Why You Should Try Mobile Classes for Team Building in Melbourne

Why You Should Try Mobile Classes for Team Building in Melbourne

Sarah Hinds-Friedl

This year, mobile classes are making everyone’s list of top 10 things to do in Melbourne. That’s because you can get the quality of a formal class in the location you want. Have the best cocktail making classes in Melbourne, painting, perfume blending, and ceramics teachers come to your home or office space to lead a fun and engaging class for a group of your closest friends, family, or coworkers.

Why are mobile classes so popular for corporate team building?

Everyone is looking for the best way to give back to their employees and build a better workplace. Mobile classes are a wonderful way to do that, and as it turns out, there are actually tangible benefits to providing your employees with a little creative relief. Reputable organisations like the Black Dog Institute, Safe Work Australia, and Beyond Blue have all suggested that self care and mental wellness in the workplace can improve employee retention, boost productivity and create a general sense of happiness in the office.

ClassBento mobile classes go far beyond simply putting people together in a room and hoping that they’ll mingle and bond. With a shared goal in mind, a supportive and passionate instructor, and the chance to learn something new, you’ll watch your team connect and grow together, all while having a great time.

For a fun work break during the day, you might organise a mobile art class so that your team has the chance to destress with ceramics or a mosaic workshop. Or, for an after hours group bonding activity, you might schedule a professional mixologist to come to the workplace to teach your team how to create the perfect cocktail in a fun cocktail making class. You can be sure that the group of coworkers that become mixologists together, will enjoy working together more after this hands on mobile class.

Mobile classes are a great option for corporate teams because they can happen right in the workplace. That’s crucial decision factor for the employees on your team who may not be able to commute to a different location in order to attend a class. If you want to schedule your team building class during the day, you won’t lose valuable productivity time in the commute or have to reimburse their travel expenses – your employees can simply walk over to the conference room, enjoy the class, and then head back to their desks.

If your business has been looking for creative ways to utilise large spaces in the office such as meeting rooms or even larger halls, a mobile class is a good way to bring the team together and use that space for some quality bonding time. Most of the mobile classes ClassBento offers can accommodate groups between 10 to 40 people, or even as high as 70 people in one particular mobile cocktail making class in Melbourne.

Mobile classes are great for other occasions too!

If you’re looking for unique activities for an upcoming birthday, retirement party, graduation celebration, hen’s party, bridal shower, or other group activity, a mobile class is the perfect solution.

These classes are specifically designed to be accessible for everyone, absolutely enjoyable, and totally relaxing. Whatever class you choose, you’ll learn from an experienced instructor who will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Your group will have helpful instruction and one-on-one guidance, but each class is designed to be casual enough that you’ll be able to chat, laugh, and relax with your friends and loved ones. It’s the perfect balance of learning and simply enjoying time with your group.

And, the best part? It all takes place in the comfort of your own home or the venue of your choice. Your mobile class teacher will come to you at the time of your party, with all of the materials for the class in hand. That way, all you have to do is get your list of guests together and enjoy the workshop!

There are plenty of mobile classes available for you to choose from. For a more artistically-minded group, you might organise a fun mobile acrylic pouring class, or a mobile group paint and sip class. Or, for even more of a boozy option, go for a tasty mobile cocktail making class. Looking for something even more unique and out of the box? Try a mobile flower crown and cocktail making workshop or a mobile perfume blending class.


Sign up for a mobile class today!

For a fun time without ever having to leave the house or office, you sign up for a mobile class with ClassBento. Take a look at our long list of options and get in touch with one of our experienced mobile class instructors in Melbourne to set up your next mobile class party. All classes are designed for groups of different sizes so whether you’ve got 10 participants, or 70, you’ll find a class that is perfect for your party!


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