Art Kintsugi Workshop

Learn the mindful Japanese art of Kintsugi- golden ceramic joinery

3.5 hours Class size 1 to 3 (public classes), 1 to 4

label $130 - $155 (or 4 payments of $32.50 - $38.75 Afterpay)
($155 per guest when you book for 1 guest, $130 for 2+ guests)

This is a private (one to 4 people) workshop to learn the fundamental of Art Kintsugi method, in a creative art studio in a private Potts Point studio or your appointed location in Sydney.

If you would like to book this class as gift and not ready to pick a workshop day, we can leave the date open (TBC) and discusss later.

Kintsugi - the golden ceramic joinery workshop is tailored to appreciate the ancient Japanese art and craft and create your own Kintsugi art in a relaxed private art studio or comfort of your own place.

In this three and a half hour, step by step hands-on workshop, you will learn the Art Kintsugi method, following the principle of ancient Kintsugi but utilising more accessible alternative materials which enable us to complete the process within the class.

The process includes the repair of damaged pieces (broken, cracked, missing fragments), preparation of the surface, and then a decorative finish with Japanese lacquer and gold (brass) powder.

At the end of the relaxing class, you will take home a Kintsugi art piece you create.

Location options:

  • Potts Point private studio
  • Your choice of location

Please note:
  • Tailored private workshops of one to 10 people are available on request. Please get in contact with us.
  • This workshop is not suitable if you are pregnant.
  • Attendees must be over 18 years old.
  • Workshop is approximately three and a half hours.
  • COVID19 rule: please kindly be advised that we will keep us safe and clean, and appreciate guests to be vaccinated and follow the safety rules.

What is Kintsugi?
Kintsugi is the century-old Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with Japanese lacquer (Urushi) dusted with powdered gold giving a new life to when otherwise items would be thrown away. In recent years this craftsmanship has been regarded as an important traditional art to influence on Modern art around the world.

Kintsugi express Wabi-Sabi philosophy, an embracing of imperfection, whilst appreciating artefact’s history and personal memories. Instead of disguising the damages and bringing them to the original state, Kintsugi emphasises the defects with gold, symbolises life.

Kintsugi art dates back to the 14th century when Tea ceremony began to spread in Japan to repair the precious tea sets. The technique has developed and changed since. It is said that archaeologist claimed there is evidence of earthenware during the Jomon period (14, 000 to 300 BCE) in Japan were repaired using the lacquer.

Knowledge required
Perfect for beginners. Suitable for anyone over 18 years old. Not recommended if you are pregnant (due to resin glue).
What you'll get
  • All materials will be provided (we will prepare a ceramic item for you to repair).
  • A completed Kintsugi artwork.
What to bring
  • Please wear something comfortable that can get dusty.
  • Glasses (for details work) if you normally wear them.

Art Kintsugi Sydney adheres to COVID-19 government guidelines.

See additional precautions taken   

In-person class is currently private session only. (one person or two)
As well as face masks and hand sanitizer, use of custom safe guard screen (which won't affect conducting the class) is available to use.

Your teacher can travel within 10 kms of Potts Point

Your teacher
Art Kintsugi Sydney
Art Kintsugi Sydney

Kintsugi teachers

5.0 (275)

Yoko Kawada
Designer/maker of homeware products including tile art of SQUARE+ROUND Basin, MONO Tray and collaboration work of Kintsugi with international artists and artisan.
I studied interior design in London late 1990 and established solo trade business as Yoko Kawada in 2016.
My design is influenced by multiple countries I have been in the past searching materials and creative process both in traditional way and with technology.
I started to practice Kintsugi a few years ago in Japan to incorporate its unique nature of the Japanese traditional craft into my design.
I run Kintsugi workshops to share the joy of learning this Japanese craft full of surprises and contradictions.


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Verified reviews

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Helen Mihelic Mar 2022

Thank you Yoko for a wonderful afternoon. I really enjoyed it and learned heaps. Really appreciated all your thorough instructions and calm delivery. Can’t wait to see what our cups look like in 5 days!

Gabi McInerheney Mar 2022

Yoko was amazing guiding me step by step through her kintsugi work shop, all materials included. I am totally addicted now and will keep doing this beautiful Japanese craft . Thank you Yoko xx

Art Kintsugi Workshop review by Gabi McInerheney

Nicholas Whitehurst-Tepper Jan 2022

Yoko was so warm and inviting, the class was enlightening and calming, and I loved that we actually got to learn about the art and methods of Kintsugi with the intention to apply what we'd learnt to our own projects beyond the classroom. Excellent value for money - highly recommend!

Cella Jusuf Jan 2022

Very unique art and Yoko was a great instructor - friendly, organised and responsive to messages. The class was efficient but not rushed, very fun and teaches skills for future personal projects. Highly recommend :)

Pottery workshop review by Cella Jusuf

Wenwen Wang Aug 2021

Yoko San is such a nice person with sweet and thoughtful heart. My mum and I attended online workshop this afternoon and we had a wonderful experience with Yoko San. Yoko San provides all the materials we need and explained the procedures in details. She also introduced the history of Kintsugi. After the workshop, we not only know how to repair and decorate broken things from pieces to arts step by step, we also know about the traditional culture of Kintsugi.

Pottery workshop review by Wenwen Wang

Brendan Smith Jun 2021

Yoko is a masterful teacher.
This is a wonderful workshop where technique and philosophy meet.
Process and participation are carefully articulated and discussed.
Hands-on work is skillfully encouraged and a beautiful outcome is achieved.
Highly recommended.

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Maria Li Jun 2021

We enjoyed spending the morning with Yoko. She is a great teacher and a true artist at heart. She had all the materials preprepared and at the end of the class we took home a beautiful piece of artwork.

Alison McLean May 2021

Yoko was a fantastic teacher and the class was thoroughly enjoyable. She was well organised and explained everything clearly. I would highly recommend this class!

Nikki Gonda May 2021

I took my partner for his 34th birthday and we loved this experience learning about the art of Kintsugi. Yoko is a great teacher, and the 3 hours just flew by Im so excited to break something and then fix it haha!

Debra Wing May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Yoko is a very gentle person ,teaching the Gentle art of Kintsugi . The workshop was
Delicate and relaxing .
The only negative was the Punk Band playing terrible music next door !

Rachael Atkinson May 2021

I wanted a private class so I could really understand the technical side of repairs and be confident to take my skills home and apply them to a precious piece of broken ceramic. Yoko was very professional and had set out all the equipment for the both of us in her small studio space. She also provided a drink, biscuits and a sweet which I found thoughtful. Yoko began by clarifying the difference between traditional Kintsugi and Art Kintsugi and then provided a brief history of the ancient original craft which was often used to repair items from a Tea Ceremony. The modern method uses items easily obtained from hardware stores and Yoko can also supply small packs of key items or a full pack of everything you need if you wish to continue the craft at home. The Repair process took 2 hours and required a high level of focus and good eyesight. I wear contact lenses but was grateful for the additional light reading glasses I threw in my bag that morning. Art Kintsugi is detailed and delicate work and I am so glad I have been able to learn this skill, albeit very much a beginner. The 3rd hour was the application of the lacquer and gold dust which also required a fine touch. The final product that you take home then has to cure for 5 days before you brush off the loose gold powder and see the final result. I noted some areas of the repair which had minor faults which showed me how to improve on my next attempt. I thoroughly enjoyed this three hour workshop and the conversation with Yoko as well as have an opportunity to see privately commissioned repairs she was working on in the studio. A beautiful craft from a talented and interesting artisan.

Sharmani McCaul May 2021

I loved this class! My sister and I look forward to using our new skills! Teacher was beautiful

Pottery workshop review by Sharmani McCaul

Elizabeth Rosewall Apr 2021

Yoko is a brilliant teacher and doing the Kintsugi workshop with her privately was a highlight. The studio was a great space to work in. All materials were provided and I highly recommend!

Asma Apr 2021

Amazing experience and learning! Yoko was very thorough explaining the process and the history behind it.
Highly recommend, its fun and time flies by in her company. Now patiently waiting for my art piece to be ready for display.

Pottery workshop review by Asma

Stephanie La Apr 2021

We had a lovely morning with Yoko learning the art of kintsugi. She explained everything very clearly and we took home our very own kintsugi plate. Hopefully we’ll be back to mend some other broken pieces in the future!

Abigail Lindig Apr 2021

Our class was fantastic! The studio was a nice space and Yoko was waiting for us out the front when we arrived. After touring the studios we started our class and had such a good time! Yoko was very knowledgeable and encouraging. She was helpful when we needed her assistance but gave us time to go at our own pace and enjoy creating.

Sam Ezra Apr 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Such a wonderful experience. Yoko was warm and engaging - providing the perfect amount of history while teaching us in a way we could replicate. The studio was lively and inspired creativity. Kintsugi is a fantastic art form - way more detailed than I understood but early to learn in this setting. Definitely recommend

Helen Mar 2021

I thought the teacher could not have been better creating a delightful environment. I loved learning what I did learn and am looking forward to seeing what I created when it is cured.

Lucy Greenwood Mar 2021

Thank you for a delightful evening workshop. Relaxing, informative and fun.
A friendly and very knowledgeable teacher.
Super well organised and everything prepared in advance perfectly.
Loved it
I look forward to seeing how my masterpiece turns out.

Bobby Digital Mar 2021

Yoko was absolutely wonderful! Very knowledgable and very patient with us. She was really clear in her instructions and very generous with her expertise. We havent stopped raving about our kintsugi class. Would totally recommend this to anyone intetested in the class.

Devon Silver Feb 2021

This was the most wonderful experience. Yoko was a lovely teacher and made it a relaxing and enjoyable time.
The products we used were great and ended up with a lovely plate at the end.

Samantha Evans Feb 2021

This was such an enjoyable class and a novel way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Yoko was very knowledgeable and patient in her instruction. She remained so attentive to us in all 3hrs of the class! We would definitely recommend this class for anyone wanting to explore Kintsugi (and happy to listen to some live music playing in another studio at the same time - 2 for 1:D)

Pottery workshop review by Samantha Evans Sydney

Alison Lindsay Feb 2021

We had such a great time with Yoko learning about traditional kintsugi while also doing our own art kintsugi with materials we could find at Bunnings. I bought it as a birthday present for my fiancé and he loved it. The plate we repaired was really beautiful, so I can't wait to see what the end product looks like in a few days. I'm strangely excited for the next time we break a plate, so that we can use our new skills to create something beautiful.

Art Kintsugi Workshop review by Alison Lindsay Sydney

Amanda Lin Feb 2021

Had a wonderful time doing kintsugi with two friends for a small bachelorette event. Yoko was very accommodating with the time and was very peaceful to learn from. We now have little treasures to remember the day from.

Lisa Hilton Feb 2021

Absolutely loved the teacher and the space. 100% recommend. Beautiful art too. Thanks so much

Kaye Morehen Feb 2021

We had such a lovely time with Yoko! Kintsugi is a beautiful art and she gives a great introduction. She has a wonderful design aesthetic and is so easy to talk to and learn from. Highly recommend her classes!

Jana Pokorny Jan 2021

Yoko was a wonderful teacher. She was happy for me to bring in my own broken ceramic item, so not only did I learn what goes into the art of Kintsugi, but now have my lovely item restored with new life. It was fascinating to watch Yoko's steady hand as she demonstrated the technique, then fun to put my hand to it. In all it was a lovely experience. The location was easy to get to and parking was on the premises. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested.
Thank you Yoko :)

Chris Blume Jan 2021

Thankyou Yoko for a wonderful am-fab ideas,tips,materials & conversation-love my creation-Chris

Sally Gunawan Jan 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I've always wanted to try kintsugi and Yoko is the perfect teacher to introduce me. She's very knowledgeable, passionate, patient, and all around helpful. Made me fall in love with kintsugi even more. Would recommend!

Crystal Ku Jan 2021

Lovely class and lovely teacher. Would definitely do the class again. The time flew by and we're all so pleased with the pieces we created. Exciting to learn a new skill too.

Alison Monet Nov 2020

Love Love Loved this class of Kintsugi!
Yoko our teacher and an artist herself is awesome. She easily guided us through the steps to finish a plate and provide us knowledge on the history of the Art.
I went with my daughter, a lovely way to spend the early evening, we both look forward to continue Kintsugi at home on a few broken plates/vases.
Thanks Koko, it was an amazing class! and I highly recommend.
Alison & Simone

Pottery workshop review by Alison Monet Sydney

Sophie Meyrick Nov 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

What a great class! Yoko was so fantastic and I learnt so much. I loved the piece I “fixed”. Everything was there, ready for me to work on. And Yoko guided me through every stage. I learnt a lot and it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Nadine Richardson Nov 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great teacher and workshop. Love my kintsugi plate and the philosophy too. Thank you Yoko.

Art Kintsugi Workshop review by Nadine Richardson

Monica Lu Oct 2020

The art kingtsugi class taught by Yoko Sensei was amazing, she is super friendly and helpful. The private class of 5 was held at the lovely Potts Point with beautiful view of the city sky line. All material was provided, you get to take away your work and class outline with a list of the steps and materials list so if you want to practice at home in her at home online class, you can. She even prepared refreshments of Japanese biscuits and lollie. It was great value for money, I would do it again!

Art Kintsugi Workshop review by Monica Lu

Sophia Ye Sep 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Such a superb workshop! Yoko was super organised, had great attention to detail and was a lovely teacher. She is super experienced and ran the workshop so smoothly. Would highly recommend!

Kate Kofod Sep 2020

This was an amazing course! Yoko was a great teacher, taking us through each part of the process with some history learnt along the way. Yoko was very patient and had a great balance of helping and assisting different skill levels in the class. Thanks so much for a wonderful afternoon learning this beautiful art!

Vivian Le Sep 2020

We had so much fun - it was so relaxing. Thank you for having us Yoko :)

Will Manovel Sep 2020

Yoko is a patient friendly & helpful teacher; quiet and peaceful workspace, sipping green tea and chatting about Japanese art & music; then taking the finished piece home is very rewarding. I really enjoyed the whole experience, and it was a wonderful gift from a friend. Thank you.

Ashley May 2020

Yoko was a great teacher who explained Art Kintsugi and its whole process well! She was very helpful and encouraging.

Highly recommended!

Pottery workshop review by Ashley

Iris Chan May 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Kintsugi is an amazing art. Yoko is a fantastic and creative teacher. She is so patient, organised and informative. Her workshop is well set up and equipped. She demonstrated each process very well.

Art Kintsugi Workshop review by Iris Chan

Pamela Yeo Apr 2020

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Yoko is such a lovely and friendly instructor. She is also very patient and accomodating when it came to organizing the ideal time for the private class. During the class, she gave a detailed introduction of Kintsugi and even provided us with several treats from Japan. She was guiding us every step of the way and best of all, she didn't rush us throughout the process. My friend and I really enjoyed ourselves! Thanks Yoko!

Art Kintsugi Workshop review by Pamela Yeo

Louise Dungate Jan 2020

Fantastic class. Yoko was an excellent teacher who patiently and expertly took me through the steps of kintsugi. The materials were well prepared and easy to use. Venue was handy. Delicious refreshments offered throughout the class. Yoko gave historical background to the process as well as many ideas about how I could use my new skill on different ceramics. Would highly recommend this class.

Pottery workshop review by Louise Dungate

Y A Dec 2019

We had a wonderful time learning kintsugi from Yoko san. She is a very good teacher, responding to any sort of question or technical matter quickly.

The class was done privately so that we were able to relax more at her studio. Her class is well organised, very enjoyable.
We respect her artistic personality, that’s the reason why we chose to learn from her. Not only did she teach us the physical techniques, but also the history and culture behind kintsugi. She also introduced us to different types and techniques which leads to more creative ideas.

We are grateful that Yoko san generously shared her precious knowledge and kintsugi skills with us.

r & y

Angela Lykousis Nov 2019

I was lucky to spend my birthday working alongside Yoko, and learning this incredible art on a one on one basis. It taught me quiet patience, perseverance, and was a wonderful exercise in mindfulness.

Pottery workshop review by Angela Lykousis Sydney

Jane McCarthy Nov 2019

The Kintsugi class with Yoko was fabulous. The venue was great - plenty of space, all required materials and equipment was provided and the class was incredibly well organised and beautifully presented. Yoko is clearly very skilled and was very generous in sharing her skills and knowledge. It was a very enjoyable morning and I took home a beautiful creation. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who enjoys beautiful things.

Ryan Wherrett Sep 2020

Super fun! Very relaxing and interesting experience. Yoko was a great teacher and helped us create something that we will all cherish. Would highly recommend.

Caroline Kim Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Yoko is a lovely and patient teacher. All the materials were ready and beautifully presented when we arrived and had a great time learning kingsugi. I highly recommend this class, and I look forward to doing more elaborate pieces next time!

Stephanie Nguyen Aug 2020

Yoko was a wonderful teacher and created such a lovely and relaxing atmosphere for us to learn the art of kintsugi.

Tatjana Coluzzi Jul 2020

Our teacher was fantastic very descriptive patient and all over lovely. The class was calm and knowledgeable great

Kintsugi Workshop: Mindful Evening Practice review by Tatjana Coluzzi

Giordana Brewerton Jul 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I love the creative space Yoko works from. She is a very good teacher and I was very happy with the amount I learnt and the finished product.
I will be buying her gorgeous hand made brushes so I can continue this art from home.
The money spent was worth what I got to learn today

Annette Murphy Jun 2019

Yoko san was a wonderful, patient teacher who is very knowledgeable about Kintsugi. She provided all the materials required and I left with a lovely piece.
I will definitely be practicing Kintsugi again as a result of this workshop.

Linda Hattersley Apr 2019

We had a great day and were really pleased with our creations. The teachers were very knowledgeable!

Kintsugi Workshop: Mindful Evening Practice review by Linda Hattersley Sydney

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