5 Dad-Approved Gifts That Will Ignite His Creativity

5 Dad-Approved Gifts That Will Ignite His Creativity

By Kellie Maloney

We’ve taken the guesswork out of gifting this Father’s Day by going straight to the source. Presenting 5 Dad-approved gift experiences that are guaranteed to ignite new passions and spark his creativity. The best part? You can join in on the fun too!

If Dad loves to tinker…

Dad George and his son at a welding workshop

Mask up for a practical welding workshop! Designed for shed-dwelling fathers, welding is the perfect activity to upskill and spark his creativity at the same time.

He’ll get hands-on practice fusing metal as well as the lowdown on what to consider when buying his own machine. Hello, home DIY projects! There are also a range of other metalwork classes he could try, from forging his own blade at a blacksmithing class to shaping and soldering a silver ring.

George’s stamp of approval

“I came away having learnt and more importantly proven to myself that I can weld at a sufficient standard for the jobs around the house that I want to take on. I did the course with my son and we both enjoyed the experience and the fact that we could do it together.”

If Dad needs a push to try something new…

Laine and her Dad at a glassblowing class

Gift him the chance to play with fire at a glassblowing workshop. Within moments of flicking on his flaming torch, Dad will be mesmerised by the process of melting and shaping molten glass.

Glassblowing is all about enjoying the process and embracing imperfection, so even if Dad isn’t the most crafty person out there he’ll have a blast!

Laine and her Dad’s stamp of approval

“My Dad is not big on arts and crafts so he was a little sceptical to try out glass blowing, but he loved it. We had no idea how fun and mesmerising it would be to melt, shape and blow glass; we are honestly still talking about it weeks later. 

We came away with some pretty whacky glass sculptures (my Mum is still questioning what they are) and some of my favourite memories together too.”

If Dad needs a creative escape…

Dad Rob and his daughter at a mosaic class

Take him on a Turkish getaway where he’ll experience the mindful benefits of making a Turkish mosaic lamp while nibbling on homemade treats. Perfect if Dad needs to take some time out, Turkish mosaic lamp making will give him the opportunity to express his individuality in one rejuvenating class.

Using his choice of colourful tesserae tiles and easy-to-follow templates, Dad will piece together an original mosaic design that might even surprise him — now that’s what we call a souvenir!

Rob’s stamp of approval

“My daughters and I regularly go on Dad and Daughter dates and this was a memorable and enjoyable one. I am not an artistic person but I found a lot of inspiration hanging around us and with clear guidance from the lovely staff we were able to produce a masterpiece.

No matter your ability, this course is for those looking to do something different and you leave with a lovely tangible reminder of the experience.”

If Dad loves being out in nature…

Alix and her Dad at a Kokedama class

He’ll love sinking his hands into some dirt at a Kokedama class. Surrounded by greenery, Dad will choose leafy plants to wrap, bind and hang using moss and twine.

As well as gaining more practical knowledge of plants and how to care for his newly wrapped Kokedama, Dad will also embrace his patient side and come to understand the beauty of imperfection in nature. Plus they’re so easy to make anyone can do it (yes, even your Dad!)

Alix and her Dad’s stamp of approval 

“We had a really fun morning with Chet at the kokedama class! It was easy enough for anyone but still took a bit of elbow grease, and we left with some beautiful keepsakes and a new skill. Huge thanks from my dad and I”

If Dad is the family’s home barista…

Dad Callan with his daughter at a barista workshop

Level up his coffee making confidence at a barista course. Stepping behind the espresso machine, Dad will get the inside scoop on what coffee beans to buy, learn how to brew a perfect, soul-warming cappuccino and add more flair to his latte hearts. 

Espresso how much you love Dad with coffee making and allow his inner barista to shine this Father’s Day!

Callan’s stamp of approval

“This class was awesome. I did the class with my daughter and we had a great time. I feel like we came out with the skills and knowledge to start on our journey to make the perfect cup of coffee. Would definitely recommend.”

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