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Coffee School was established in 1994 as Australia’s first Hospitality Training School offering Barista Courses and Coffee Art Courses. We help students all across Australia to achieve excellence in coffee training and enable them to find jobs in the hospitality industry with practical experience.




Dani Jarjees Apr 2024

Overall we had a fantastic day

Joel has the best energy and is an exceptional trainer and very helpful, attentive and patient

Highly recommend this place awesome atmosphere especially if Joel
Is running the classes 10/10

Narelle Anderson Apr 2024

Great course I learned alot covered a lot in a small time teacher was knowledgabke

Alexander McCallum Apr 2024

The teacher clearly had a lot of passion, while also filling us in on how subjective the art of coffee was. He provided great fundamentals with espressos, milk texturing and the different types of coffees.

There even was some Oat milk available for me to practice with.
I was lucky to have a small class on a friday morning to get real 1 on 1 time with the teacher and get personalised tips on my pouring and art methods. There was no pressure to not waste milk or coffee- because the best way to improve is practice.

Melanie Magpayo Mar 2024

14 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Excellent! Learnt a lot about coffee. Good value for money. They even gave us a book at the end!

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Melanie Magpayo - Sydney

Paris Smith Mar 2024

Andre was a really enthusiastic and knowledgable teacher, and we had a fabulous time! We learnt about espresso and pulling the best shot, milk frothing, and making every Australian drink on the menu! Great Saturday activity.

Coffee class review by Paris Smith - Sydney

Luciana Wong Mar 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I signed up to this class to try making coffee myself for the first time and Joel was a very helpful, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic teacher. He also offered tips and tricks for those of us looking to become baristas. The venue location is a very short and convenient walk from central station and we all received a coffee art book to take home. The class was well structured and informative with a 30 minute lunch break and I had lots of fun making countless cups of coffee and meeting new people. A great hands on experience for coffee lovers and a unique activity in general.

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Luciana Wong - Sydney

Monique Royle Mar 2024

It was a birthday gift
Joel was amazing- so knowledgeable, helpful and interesting. He made the day so much fun and I learned a lot.
Venue was great.
Materials were excellent. The milk alternative provided was greatly appreciated.
I learned a lot about coffee and how to make it.
Very good value.
The group and teacher made it a great day.

Denise Agnew Mar 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Andre was very knowledgeable about coffee making and helpful when it came to the practical activities of making different types of coffee. I highly recommend the class!

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Denise Agnew - Sydney

Seina Kawasaki Mar 2024

it was very excitedi was albe make a coffee, then teacher is kindness!
i need more practice.
The coffee is interesting!

Abdul Saboor Mar 2024

I don't know the difference between coffee before. Now u learned a lot how to make a good coffee.

John Cosstick Feb 2024

Good knowledge and experience by the teacher. Good location. Good facilities and lots of info for one day

Erasmus Otapah Feb 2024

Great class, it was easy as a beginner to gain confidence in understanding the process and preparation of good coffee.

Sneha Parmar Feb 2024

That was great experience. i have learnt a lot. teacher was too friendly and supportive.

Maria Cuenca Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Is a really good Class to know the basic things, and the time goes really faster
But problably with two teachers can be better for the resolution of questions

Leontine Wijngaards Feb 2024

Andre was very nice and clear in his explanations, I’d definitely recommend it, great class!

Adriano Alves Jan 2024

The training was good, considering the time we had.

I understood that having less "automation" led us to learn how to measure the extraction time and the quality of the coffee, however, more modern machines could help us to learn how to operate a commercial (modern) machine.

Tara Cahill Jan 2024

The teacher was very good, personable and friendly.
Enjoyed making the coffees and learning the different types. My daughter and I were given the course as a present and very pleased.
Close to the station too.

Rachel Lam Jan 2024

It was really great that I could get hands on experience with pulling shots and frothing milk. The instructor was very patient in answering all of my questions. However, I felt that the class size was a little bit too big (~11 pax) and so the instructor didn't have enough time to go around to each person to correct our mistakes. Overall, good experience!

Maria Emilia Mauco Jan 2024

The teacher was great, and the class was a lot of fun. We learned and did lot of practice.

Meghan Kerr Jan 2024

Very nice people and I have learned so much would highly recommend Andre and he explained things superwell and we got to learn all the coffee's ☕️☕️

S Gurveer Singh Sodhi Dec 2023

The instructor was really good and really sweet. He understood us everything very clearly. Had so much fun making cofee

Pauline Cato Dec 2023

He was great
Learnt a lot
Heaps of fun
Now I can froth properly

April Bennett Dec 2023

Think he pushed my fears to the side, gave good tips to help me along, practising and interviews etc.

Renee Jones Dec 2023

So, so good. Andre was lovely. The class was light and fun with lots of support. It was so informative and great for barista skills. My 15 year old son and I did it and his feedback was all positive. Highly recommend.

Coffee class review by Renee Jones - Sydney

Alex Corzo Dec 2023

15 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

It was a great class! Andre was super friendly and really knows his stuff. He made everything easy to understand and even showed us how to make all those awesome Aussie coffee drinks ourselves. Loved it!

Nico Krueger Nov 2023

Took his time, good explanations.
Also funny and relaxed person ready to improvise if needed

Macey Mapanao Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class was straightforward and interactive! Our instructor was really attentive, thorough and managed the time well.

Gosia Zurowska Oct 2023

10 out of 10 would recommend to a friend. Very engaging class, the instructor is incredibly knowledgable, patient and has a great sense of humour. You learn an awful lot!

Tania Koit Oct 2023

Great, practical, hands-on course that was super helpful. Taught me how to extract the perfect shot, how to froth silky milk. Andre was passionate about coffee and was keen to teach us. Loved it, thanks Andre!

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Tania Koit - Sydney

Ethan Tweedie Sep 2023

Our teacher was super helpful and understanding throughout the entire process. He was also really informative about every little detail about the process of being a barista. My group and I had definitely left feeling like we’d learnt something insightful from the lesson. Overall, it was an amazing experience!

Ruqaia Alhelou Sep 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great instructor gave detailed explanation. Good equipments as well a lot of coffee and milk provided to create many drinks

Vanessa Monari Sep 2023

Loved! Both me and my husband!
So interesting and useful!
Especially the trainer! We really enjoyed!

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Vanessa Monari - Sydney

Nathaniel Santillan Sep 2023

Andre was a very good teacher and provided practical tips and also made the theoretical parts interesting. The course itself is well worth it since you get hours of hands-on practice with the machines and as much coffee and milk as you want for practice.

Luna (Xiaotong) Jia Sep 2023

Joel is our teacher and he's been really great thru the session. We have learned many interesting history and science behind coffee and coffee making. The session has been well strcutured - from making shot to forming milk, from understanding all kinds of coffee beverage to making latte art - it has been great 5 hours for our team.

Carolina Arciniegas Sep 2023

He was very good and explain all very well, i really like the class he have a good actitude.

Mini Gandhi Aug 2023

This barista course was one of the best thing I have tried in Sydney. It was a wonderful experience. The tutor was welcoming and was lovely to chat with. He made the entire experience unique. Every detail was very well explained plus learning to make all kinds of coffee was a charm. The tutor was supportive and very encouraging. I got to learn the art of making the best coffee. The chance we got use the machines, actually brew coffee was what made this class worth it.
Immensely happy with this experience.

Juan Cruz Jul 2023

Good teacher and stuff, they need more time to practise in deep, teach more coffee styles

Nicole Grant Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Our teacher was helpful, knowledgeable and experienced. The class was small, we got plenty of time to practice, and had everything we needed to learn. The book to take home was a nice touch.

Coffee class review by Nicole Grant - Brisbane

Priya Walker Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fantastic class. The teacher was really friendly and conversational, explained the techniques for espresso extraction, milk texturing and pouring clearly. Super humble and could articulately explain and show a failed coffee as well as a good one.

The class went for 5 hours with only 4 students, each with their own coffee machine, allowing great one-on-one time with the teacher. There was plenty of milk and coffee grounds to practice with, and honestly couldn’t of asked for more!

Clarence Chau Jul 2023

Joel was amazing what can I say.
He has insane experience and was really helpful in helping me identify ways to improve my latte art journey would recommend!

Lianne Viera Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A great introductory course to coffee making and barista skills. This course is non-accredited, however it still went for 5 hours. This allowed Joel, the presenter to give an overview of the history and origins of coffee before diving in to making coffee.

There were 8 participants and we each had a machine and Joel was able to get around to all of us. We practiced different styles including Long black, machiato, latte, cappuccino, flat white, and piccolo. We also had time to try some coffee art, but this takes time to master.

It is a fun course and informative course, and if you don't need to spend extra money to be accredited and want an activity to do on your own or with a group of friends, this could be the course for you. It is also a good course to do if you need a refresher.

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Lianne Viera - Sydney

Anantapon Jaroensup Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

:] this is a great experience and lesson. I hope to come back to this coffee class again

Coffee class review by Anantapon Jaroensup - Sydney

Sarah Jebb Jul 2023

A great class - I wasn’t expecting to get so much practice! Hannah was a wonderful and patient teacher!

Georgia Fanning Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Teacher lovely and knowledgeable. Provided a zero pressure environment so easy just to have fun. Really happy with the experience

Coffee class review by Georgia Fanning - Sydney

Annabelle Garing Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Lots of fun and great teacher!

Would very much recommend to anyone passionate about coffee

Elizabeth Jones Jun 2023

Joel did a great job catering for the different reasons people were there. Some, like myself, just there for interest & to make a better coffee at home & some looking to get a job as a Barista.
Was a good mix of where the coffee comes from & it's history to the roasting process & then details of what all the many different coffees are & how to make them.

Learnt a lot about what I need to do to get a better coffee from my machine at home.
I was in a class of 9 and we all got our own machine to work with. We went through a lot of coffee & milk - but there was no limit placed on how much we could use.

The book that we all got given has some great information in it & it meant that we could just focus on trying things out without having to take notes as well. Great photos for future reference too.

Sally Gao Jun 2023

15 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

I had a great time in this class. The minute I walked in the class room, I felt a nice ambience with good vibes. The size of the class was 9 which was the right size so that the teacher could give more coaching for each one of us.

Thanks to the the knowledge and experience of the teacher Sam, the class was full of fun and I learned a lot of stuff from our hands-on practice under his guidance.

In the class, Sam taught us theories and gave us more time to explore in our own way.
He was patient with such a novice like me and was ready to help anyone else in the class.

In terms Latte Art, I think everyone in that class still felt it a challenge, Of course it is an Art and is not suppose to be an easy project without hard work at the back.

if you take a closer look at this type of art, every cup of coffee made tells something about that barista, about his passion, love and his unseen talent.

Thank you Coffee School for sending Sam from Melbourne who brought big smile on us and made this experience memorable.

Coffee class review by Sally Gao - Sydney

Turkiah Alsubaie Jun 2023

It was a great time. Loving barista with a un limited sence of humour. I loved spending time in this course and I've got enough information and techniques in making coffee. Thanks alot for caring about ur workshop and appreciating the trainers.

Davide Confalonieri Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I had the opportunity to participate in this class, and I must say that I am extremely happy about it. Sam, our teacher, has been absolutely fantastic. Being the only boy in the class, he teased me quite a bit, but it was all in good fun. His knowledge and expertise in the subject matter are truly impressive.

One of the remarkable aspects of the class was that no one was left behind. We all learned the fundamentals of coffee and milk brewing. By the end of the course, each of us could pull off a perfect espresso shot and brew the milk correctly.

For a first introduction, we briefly covered the subject of latte art (hence the formless heart in my latte ahah), and I believe that was appropriate. It's important to first master the basics before delving into the finer details.

Sam's teaching went beyond simply operating the coffee machine. He also emphasized the importance of a barista's role and taught us how to engage potential customers. The class had an abundance of coffee machines for everyone to practice on.

I took a similar course with TAFE NSW and I must admit that the experience was quite disappointing. On the other hand, this particular course was worth every cent I paid. I wholeheartedly and without any doubt recommend it to anyone interested in the world of coffee making. Whether seeking a fun hobby or pursuing a career in this field, this course is the perfect choice.

We didn't get provided with an apron, so if you think you'll need one, be sure to bring your own.

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Davide Confalonieri - Sydney

Wye Loo Jun 2023

Trainer is hands on. Class is engaged and well organised. Take away with coffee knowledge and techniques

Melanie Espinoza May 2023

The teacher was great, he was patient, he explained everything very well and everything was understood, was a pretty class

Coffee class review by Melanie Espinoza - Sydney

Ivanna Munoz May 2023

The course with Joe was amazing. I really enjoyed preparing coffee, I had all the materials to practice and make mistakes. Great experience to share in Sydney and discover which is your favorite coffee even if you do not like it too much.

Coffee class review by Ivanna Munoz - Sydney

Marta Klimaszewska May 2023

Great course! Sam is really good and helpful teacher.
Truly recommend for people which are looking to get extra skills and for those who want discover coffee world ☕️

Vladimir Gligorovski May 2023

56 ClassBento workshops attended • 45 reviews

It was a good learning experience and a good thing to have something so hands on

Vidhya Devarapalli May 2023

Very good trainer and shared lot of information about coffee and how it could be done really good

Amanda Englund May 2023

Joel was fantastic. So knowledgeable but also positive and supportive. The venue was great with everyone having their own coffee machine. We went through so much coffee and milk to keep practicing making the different coffees but after so many hours - the practice really did help with increasing skill and confidence. I still didn't nail the latte art at the end but most people did. Really happy I can make my own cappuccino now. Definitely worth it. Just don't park in Holt St carpark without pre booking - cost me nearly $90

Jayamaria Shrestha May 2023

The teacher was so patient, kind and smiley all the way through and was always open for questions. When it came to putting everything in to practice, you could try however many times you wanted to. He gave us detailed and easy to understand instructions and demonstrated everything too. We also got to learn something from every aspect of coffee, so it was very well-rounded. For the price, the amount of time and experience I highly recommend this class. :) Thank you again!

Tanay Shukla May 2023

The teacher was the loveliest person I have ever met. He was passionate about the course he was teaching and made sure every student got individual and personalised attention. The up and go attitude of the instructor was my highlight of the day and I would definitely recommend attending his class to everyone.

The venue was very well organised and had everything necessary for learning the art. I was happy and satisfied with the materials provided.

The experience was worth the value of money and I ended up learning a lot of things today and went back with greater knowledge about the art.

Haruka Kikuchi May 2023

Joel's teacher taught me kindly and politely a lot.
I'm really glad to could make coffee.
Thank you for teaching .

Coffee class review by Haruka Kikuchi - Sydney

Cillian Joyce May 2023

Great hands on training. Really enjoyed the class. Teacher was very informative & knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.

Hudson Apr 2023

Excellent class, the teacher was very attentive and helpful. Excellent for those who know nothing about coffee. Very good value for money, I recommend!

Milagros Garcia Apr 2023

The teacher was super friendly and patient, everyone has their machine to practice as many times as they want. 100% recommendable

Deborah Prado Apr 2023

Excelente la clase! Muy dinámica y divertida. Practiqué mucho y es muy genial el profesor Joel ☺️

Lucianna Cornejo Apr 2023

Have a lot of fun and learned all the basics of making good coffee, really personalised and great teacher! would definitely recommend

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Lucianna Cornejo - Sydney

Belinda Posa Apr 2023

Joel is an outstanding trainer, very friendly and knowledgeable.
I’ve come away with a better understanding of how and why and finally I nailed some art work, thanks to Joel.
Best thing is you get your own coffee machine to work on too!
If you need a refresher or know nothing about making coffee, this class is for you

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Belinda Posa - Sydney

Kristy Swift Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Professional 5 hour class geared for newbie baristas and coffee enthusiasts. Joel is a fantastic, passionate and knowledgeable teacher. We covered everything from beans, to getting the correct grind, creating the perfect shot to milk, art and every type of brew that is sold throughout coffee shops today. I loved this class and learned so much. I came home smelling like coffee and wanting to bounce out of bed to recreate a perfect cup on my machine. Now I have the smarts, I know where I am going wrong, so off now to buy myself a good grinder. And loads more practice.

Jonny Lewis Apr 2023

Joel was an awesome teacher and very friendly. Taught us many useful tricks and learned a lot.

Marina Socias Apr 2023

We spent a maginific time. And we learnt a lot! I recommend it to everybody. Thank you so much.

Coffee class review by Marina Socias - Sydney

Weronika Gabryszewska Mar 2023

Teacher was very helpful, answered every question, gave few useful tips.
I would be happier if there were different sizes of jugs and different kind of milk (plant ones) as their use is slightly different.
Venue was ok.

Queenie Balbuena Mar 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class was very informative. Joe was very attentive and made sure everyone is learning. Definitely worth the price.

Coffee class review by Queenie Balbuena - Sydney

Peter Wu Mar 2023

Paul was a great teacher. He was polite, energetic and keen and clearly had a passion and experience for making coffee. Went from novice to now being confident on among a cup of coffee

Yvette Weber Feb 2023

Enjoyable workshop covering the basics and foundation knowledge for a beginner barista, or for anyone interested in coffee making. Good venue with everything that you need for making coffee. Teacher was knowledgeable and experienced. Overall good value considering cost vs content. If you already have experience in a cafe or working with commercial coffee machines then you probably need a more advanced class. Would recommend for beginners and anyone needing some confidence looking for work in hospitality.

Emily McPherson Feb 2023

paul was very hands on and patient with us :) we all had a great time with him.

Zoe Walter Jan 2023

Fantastic teacher, really interesting class that catered to a lot of different interests and skill levels

Una Cancian Jan 2023

Tash ran a fun relaxed class whilst teaching us the finer points of coffee making. I feel that we achieved a lot in just a few hours. I think I can now recognise where a barista goes wrong if I get a bad coffee and can produce a reasonable coffee myself. Thanks Tash

Rhyce Peach Jan 2023

Everything about the class would have been great, apart from having more attendees than Tash had been propped for.

Having enough gear for 3 students doesn't work well when there are 9 instead.

I have to stress, everything with Tash was great, there were just too many people in the class.

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Rhyce Peach - Brisbane

Guntaporn Thaingthum Dec 2022

It is a very good school for studying coffee. I got good techniques for making late arts.

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Guntaporn Thaingthum - Brisbane

Tom Yaxley Dec 2022

Ri was an excellent teacher that created a warm and co-operative environment. Their knowledge of creating coffee is invaluable - a true artisan!

Morgan Osborne Dec 2022

I don't want to right anything here but I have too you should not make people do that. Their is your tip.

Jin Kim Dec 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

It was really great class.
I can learn from starting and ending.
Especially He let me use milk freely, and it was great time to practice latte art.
Thank you

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Jin Kim - Sydney

Tyson Huynh Dec 2022

Overall experience was great. The teacher was friendly and informative. I would recommend this class to my friends.

Braian Larenas Dec 2022

Really nice course for begginers! And the instructor was clesr and nice too. I would recommend it

Jernej Kavka Nov 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

We started off learning about different types of coffee, what coffee shops generally expect from baristas and what we'll do for the day.
She showed us how to blend coffee beans, operate machines, why it's important to know how to properly blend, determine if your coffee blend is OK and make a couple of different coffees. It was very enjoyable making some coffee and I got good guidance on what I needed to improve.
At the end, we started with latte art, where we learned to do different designs.

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Jernej Kavka - Brisbane

Bruce Thurtell Nov 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The instructor was really great. She explained things very clearly and happily adapted to people’s individual situation (home mache only). She also gave everyone individual tuition as needed.

Tessa Levitt Oct 2022

Well prepared, good explanations, lots of time to practise, very helpful and both interesting and interested

Michael Huber Oct 2022

Very professional, helpful and great teacher. Good for beginners! We liked it! Thank you, paul

Joanna Bitar Sep 2022

This was an awesome course for me and my 2 teenage daughters. The teacher made everything very practical. We had our own coffee machines to practice on and went away with a lot of knowledge and skills. It will definitely help my daughters get a job and for me - I now know how to make a proper long black and slowly pour my froth over the crema in an espresso for a latte! Highly recommend whether you want to be a paid barista or just learn how to make one.

Toby Futeran Sep 2022

I think it was quite well made, and the teacher was energetic and helpful to me.

Joshua Nichols Sep 2022

Joel was incredibly insightful, always lending a helping hand and getting across information in a matter that was kind natured and easy to understand

Natalie Page Sep 2022

I was hoping to spend more of the lesson troubleshooting bad coffee. Instead we swapped machines or grinders as a solution.
Instead I’d have liked more help to tweak one variable at a time to make improvements

Prajna Bhat Aug 2022

It was a very good course to understand the basics, especially if you are new to the Barista scene and want to get into coffee making. This gives a good place to start.

Lauren Hayes Jul 2022

My sincere thanks to Sam! Sam is an excellent teacher and exudes enthusiasm, giving excellent training so as a student I finished the day with a lot more knowledge, understanding and skills than I would have ever expected after just a few hours! I’m now sure my love of coffee is taking me far beyond and on a journey. Confident to start a business!

Farlyk Rodriguez Jul 2022

I loved this experience, the teacher knows how to explain very well and we learned a lot in just 5 hours. Highly recommended, the only thing to improve is the delivery of the certificates because it has not yet arrived.

Hyun Kik Jun 2022

A great class to start your new barista journey. The teacher was engaging and paid close attention to all the students since we did not have such a big class. She had years of knowledge and experience to share her tips and recommendations to make brilliant coffee. This class is suitable for any new or existing barista as it will tell you what needs to be done to make a standard coffee. Below is my first attempt of making a heart

Barista and Coffee Art Class review by Hyun Kik - Brisbane

Ella Amery Jun 2022

Yvette was very informative and friendly, it was a really positive learning experience:) thank u

Delorin Heng Jun 2022

One of the best classes I attended, Sam was great and made the class a lot of fun. I loved learning about the coffee culture and how personal coffee is! The 5 hours went by quite quickly, definitely recommend!

Yo Yatsuzuka Mar 2022

short course but intensified program. it was a positive catalyst to begin to learn deep knowledge. could be fun but it is also useful for a serious learner.

Y Ngoc Feb 2022

I learned a lot about the world of Coffee and Latte! Keith was very helpful and ready to help.

Maya Simon Jan 2022

It was a great class with an awesome teacher. The venue was nice and provided everything. I have learnt great skills to use in everyday life. Would 100% recommend.

Yashna Jugnundan Jan 2022

The teacher never arrived. And we were unable to get a hold of them with the contact details provided. There was zero correspondence from The Coffee School. We all eventually went home, having wasted 2 hours of the day in travel and waiting time.

Prem Jan 2022

Sam is a consummate professional with a deep knowledge and passion for food coffee. It’s hard to walk away from this class without carrying some of that enthusiasm for making and appreciating good coffee.

While I have met a few people who are great at the craft of making coffee, it’s hard to find someone who’s also a great teacher, luckily Sam performs that role perfectly.

Happy to recommend it to anyone who’s looking to up their coffee making game.

Jeanne McConachie Dec 2021

Teacher enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Equipment great. Teacher was punctual and obviously loves people and coffee. Good recommendation for lunch

Jennifer Mainwaring Dec 2021

The teacher got lots of knowledge, patience and professional on his job .
I learned so much on making delicious coffee today .
Thank you so much

Jennifer Mainwaring

Affinity Plus Jul 2019

Great hands-on fun introductory class. The teacher was great and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend this course.

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