Instagram followers5k
Facebook likes4.3 stars (96+)

Towards a TRACTORLESS VINEYARD embraces a combination of old world knowledge and skills with new world techniques all guided by Biodynamic principles. The aim is to reduce our resource use by the integration of natural farming systems in our vineyards to provide a more long term sustainably balanced and diverse farming system that can continue to produce award winning wines.

The premium cool climate Southern Highlands is the closest wine region to Sydney, Australia’s largest population centre. While the Southern Highlands wineries have some of the lowest WINE MILES for any Sydney based wine enthusiast, Working together with the local community and other farmers in the Southern Highlands Jeff Aston is leading the regions charge into a more sustainable long term wine industry.

Embracing a combination of Biodynamic techniques coupled with the integration of animal systems in vineyards, we hope to take our wines and some of the regions other vineyards into another level of long term sustainability and increasing wine quality.

Some of the best known wine producers in France and throughout Europe have been long term, or have converted, to Biodynamic viticulture and winemaking techniques and methods to sustain grape quality in order to produce some the highest rated wines in the world We have found when most growers are given the opportunity, knowledge and skills to produce a crop in a more environmentally friendly way, they will embrace it with vigour.

Our new project TOWARDS A TRACTORLESS VINEYARD involves the integration of intensive cell grazing of sheep in the growing season to reduce the resource and time hungry vineyard tasks such as weed control and mid row management and at the same time produce 100% grass feed lamb

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