Composition Essentials of Photography Class

Find your photographic eye through composition

The Aperture Club

The Aperture Club

5.0 (1)

2 hours Class size 1 to 10

label $160 (or 4 payments of $40 Afterpay)

Photography is an intricate study that can fill a lifetime, literally! Not only in terms of learning and implementing technical elements of how to control exposure and light but understanding the wonders of composition and how to create strong, engaging and memorable imagery.

In this workshop, which is perfect for photographers of all levels, we discover how to create a well-composed picture and how to communicate its message clearly and effectively. Get behind the lens and discover endless photographic opportunities. We will show you how to come away with some great pictorial stories.

Taking control of the camera is one thing but taking control of your vision is another. Composition uses forms, shadows, colours and lines and is key to crafting a work that can truly be called art. You will learn to compose with a depth of field as well as learn the very important skill of planning and positioning background elements to set the subject.

Also, explore the various ways to use light in your images and the effects we can create using different shutter speeds. Most importantly you will learn in easy steps how to use composition to create stunning photographs.

In this Sydney workshop, as in all our workshops, our philosophy is to practise as we learn. We will set you assignments to complete in your own time as well.

What we cover:

  • Composition: understanding the basic concepts
  • Depth of field and blurred backgrounds
  • Natural light and its properties
  • Framing: wide-angle to close-up
  • Using angles to create interest
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Symmetrical composition
  • Leading lines/diagonals/straight and circular lines
  • Creating mood using lines, shapes and form
  • How to use geometry in your compositions
  • How to use textures and patterns
  • Distortion and form
  • Frame in a frame

What you will learn:
  • The essentials of composition
  • How to use linear perspective
  • How to use lines, curves and the importance of colour placement
  • Understanding form
  • Arranging visual elements in your frame
  • When to create monochromatic compositions
  • How to create mood and emotion in your pictures

Detailed Aperture Club course notes will be emailed to you on completion of each workshop.

Knowledge required
No prior knowledge required. Beginner-friendly.
What to bring
  • Your camera
  • Computer
  • Notepad and pen

The Aperture Club, 55-57 Flood Street, Leichhardt NSW

Your teacher
The Aperture Club
The Aperture Club

5.0 (1)

Sharon and her team of professional photographers are passionate about meeting people, travelling and of course photography. The Aperture Club runs photography workshops and tours that allow you to develop your creativity, with like-minded people.

We believe that experimenting and playing with your camera will enable you to master it quicker than studying books or trawling the internet watching videos. Our workshops are designed to give you the mindset which will open up your creativity and inspire you to use your camera. All our workshops, tours, day and weekend trips are designed to help you think like a photographer and sharpen you observation.

Discover your passion or just becoming more knowledgeable with your camera.

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