Bullet Journaling for Self Care

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A reflective and creative approach to personalising your very own bullet journal

1.5 hours Class size 1 to 20 (public dates), 5 to 15

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Bullet journaling is one proven method that can help you keep track of the past, organise the present, and plan the future.

The main focus of this live stream workshop is to creatively integrate your self-care needs into your bullet journal. In a challenging and uncertain time like the pandemic, we need to look after our mental, emotional, and physical well being.

The awesome thing about bullet journaling is that there is no one right way of setting up a bullet journal - the contents are highly specific to you and your needs. The workbook included in this workshop contains prompts for self-reflection which helps in prioritising your self-care needs. It also contains creative tips and ideas on the different ways on how to set up your bullet journal.

This one-and-a-half-hour workshop includes:

  • Using an efficient layout to get organised
  • Different ways to organise your monthly and weekly spreads
  • Different ways to track your habits
  • Self-care page ideas you can incorporate to your bullet journal
  • Simple ways to decorate your bullet journal
  • Make your bullet journal unique to you
  • and most importantly, have fun with the whole process!

Bullet Journaling is an amazing creative outlet that is highly individualised and can be used for the long term to help you feel motivated and inspired!

You don't have to wait for the beginning of the year or month to start a bullet journal! It's never too late or early to start!

Add-ons available for this class
  • Gold Metallic Pen ($2)
  • Silver Metallic Pen ($2)
  • Metallic Washi Tape Samples x3 ($2)
  • Black & White Washi Tape Samples x3 ($2)
You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge required
This workshop is for complete bullet journal beginners however, all stages of experience welcome!
This is also a great opportunity to share journalling ideas with fellow journalers, and make journaling friends!
What you'll get in your craft kit
  • Your Self Care Bullet Journal Workbook
  • A personalised A5 journal
  • Pencil, pen, eraser and colourful highlighters
  • 5 washi tape samples
  • Stationery samples
What you'll need
Feel free to use your own journal, washi tapes, highlighters and anything you want to add to your bullet journal!

If you prefer to use your own materials, the workbook will be sent to you via email.
Suitable for

This Box and Live class is great for individuals and couples as well as for virtual team building activities at home.

This would also be a unique gift for her or gift for mum.

Your teacher
Icy Icaro
Icy Icaro

4.9 (237)

Growing up, I have always been into arts and crafts. But when I got married in 2017, I enjoyed DIY-ing our wedding signages, envelope addressing, place cards and decorations, it awakened a dormant creative passion inside of my soul.

The same year, I started bullet journaling which also gave me the opportunity to explore other aspects of creativity like botanical illustrations.

Combining bullet journaling, calligraphy and floral illustrations have helped me grow as a creative and I am fortunate enough to share my passions through reaching workshops and doing commission work.


ClassBento has verified that Icy Icaro has a valid Working with Children Check clearance.

Verified reviews

We only show reviews from customers who have paid for and attended this class

Sandie Edwards Mar 2022

Was a great class, with lots of information to take in. It is not something you can perfect overnight, and we all have our own distinct additions, needs, and creativeness for completing. I intend on taking the knowledge I learned forwards with my own creative style and I certainly found this beneficial to not only aiding my creative side, but also adding to my own personal story with my love of journaling, and reinforcing the need for 'me time'. The image I enclose is my rough beginnings of an entry, learning my way and I look forwards to adding to it. I've done several classes with Icey, and have enjoyed them immensely.

Bullet Journaling for Self Care review by Sandie Edwards Sydney

Melissa Walker Jan 2022

20 ClassBento workshops attended • 20 reviews

Another awesome class. A very small group but that meant plenty of one on one time. A great range of teaching skills were used. I learnt so much, thanks Icy.

Bullet Journaling for Self Care review by Melissa Walker

Jo Bastian Jan 2022

I was so engaged in this lesson that I was surprised when we got to the bed of the 90 minutes.

Jodie Amico Nov 2021

10 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

I throughly enjoyed the bullet journaling workshop today. It was an excellent introduction into journaling and our teacher had plenty of great examples, including some of her personal work.

Jenny Nguyen Nov 2021

25 ClassBento workshops attended • 15 reviews

I learnt new things in this class, Icy explained the different ways to Bullet Journal and that everyone has their own style. It takes practice and experimenting to find what works for us. I hope to find my own style and continue journaling to express and create an outlet for myself.

Bullet Journaling for Self Care review by Jenny Nguyen Sydney

Matilda Hillam Oct 2021

77 ClassBento workshops attended • 45 reviews

Icy ran a good little work shop on Bullet Journaling for Self Care. Lots of lovely materials to your door and a very well written work book to follow along with.

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Sharon Bennett Oct 2021

Icy our teacher was so knowledgeable, friendly and engaging. I loved this class and can't wait to get journaling. Can't thank you enough Icy and ClassBento.

Sue Douglas Oct 2021

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

I loved the way Icy presented this class. She explained what bullet journalling was and showed several different ways to do the monthly, weekly spreads. I loved Icy's calm and relaxing demeanour. I will definitely do another class with Icy and would recommend my friends to do her class. Just a side note I was recommended to do this class from a girlfriend Anna Farr who said that it was a fantastic class. She was so right! Would definitely recommend this class!

Megan Oct 2021

216 ClassBento workshops attended • 216 reviews

This class was good & Icy was most interesting.
Everything was included & good quality.
Loved how Icy put my name on the front, thanks Icy it's sooo pretty.

Bullet Journaling for Self Care review by Megan  Sydney

Janette Witt Oct 2021

Thanks icy
It took me a few slides to put in on speaker view rather than gallery to see your display better. May next time explain this at the start or use share screen option. Thanks for the introduction to bullet journalling. Maybe also telling us your favourite people you are following on pinterst to give me a starting point. I'll certainly have a go

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Janette Witt

Patricia Johnpillai Sep 2021

44 ClassBento workshops attended • 33 reviews

First introduction to bullet journalling. Was a great session to do at lunchtime. Take some time out for yourself. I enjoyed it very much.

Sally Cornell Sep 2021

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Icy is such a talented lady. Her journals are absolutely stunning! She gave lots of ideas on how to start and lots of encouragement to try various layouts.
Well worth it if you don't know how to get started.

Megan Aug 2021

216 ClassBento workshops attended • 216 reviews

Really interesting class, thanks Icy for a fun half hour.
Will totally do some of your other classes

Erica Lacorcia Aug 2021

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Icy the teacher had some great tips and was keen to share some examples of her work.
I think her idea of having different journals for special purposes is an idea I would like to follow up.

Ulrike Cao Aug 2021

Focused on the visual and mindfulness side of bullet journalling, it complemented a course I previously took on the structure of bullet journalling (diary and collections) really well. It was a 30 minute session and a fun distraction from work as it was a lunch time session. (Winning at task bundling :) Thanks Icy!

Ashleigh Cox Aug 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

The class was a perfect mid day break. Icy was helpful,l friendly and very creative !

Natasha D'Souza Aug 2021

18 ClassBento workshops attended • 14 reviews

The teacher was wonderful. Never thought of organising my daily journals so beautifully before but now i'm inspired.

Sophie Pampakas Aug 2021

Very informative and different, but a longer class would have been beneficial to me, where I could have participated as well, can't wait to start journaling & bulleting.
Thank you

Laine Fullerton Aug 2021

10 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

I didn’t know too much about bullet journaling prior to this session (just always admired it on Pinterest) but now I feel so equipped to start my own! I love that you don’t need any fancy creative skills or tools and can totally create your own style. Plus, it seems like the perfect way to wind down at the end of the week and offers an opportunity to reflect on how far you’ve come too. Can’t wait to kick a journal off next month - thanks Icy!

Vanessa Hewitt Aug 2021

Icy Icaro was a lovely patient teacher, who showed us interesting techniques for bullet journalling, incorporating calligraphy, botanical styling. Loved the suggested layouts and I would be interested in taking up Icys courses.

Ann Dean Aug 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Icy packed so much into this class.
She explains bullet journalling so well. Also removing any fears you may have that it might be too hard or complicated.

Jennifer Davies Aug 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Useful starting point for BuJo. Presenter showed simple techniques that were easy to follow. Thank you

Alicia Druery Aug 2021

13 ClassBento workshops attended • 14 reviews

Bullet journaling was a fun class with Icy. Thanks so much for the demonstration. I will have a practise and see how I go

Karen Fisher Aug 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyed it - inspired me to look into doing the longer course as I wasn't sure how it would work online.

Madeleine Stuart Aug 2021

Great way to take a break at work. I feel much more relaxed and am looking forward to delving further into bullet journaling.

Yosi Octavia Aug 2021

Thanks. But i think it is too short Hehee, give more time So i can also practice it

Melanie Young Aug 2021

13 ClassBento workshops attended • 13 reviews

I attended two of the mindfullness lunchtime sessions - the visit to Lake Como which was lovely! Being able to 'travel' somewhere new during lockdown was such a a treat. The Bullet Journalling class with Icy was great too - I like that she showed how to make a simple layout -- you don't need to be an artist to pull this off.

Ella Madden Aug 2021

29 ClassBento workshops attended • 30 reviews

This was a great class, so inspiring and not something I’ve ever considered as an art form despite having done it informally in my journals for years. Look forward to more!

Deborah Salomons Aug 2021

Icy packed a punch in 30 minutes. Makes me want to learn more from her.

Vanessa Mozayani Jul 2021

22 ClassBento workshops attended • 21 reviews

Icy gave lots of ideas to get started with bullet journaling. I learnt about the different templates and had a go at doing a Dutch door template for the month. I felt inspired after doing the course.

Bullet Journaling for Self Care review by Vanessa Mozayani

Jessica Douglass Jul 2021

68 ClassBento workshops attended • 59 reviews

A really good class for people who are completely new to journaling. I’m looking forward to starting my journey in journaling.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Jessica Douglass

Anneliese Pescod Jul 2021

Icy is extremely talented and creative. Her calligraphy is perfect and she did a wonderful job of showcasing a very artistic way of bullet journaling to promote self care. It would be even better if the class was equally focused on setting up a journal for organization and planning that had features such as a key and the use of migration. I also think it would work well if we were prompted to write information into the booklet provided and encouraged to begin setting up a journal during the class. Overall the class is well put together and Icy was a great host. Thank you so much!

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Anneliese Pescod

Caoimhe Hokins Apr 2021

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Icy's class was wonderful! She had so many great ideas and examples. I was a little lost on how to get into bullet journalling more and Icy has clearly communicated different ideas which will help immensely. She also provided a wonderful guide and materials before the class which we went through over the Zoom chat. Thoroughly recommend.

Kaye Mar 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Icy is a lovely teacher. She is super organised and sent a great kit to get students started. Icy has fantastic examples of her work to show to inspire students.

Ev Feb 2021

I loved attending this class
I had never viewed journal writing this way
Icy our host was fantastic,, teaching showing, guiding with enthusiasm and fun

Krissy Feb 2021

The class was fun and inspiring. The kit that came with the stuff to do the class what a really lovely thing and I felt valued as a carer.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Krissy  Sydney

Lorrie Feb 2021

This class was really enjoyable. I did not think I would like it very much as I am not into scrap booking or diary writing, however our teacher had such a beautiful manner about her and was very clear all the way to make it your own. I loved it so much I have journalled again today!

Highly recommend this class!

Carer Vmch Feb 2021

105 ClassBento workshops attended • 104 reviews

Icy is a wonderful teacher, and the ladies all loved learning about the different ways they can both organise their lives and express themselves on paper.
Thank you Icy :-)

Lauren Butler Jan 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Highly recommend! Icy is a wonderful teacher. She made bullet journaling much more accessible and easy to understand. Feeling inspired and can’t wait to get started!

Tonia Swanson Dec 2020

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

It was so nice to learn more about bullet journaling ! Icy’s examples and previous journals are great inspiration

Carer Vmch Nov 2020

105 ClassBento workshops attended • 104 reviews

We love Icy's Bullet Journal classes. They are so well organised and clear, and the kits she sends out to participants are stunningly presented. We have already booked another one of these classes for our clients next year :)

Anney Trinh Nov 2020

Icy was happy to answer any questions raised and showed excellent examples of ways to present a bullet journal. Very happy to have attended this class

Louise Dante Nov 2020

A great workshop, and Icy is a really lovely and supportive teacher ☺️ I got all the notebook and stationery extras, they were thoughtfully chosen, and nicely packaged. For a super disorganised person like me, this class made me feel like I might actually be able to start creating a schedule for myself!

Kelly Carabott Oct 2020

Icy was wonderful and motivated me to start the journaling process. She gave so many ideas and provided us with the confidence to just start

Claire Dunn Oct 2020

27 ClassBento workshops attended • 13 reviews

I am so inspired now! The class was awesome! Loved it. Teacher was great. Love!

Olivia Carter Sep 2020

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

I had a fantastic afternoon doodling away. I really enjoyed this intro to bullet journalling. Icy has lots of knowledge and she is super talented. I would love to attend more workshops on the creative elements of bullet journalling, calligraphy and floral doodling. I highly recommend this workshop to other people who want a creative outlet with a focus on well-being and mindfulness.

Bullet Journaling for Self Care review by Olivia Carter

Rachel Nus Sep 2020

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Awesome ! Great info . Well delivered . Would do another class of hers For sure . Thankyou so much .

Leighna Carmichael Sep 2020

Thank you Icy for a fun and informative workshop that has woken up some dormant creativity juices! This newbie was not overwhelmed but inspired by the way that Icy presented the new topic and loved seeing her infectious passion for creativity! Thank you!

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Leighna Carmichael Sydney

Lorelie Sarmiento Sep 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Icy is so talented and is very inspiring She shared such amazing ideas and the examples she showed using her own completed journals, just wow! I am so motivated and look forward to completing my first month in my first ever bullet journal and hope to do more creative workshops with Icy

Bullet Journaling for Self Care review by Lorelie Sarmiento

Tegan Webb Sep 2020

15 ClassBento workshops attended • 16 reviews

Thanks, Icy! So many great tips for our bullet journals. Thanks for showing how to correct mistakes and not be too fussy or perfectionistic.

Paper Craft and Ink workshop review by Tegan Webb Sydney

Amanda Aitken Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Icy gave us some fantastic tips and inspiration to help get started with bullet journaling.

Justine Spokes Aug 2020

I left feeling inspired to get creative with this new skill and way of approaching life. There's no rules and you can be as expressive as you want. I'm hoping to role model this method to my teenaged daughter.

Leanne Matheson Aug 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This is the second workshop I’ve done with Icy. Her gentle, encouraging and inspiring approach leaves you feeling confident to take the next steps on your own. I’m super keen to keep bullet journaling going know that I have the basic tools to get me started. Thanks Icy!

Annie Fitzgibbon Aug 2020

i was truly motivated by the workshop. before listening to, and watching, icy i had little idea how i was going to launch into the bullet journal process. at the end of the workshop i had a clear vision and was armed with many concepts to begin my practical and creative journal. icy kindly displayed pages from her journals - the examples were inspiring. thank you!

Heather Vmch Aug 2020

105 ClassBento workshops attended • 104 reviews

Icy is a warm, friendly and relaxing host. The personalised kit she sent was really beautiful. Icy is very knowledgeable and experienced in bullet journaling, which was evidenced in the wealth of advice provided in the workshop, as well as the many beautiful journals she has managed to fill! I would absolutely recommend this class.

Mickala McMahon Jul 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was a wonderful class! It gave me lots of insights into bullet journaling and how other art forms can be used to make my journal unique.

Susan Library Jun 2020

Icy was a lovely and helpful instructor, very accommodating and flexible. We hope to have workshops with her again in the future!

Susan Tomlin Jun 2020

10 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Icy had some great ideas that she was able to pass on. A fun class that has inspired me.
Thank you Icy

Naomi Byrnes Jun 2020

16 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

I really appreciated the small group, and the way Icy offered us inspiration from her own journals and Pinterest pages, and the message of gentle flexibility, experimentation and being free to explore our own individual preferences in bullet journalling. I felt inspired to start straight away, and our cat Fergus seems to be enjoying the pens and paper to play along.

Bullet Journaling for Self Care review by Naomi Byrnes

Shani Wong Jun 2020

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Thanks Icy for the great class. I think I come out of it, knowing ways to make journalling more unique, personalised to my liking, something I could dedicate myself to.

Sally Whittaker Jun 2020

11 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Wonderful class full of good ideas and encouragement to start your journaling project. Thank you so much

Katrina Ironside Jun 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Icy was lovely. Her journals are beautiful. Good tips, well thought out course and delivery.

Amy Floyd May 2020

10 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Thank you so much Icy for a great Bullet Journaling for Self care workshop today. Thanks for all your helpful tips, ideas and for showing us how to set up our own bullet journals using the different style formats. I really enjoyed it and looking forward to putting my own bullet journal together with the skills i've learnt.

Judy Nutting May 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A really relaxing, fun thing to do with so many ideas! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful approach to journalling and showing us what you do.
So much creativity! A Real blessing. Thank you

Martina Gear May 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This class was fantastic, thank you so much, got some great inspirational content which I can't wait to try out. Thank you Icy Icaro and Bento for such a great service. Kind regards Martina.

Jane Ford May 2020

So many great ideas and well explained. Thank you for sharing with us! You are very creative.

Sarah Stevenson May 2020

16 ClassBento workshops attended • 13 reviews

Icy was a great teacher and was full of knowledge and resources about everything Bullet Journal :) My only recommendation would be to get started on the layouts throughout the workshop, but apart from that it was really helpful and well thought out. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to give Bullet Journaling a go!

Nichola Prested May 2020

I enjoyed this class! Icy showed us different ways to plan out our bullet journals and gave us tips on the best books to use as journals and where to get supplies. Icy was very nice and friendly!
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