Blair Zhang

Blair Zhang

Watercolour illustrator

Blair Zhang, painting teacher
4.9 (83)



I've been drawing since when I was a kid, I picked up watercolour as I really like the visuals you can achieve with that medium.

I taught some art workshops while I was in uni, and later continued it part-time. But I was passionate enough that I switched over to do this full time.

I draw in my diaries as a creative way to record my daily life and memories.

I particularly love drawing food (I just love food too much) and still life.

I find watercolour painting to be a very therapeutic hobby.

Hope to see you at one of my future classes!




Rosa Bonilla

Botanical Watercolour Painting

I really enjoyed this class and i hope to attend face to face sessions soon.

Botanical Watercolour Painting review by Rosa Bonilla Sydney

Natasha Ratnasingham

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay

Had a great time! Blair was patient, explained things well and demonstrated some lovely and effective techniques, which I was able to practise after the class. Very happy with my little creations!

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay review by Natasha Ratnasingham Sydney

Katrina Sonneveld

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay

This was so much fun and not as difficult as I thought it like be, thanks to Blair’s instruction and feedback!

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay review by Katrina Sonneveld

Nikki Ferguson

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay

Very enjoyable class! Blair is a great teacher and everything was explained clearly, and was easy to follow. Pace was great, and there was plenty of scope to continue to experiment and explore after the class. Highly recommend

Pottery workshop review by Nikki Ferguson Sydney

Ang Bolding

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay

This was a great class. Well explained, clear instructions and all materials needed to complete the miniature succulents. I enjoyed doing this class via zoom with my daughter also attending. After the class we face timed and made more succulents together. Lovely morning and afternoon.

Pottery workshop review by Ang Bolding

Amanda Holford

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay

Blair was excellent, and the polymer succulents are very cute. The perfect isolation craft class.

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay review by Amanda Holford Sydney


Beginner Watercolour Painting Course

Blair was very nice. I think the class would be even better if we had more interaction with a step-by-step check on our work as well to maybe point out what we're doing wrong or doing right. Otherwise it would be a bit like watching a YouTube video.

Painting workshop review by Alice

Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay

This online class was so fun. The box of supplies came quickly and had almost everything I needed for the course, just needed some basic household items (spoon and cling film) that I already had. Blair was a wonderful teacher, she did a great job explaining and showing details on the camera. The kit came with enough materials to make at least 9 small succulents pots (for my first one I made a small garden with three plants). I’m planning to turn mine into magnets and brooches. I highly recommend this class! Would make a great gift, too.

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay review by Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings

Ayano Kelly

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Blair was a great teacher, she was welcoming and made sure everyone understood her instructions. The room had a peaceful, friendly atmosphere and all our equipment was provided (even snacks and drinks)! We learnt how to do some basic watercolour techniques before working on our own paintings with the help of optional stencils. Everyone produced beautiful botanical watercolours at the end of the class :)

Botanical Watercolour Painting review by Ayano Kelly Sydney

Parivash Charak

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Great class!
Blair was excellent as a teacher and really let everyone embrace their own creativity and style.

Botanical Watercolour Painting review by Parivash Charak

Jo Goh

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Venue easy to find, great set up, lovely fun teacher, great explanations and demonstrations. Gorgeous floral watercolour workshop, just felt we perhaps didn’t have enough time despite using a stencil! That’s probably more me than anything else

Botanical Watercolour Painting review by Jo Goh

Laura Bee

Dessert & Watercolour @coco Tea

Blair was friendly & helpful with teaching us basic watercolour techniques - the activity was really approachable and accessible. We had a separate section of the store to ourselves. Milk tea and cheesecake were provided. We also got to make the milk tea ourselves! All the materials were provided for us. It was a lot of fun, would recommend

Painting workshop review by Laura Bee

Angela Liu

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Great value and teaching. Had the perfect amount of guidance and materials provided were high quality, including templates we were able to take home.

Botanical Watercolour Painting review by Angela Liu

Amy Schmitz

Dessert and Watercolour Class

Fun environment, great step by step technique tutorial and surprising final artwork! Loved every minute!

Painting workshop review by Amy Schmitz

Lydia San

Dessert and Watercolour Class

Great class taught in a cute open space! Blair is very talented! I liked how she split the class into different sections to help learn new skills then go on to put it into practice. I learnt some new skills and it was great to chat with her directly about all things watercolour from technique to equipment.

Dessert and Watercolour Class review by Lydia San

Julie Andrews

Dessert and Watercolour Class

My daughter Lucy and I attended the Dessert and water colour class with Blair.
We learnt so much in a 2.5hour lesson, Blair was very patient and explained each step clearly we would recommend this class to all ages and ability. Fun Afternoon!

Painting workshop review by Julie Andrews

Jo Goh

Dessert and Watercolour Class

Blair is a wonderful funny teacher and entertaining. She is great at explaining techniques and demonstrating. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop :-))) I’m a big fan of her work and so glad I got to meet her

Dessert and Watercolour Class review by Jo Goh Sydney

Joanne Lim

Botanical Watercolour Painting

We had the class with the lovely teacher. She taught us different techniques on how to watercolour and also provided templates for us and watercolour paint to bring home as well. Lovely experience and will definitely be going to another class with her as she was great.

Painting workshop review by Joanne Lim

Christina Cardillo-Zallo

Dessert and Watercolour Class

Interesting class. Helpful teacher who was kind and interactive. The class needs more organisation though I feel. It was a bit all over the place and ran over scheduled time.

Painting workshop review by Christina Cardillo-Zallo

Avie Malabag

Paper Craft and Ink class

I enjoyed this class. Dora is really good, she explains and demonstrated it well. Love the materials that was provided.

Modern Calligraphy Class review by Avie Malabag

Irene Lay

Dessert and Watercolour Class

It was an exciting day, Blair make us feel like a real artist. It’s a relaxing place and just so casual. We didn’t want to leave.

Dessert and Watercolour Class review by Irene Lay

Olga Royfman

Botanical Watercolour Painting

I thoroughly enjoyed my 2.5hrs being taught by Blair. She is lovely and very patient. I learned so much and I will probably be back again for another watercolour session.

Painting workshop review by Olga Royfman Sydney

Dawn Ng

Painting class

Blair was a great teacher and explained various styles we could use. Tramshed was a great location with a good vibe and energy. Material provided were good and so were the desserts and drink. Would definitely sign up for more workshops with Blair! :)

Watercolour at Belle’s Hot Chicken review by Dawn Ng

Amy Collorafici

Dessert and Watercolour Class

Blair hosted my sisters hens day event of the Watercolour and Dessert Class and it was amazing! Everyone got to eat a delicious piece of cake and we all got to create a cute cake artwork piece to take home with us.
The studio was the perfect set up for our event too so bright and pretty and I was able to bring drinks which we sipped on while we painted.
Blair was so helpful with guiding us with our art pieces and made the event so much fun. All the girls had a blast!
The class was so much fun with Blair and the concept, would recommend for groups or even individuals who want to try something unique of eating and drawing dessert as a class event!

Painting workshop review by Amy Collorafici

Arjan Helmer

Draw and Eat at Madame Shanghai

This workshop was very good, the food was amazing. We had a great experience and I can totally recommend this!

Draw and Eat at Madame Shanghai review by Arjan Helmer

Teuntje Koomen

Draw and Eat at Madame Shanghai

This was a great class! Everything was well organised, and the food was delicious, served beautifully and in generous portions. We liked the fact that every booking had their own private table, yet the group was seated together. Blair was a very nice teacher who obviously thought well about the assignment she gave us. She made sure everyone learned new things but that it wasn't too challenging for total beginners. A very entertaining workshop, we learned a lot and went home with a nice result to keep.

Painting workshop review by Teuntje Koomen Sydney

Angela Ricketts

Draw and Eat at Madame Shanghai

The class was great for beginners like myself. There was enough time to draw and paint as well as enjoy the delicious food & cocktails at Madam Shanghai. Blair was always available for questions & painting tips.

Draw and Eat at Madame Shanghai review by Angela Ricketts Sydney

Katherine Kulakowski

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Really loved the class. Blair’s instructions were very clear and she gave us some great techniques to use and practise. I’m looking forward to finishing my protea painting.

Cynthia Hui

Botanical Watercolour Painting

The teacher was informative and friendly. We had a great time in the studio. It was a thoroughly relaxing and fun experience.

Deonisia Soundias

Beginner Watercolour Painting Course

I loved this class. I got so much out of it. Just going through and learning how to mix and how to get gradation of colour was really useful!
I am really looking forward to next class. Thank you so much Blair!
This is the best class to do if you have never used watercolour. I recommend it.

Jacki Willardmartin

Beginner Watercolour Painting Course

Lovely class with no pressure. Learned a lot this lesson and I can't wait to learn more next week!

Kate Williams

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay

Thanks so much for a fun night! It was certainly great to try something new :)

Tulin Sayah

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay

Blair is awesome - very hands on and great at what she does

Thanks for an interactive zoom class

Rochelle Esterman

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay

This is an excellent class! I had so much fun and learned a lot. Blair was a great teacher. Definitely recommend.


Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay

Very well taught, easy to follow class. Very fun to make and easy to keep making more after the class.

Umer Ghani

Miniature Succulent Garden with Polymer Clay

A relaxing and creative experience! If your a beginner like myself or intermediate and what to improve you skills, I highly recommend going to her workshop! :)

Donna Birch

Beginner Watercolour Painting Course

My first class today & our teacher was a pro. Great visuals of all the techniques. Looking forward to the next one.

Maureen Ridgway

Beginner Watercolour Painting Course

The course,today, was well conducted and enjoyable. I will continue during the week mixing colours and the watercolour merge. Our teacher was very clear in her delivery. Thankyou MaureenRidgway

Mary Chiang

Beginner Watercolour Painting Course

I joined a private virtual watercolor lesson with a group of friends. Most of us have little knowledge on watercolor and it’s good to learn some basic techniques and start painting! Blair was very friendly and approachable. We all enjoyed the lesson!

Elsa Zhang

Dessert and Watercolour Class

The teacher was friendly & patient.

The venue was warm but spacious.

The materials were limited but sufficient.

The class good value for money.

I learned water-colour techniques & how to apply them to a drawing.


Botanical Watercolour Painting

We did the Botanical Watercolour course with Blair (Mother Goose). She was fantastic. Materials provided were excellent and having an outline print to practice our skills on at the end was a great idea. Her instructions were very clear and easy to follow. The location was clean and spacious and easy to get to. Would highly recommend any of Blair’s classes to anyone. Hoping to do another one next time I’m in Sydney.

Annie Deeth

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Blair was so lovely we had the best time with her! It was challenging but achievable and such a fun process. Thanks so much Blair

Lillian Ahenkan

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Blair was THE BEST So informative. Can’t wait to come back. Let’s do it again

Lisa Baker

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Blair was a great teacher. It was so much fun learning the art of Watercolour. Definitely looking forward to more classes in the future

Greta Paget

Dessert and Watercolour Class

Learning the watercolour techniques before we started painting was very useful, and Blair was great at guiding us as we painted.

Andrew Bennett

Dessert and Watercolour Class

It was really fun and relaxed, we had fun and learnt lots of watercolor techniques!

Mimi Lam

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Blair was so friendly and helpful, she offered us some drinks and snacks! (Thank you Blair!). She was happy to answer any questions and give information about all of the resources that she used. The class space was great! It really set a nice mood for the session, overall I would love to attend more of Blair's workshops :)

Patricia Bustamante

Botanical Watercolour Painting

It was a great workshop, everything was provided, the work space very comfortable and the teacher very willing to share artistic knowledge and guidance. Will definitely be on the look out for more workshops.

Janelle Holden

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Blair was such a lovely and kind teacher. She really created an environment where everyone’s skills felt appreciated no matter what their level of experience. She spent as much time as she could shared between each individual. The class was excellent. Only downside was that it went too quickly!

Raymond He

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Blair was very patient and helpful. She was well prepared and her instructions were very clear. Perfect class for watercolour beginners!

Julie Andrews

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Blair is an amazing teacher! My daughter and I returned for a second watercolour class with Blair learning Botanical flowers, we both learnt new techniques and really enjoyed the afternoon

Trina Ng

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Well-structured class and a great use of time - Blair taught techniques that helped me build the confidence I needed to complete my first watercolor artwork.
Blair is so friendly and always ready to help and guide.
Wonderful materials, including templates that Blair had thoughtfully prepared to help guide our first artworks.
I'm now inspired to keep practicing.
Thanks, Blair!

Ayah Dalati

Botanical Watercolour Painting

I had such a good time painting and learning some techniques. Blair was awesome and super sweet! 10/10

Jennifer Rah

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Blair was very attentive and provided good advice. Venue was really easy to find as well.

Alicia Deaudney

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Blair is a talented artist and wonderful teacher, and her kind and supportive attitude made this a very enjoyable and creative experience.

Shale Preston

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Enjoyable class with personable teacher. A nice way to spend an afternoon. Best to travel by train or park in a nearby side street off the main road. Can't park on the main road.

Dale Tucker

Dessert and Watercolour Class

The teacher was fantastic, she made you feel that anyone could do this, and that she was there to help you every time if you needed her to. The location was easy to find. Altogether it was a relaxing afternoon that has built my confidence to try Watercolour on my own.

Venessa Cowell

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Warm delightful teacher
Clear instruction and skills learnt from the class
Will definitely do again
Suggest Blair has her art to purchase on the shelves bc I would have purchased some!
Thank you !

Christie White

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Fantastic class - I was a complete beginner with watercolour and came away with some new skills and a painting I was really proud of! Blair was a lovely patient teacher, and also had some templates on hand which was really helpful for those of us less confident with sketching. I'd love to do another one of her classes

Lea Dawson

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Excellent teacher and excellent space. Nice sized class. Came away with some beautiful work. Very happy.

Julie Tran

Dessert and Watercolour Class

Blair was so patient and taught us some great skills. I loved it and can’t wait to practice more! Thanks so much Blair! Theresa xx

Ingrid Monaghan

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Blair was so lovely and an excellent teacher. She provided us all with tips and tricks as well as great tools for us to create a protea flower.

Jamie Warnert

Botanical Watercolour Painting

The class with Blair was great - she was a lovely teacher and very encouraging, even for beginners! She's clearly talented at what she does but breaks down the shapes and colouring to make it look very easy. Venue was perfect and really convenient being right across from the train station. Highly recommend for a relaxing afternoon.

Sharon Luk

Dessert and Watercolour Class

Teacher was good brought us cheesecake and provided all materials. Was a casual class good for groups.

Kanika Pathania

Paper Craft and Ink class

I thought Dora was great, the value of the workshop was overpriced was a bit with no beverages or food was available for the 2.5 hrs and started a bit late (because of late comers) and finished bang on time. They did give yummy popcorn I guess but for the price I paid I was expecting a really nice workshop. They did give a quill and ink to take home which was good but it was such a disappointment that I didn’t get the wooden quill stand that I assumed I would get.
I would recommend it for Dora and her great teaching style and knowledge but don’t expect any add ons.

Ming Lum

Paper Craft and Ink class

Dora was a wonderful teacher and provided a great introduction into modern calligraphy and provided some great tips. The venue was a nice and relaxing environment to learn in.

Liz Chan

Paper Craft and Ink class

Dora was a great teacher. She was very thorough in her techniques and helped us all individually. Highly recommend!

Robyn Larbalestier

Dessert and Watercolour Class

Blair came to us for a 3 hour Watercolour workshop. She provided all the materials and showed us samples of her beautiful work. We agreed on a subject then she set to teaching us in great detail how to go about painting with watercolour. Blair was great fun, very passionate about art and patiently went through the process several times until we felt confident. We found the class very worthwhile and enjoyable. Thanks!

Annabelle Nguyen

Dessert and Watercolour Class

Blair was an extremely attentive and helpful teacher. Throughout the class her feedback was not generic, it was specific to each student and therefore making the whole experience wonderful. Would recccomend for a girls date or team building.

Sunisa Somluecha

Painting class

I really enjoyed the class with Blair. She was very flexible. I was the only person in the AM class as the other changed to the PM one, Blair let me choose what I wanted to paint. She was very friendly and helpful. The venue was super convenient just right in front of Train station.
Ps. Thank Blair for the yummy cake! I’ll be back for another class!

Fiona Cui

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Blair is very nice and patient. Location is very convenient with public transport. I enjoyed the class a lot.

Naomi Feigl

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Lovely class to learn with encouragement and fun! I practiced some new techniques and I am keen to develop them further. Thanks, Blair!

Rachel Cheng

Botanical Watercolour Painting

I signed up for bontanical watercolor workshop with 4 of my friends and it was a very chill and relaxing time overall! The teacher accommodated to our level of skill and it was a very patient in giving us tips :)

Alouise Somera

Dessert and Watercolour Class

Class was highly enjoyable and accessible for even us as beginner watercolour users. The space was clean and aesthetically-pleasing, and all materials were of high quality and provided for (food included!). The teacher was very flexible in allowing us to choose what we wanted to paint and gave us clear instructions on how to achieve what we wanted for our artworks. She was very supportive and knowledgeable, and I'd definitely recommend this class to anyone who enjoys painting or eating yummy desserts :)

Kenny Nguyen

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Blair was super helpful and I would 100% recommend anyone to come and attend her workshop!

Lindy Barry

Botanical Watercolour Painting

Fantastic step by step instructions. Blair was very organised and gives helpful tips to get the process off to a smooth start. She is highly creative and has lots of experience with watercolour techniques. I would love to do more classes with her.

Leah Hou

Dessert and Watercolour Class

Blair’s Class is excellent!
We had lots of fun decorating her studio into a fun afternoon party. Having dessert and painting them at the same time is very satisfying!
Blair is very fun to talk to and she is very helpful in teaching each steps of the painting. If there are some more watercolour theories and each step of the painting provided, that would be better!
Thank you Blair.:)

Ronald Ho

Painting class

I enjoyed this introductory class that Blair taught. She was very personable and welcoming and made the environment very relaxed. I thought it was particularly helpful how she had prepared all the materials for us and explained the purpose of each. I think it is always difficult when one teacher is teaching 10 students but she managed the class well

Maria Thomaidis

Painting class

Friendly teacher, food was great, maybe next time spend a little time on technique to give us a better understanding on how to get the best out of "Water colours" Overall great.

Jaclyn Kwan

Dessert and Watercolour Class

A very cozy studio, Blair has accomodated our hens party with lovely desserts, and easy to understand demostration of water colour techniques. We BYO foods and drink, making a nice afternoon tea party!


Draw and Eat at Madame Shanghai

Great workshop. Had so much fun and really yummy food.


Dessert and Watercolour Class

Blair was a very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable teacher. You can tell that she loves what she does. The class itself was fantastic - nice venue, yummy dessert provided and great materials provided for our watercolour lesson. She taught us the concepts and techniques in a way that was really easy to understand and apply ourselves, as complete beginners. Great value for money overall

Nikos Maniaty

Dessert and Watercolour Class

I went with my partner and we both had lots of fun, and went from knowing nothing about watercolour to producing pretty impressive paintings in just 3 hours! Would highly recommend to anyone who’s interested in visual arts, or actually, anyone who’s just looking for an interesting and unique experience in Sydney!

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