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Crockd was started with one mission: to get the world out of its head and into its hands.

We were looking for a way to unwind from the week. We wanted something that could help us chill out and find a sense of ease. Something imperfect, messy and real. Something creative.

We figured we’d order some clay online, watch some tutorials and get our creativity on. Only ordering clay wasn’t so easy — it involved wholesale accounts and bulk amounts.

But although our impulsive crafternoon was out of reach, it got us thinking… Maybe there were other people (like you!) looking for fun date night ideas, a way to unwind or a way to connect with their creativity and with others.

So we hosted our first crafternoon with some mates and it was pure magic — interesting creations, deep conversations and a whole lotta laughs.

That’s when we knew this was something more people needed to experience.

So fast forward a couple of years, and here we are. Still shook that so many people believe in our mission, and want to get Crockd with us.


Meet Crockd

Crockd has thrown pottery into the limelight with funky DIY clay kits and casual classes, all designed to help you get out of your head and into your hands.

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Hanh Le Apr 2024

The class is really well-planned and fun! Really friendly and lovely instructors! We’d love to attend more of these

Mia Creed Apr 2024

It was such a fun night, definitely will be going again. The staff were extremely helpful throughout the whole class. It was a very cute venue, and easy to get to via public transport. 100% recommend if you're looking for a fun night out.

Christine Judd Apr 2024

it was a friends birthday gift and we had a fun evening. the teacher was very knoledgable in the craft

Amanda Augustin Apr 2024

Wheel pottery has been such a therapy for me. I fell in love with it. And beck is the best teacher. Always helpful and patient

Lauren Scott Apr 2024

Great class! Lovely studio and can’t wait to see the finished mug. Thank you!

Talia Birol Apr 2024

Our instructor was amazing! Such a fun and different experience with my partner to end the weekend with

Steph Keegan Apr 2024

This was so much fun! As a first timer, Danielle was super helpful. Will definitely be back!

Julia Lang Apr 2024

Great course, would highly recommend! Loved the relaxed atmosphere and the small group allowed for a lot of personal assistance on the wheel.

Mr Felipe Plorutti Apr 2024

Great fun class, loved the hole experience. The venue is really comfortable and the materials and wheels work great

Issy Lees Mar 2024

Super friendly and fun staff, got to make a couple of different pieces with potential to glaze at another season for free

Adriana Marinovic Mar 2024

I loved it! Such a fun activity! Instructor was 10/10! Would do it again 100% such a fun night out with friends

Laura Blasdale Mar 2024

Great team building exercise for my colleagues and I, friendly instructors, easy pottery. Would recommend.

Alicia Bartone Mar 2024

Although the setup was good and atmosphere was nice, we received extremely minimal guidance or feedback or assistance from the instructors. Consequently, as a first time potter left to my own devices, my mug looked like a child made it. This didn’t leave me feeling great after I attended the class to be taught a new skill.

Make a Mug Class for All Ages review by Alicia Bartone - Sydney

Christine Lorraine Hoppitt Mar 2024

The teacher was great! We were given time to finish our creations in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Just needed better brushes to paint more intricate designs.

Aleesha Gibby Mar 2024

So much fun! The gals running the workshop were great and had some fab banter and puns. Love it!

Keianne Mackey Mar 2024

The host is hilarious and so kind and caring. You will love this even if you suck like I did haha so keen to come back and do the wheel throw

Kylie Forbes Mar 2024

Wasn’t clear about the full process & potential of the mug. Wasn’t informed we were taking them home & invited back for glazing which would have been ‘inspiring’ at the start of the class.

Rebecca Nguyen Mar 2024

Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy this class, only primary colours were given - so it was just hard to mix the colours I needed. It really limited my creativity, it took me at least half an hour to just mix up a beige. The amount that was given was also so small, found it really annoying. For an art studio that can’t even provide variety of colours and expect us to finish it within an hour is ridiculous. So we just decided to take our pottery back home and do it ourselves.

Rachel Southwood Mar 2024

My pottery was broken when I arrived, so I didn’t paint.
Would have been great to be able to confirm the condition of the pottery before I made the trip there.
Would recommend a change in the process, I had to initially follow up on my piece actually being available, despite being told that I would receive an email. And then when I was able to secure a paint session, my piece wasn’t even in paintable condition.

Devshree Mar 2024

We came as a group for the Margs and Booty class and loved it! Host was knowledgable, patient and took us through the process very smoothly (despite a very loud group!) The free flowing margs and good music was a great touch- Would highly recommend for a date night or group activity with friends.

Melissa Mackinlay Mar 2024

Todays fun session was a follow up from several weeks ago to doing the painting of the pottery pieces. There was a friendly and helpful staff member guiding us through the painting process.

Holly Peasland Mar 2024

23 ClassBento workshops attended • 20 reviews

Lots of fun and can’t wait to see the finished pieces, I would have preferred to do an evening or weekend session

Alice Martin Mar 2024

Teacher was great, very knowledgeable and willing to help. She was also very patient with my 7 year old and he had an absolute blast!

Nicole Potent Mar 2024

It was poorly organised, there was little to no instructions (had to actively ask) and no support/check in throughout the class. I'm still not sure if I used the right paints in the right order. I guess I'll find out when/if I pick them up.
Upon leaving the session, not even a 'bye, thanks for coming'

Ashleigh Krawczyk Mar 2024

Booked in a hens party at Crockd for a private booty mugs and margs class it was great. We all had the best time and the host was great in showing us what to do then giving us the freedom to create our own pieces.

Lauren Sharam Mar 2024

Had the best time making booty mugs with my friends celebrating my birthday! Would highly recommend, such a fun atmosphere, all the tools we needed were provided and our teacher was awesome.

Rosie Campo Mar 2024

Loved this class. The teacher was really cool and laid back and it was so much fun to be creative and make what we wanted! I’ll definitely be back!

Hologic - Carol James Mar 2024

Loads of fun and a wonderful opportunity to relax and have good conversations with colleagues in a different environment. Host was great too - fun and open and flexible to group needs, provided the right amount of instruction and freedom to explore options. Good value for
Money team activity. Would have loved to do the spinning wheels too however for the size of the group, understand it wasn’t a realistic option for all. Had a wonderful 2 hours.

Caroline Garrett Mar 2024

My 13 year old daughter absolutely loved the class! Her positive take-aways included - learning a cool new skill, friendly and funny instructor, cute environment - just a wonderful /fun way to spend a Sunday with a friend :)

Qian Lee Mar 2024

I organized a mug slab session for an office team building event. Nicole was our instructor for the 2 hours and was very cheery and helpful during the session. She even accommodated those that didn’t want to make mugs. Most importantly, she was great with drink top ups :) super value for money for just $90 per person with unlimited drinks. We all had a great time and some of us were even enquiring about follow up sessions. Looking forward to be back the next time!

Shannon Chan Mar 2024

Rlly enjoyed it, instructions seemed clear but we’ll see how they turn out haha!

Eoghan O'Doherty Mar 2024

The teachers were brilliant, such an enjoyable night catching up with friends and making pottery Highly recommend Crockd :)

Jeremy Villareal Mar 2024

It was my gf birthday and we loved it. The place is so cute, all materials are provided, we loved the fact that you can make whatever you want.

Stephen Patane Feb 2024

My partner and I were looking for a date night idea, and the Clay & Sip class was a fantastic addition. The class was relaxing, and all of the tools and equipment were quite clean & professional. During the class, the teachers were extremely supportive with creating something you wanted, even if it required harder techniques. The whole process felt quite seamless, and we would love to come back again with a larger group!

Edwina Macphillamy Feb 2024

What a beautiful space for our 10 year olds to create. The teacher was lovely, very patient & fun. Cannot wait to return again soon.

Johanna Zätzsch Feb 2024

The class was very beginner friendly and the instructor really took his time to explain ever thing. Very good value for money

Jolien T'kint Feb 2024

Glazing session: Friday 23/2/2024 10.30am

The glazing session was very therapeutic and fun. The teacher was very lovely.

Daniel Hayes Feb 2024

Did this class with my daughter as part of a birthday present for her. We both really enjoyed the chance to get our hands dirty, have some fun and learn something new, and walk away with new mugs which will trigger special memories every time we use them!

Melissa Mackinlay Feb 2024

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

The 2 instructors at Crockd were very polite, friendly and patient with the class. They provided a fun atmosphere with music playing and glasses of wine.
All the materials and tools were supplied to allow us to get creative and our hands dirty(in a fun way). The Crockd studio was super easy to find. It is on Military Rd opposite the The Oaks Hotel. Very easily accessible by car and bus. We get to come back for another session to paint the clay pieces we made in a couple of weeks. Thanks so much Crockd for a fun evening!

Kahli Feb 2024

We had a fantastic time at Crockd for my Hens night! It's such a beautiful studio with great natural light, so we got some amazing photos. The class was so much fun! Really relaxed vibe and Nicole our teacher was great at handling everyone going at different speeds. We were provided with all of the materials we needed, and I liked that the studio had some examples around so that we could get inspiration for what to make. Would absolutely love to do another class at Crockd!

Danica Jobson Feb 2024

We had a great time at Crock'd. We booked a private class for a hens and it was a lot of fun.
The venue was beautiful and perfect for photos. Nicole was a welcoming and friendly teacher!
The only downside was we ran out of time and wanted to stay longer!

Clay and Sip Class: Slab Shapes and Bottomless Wine review by Danica Jobson - Sydney

Niamh Geraghty Feb 2024

The class was value for money and the teachers were so friendly and it was such an amazing night

Hayley Braban Feb 2024

I warm, welcoming environment, really clear instructions, and we got to produce some lovely pieces

Winny Tang Feb 2024

The painting session was really good and fun.

But one of my clay was broken which was really dissappinting. And one of my partners went missing….

Carolyn Smith Feb 2024

Bec hosted an amazing class. It felt laidback & comfortable but at the same time guided quite well. Highly recommend!

Georgia Tsamis Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was a really fun evening. The teachers were very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Making the little pot was really easy and a lot of fun. Margaritas were surprisingly delicious. :-)

Ivka Lovrencic Feb 2024

I Had so much fun learning at Pottery wheel class,.
Everything was explained and teacher was great

Sophie Allen Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Such a terrific evening with good friends to catch up and celebrate a milestone birthday!

Declan Garufi Feb 2024

Alice & Bec were lovely, very helpful and knowledgeable and made the experience so much better!

Tony van Feb 2024

Was a good experience and the teachers were amazing, would definitely recommend, good vibes and drinks

Hope Arnibal Feb 2024

Me and my girlfriend came for a day date; the pottery class is a very fun date idea. The teacher was great and very helpful, the process was easy enough to pick up and we enjoyed alot.

Stefany Mihalic Feb 2024

The class was the perfect amount of time, the teachers were amazing, really friendly and helpful! The room was well decorated and set the mood. Our group really loved it

Toni Michael Feb 2024

This class was awesome, my boyfriend and I loved it. Throwing is a lot harder than you think! Great hands on instructor who helped make sure the pieces progressing ok. Overall a lovely environment and fun experience. Looking to do more wheel throwing classes ️

Cathy Huang Feb 2024

The glazing session was complementary of a previous pottery session. The teacher was very patient and gave good tips. She also kindly borrowed us her own paintbrushes. A booklet was also given with detailed instructions of the process and design inspiration.

John Moritz Feb 2024

Had an unreal time, such good value! Will and have recommended to my friends already.

Clare Robertson Feb 2024

Loved our evening at crockd. Great venue, great teacher. Limited to what you can learn in 2 hours but still a fun way to spend an evening!

Daniel Slater Feb 2024

Great way to spend a Friday night!
The hosts were friendly and welcoming and the class fun and as challenging as you want to make it.

Gabrielle Keaton Feb 2024

Such a fun, unique and entertaining evening with the crockd team. We met some lovely people and had so many laughs!

Eden Camilleri Feb 2024

Have this as a birthday present. Was a lot of fun. Alice and Bec who hosted were great and Margie’s were delicious!

Natasha Moir Feb 2024

Amazing class! So well taught and so much fun! I will definitely be coming back!

Nick Belajevic Feb 2024

Ultimate date night joint in Sydney! Teachers were friendly and was hella fun. Would highly recommend

Oriel Thomson Jan 2024

So much fun would definitely recommend. The wheel spinning class really lived up to the motto of out of your head and into your hands

Christine Lorraine Hoppitt Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I absolutely loved the class! I was a beginner but the teacher gave me lots of help and I was able to produce 3 bowls during the session! I'd love to try it again!

Phoebe McEgan Jan 2024

So fun! Had the best time with my partner! The mugs turned out so cute!

Valeriia Roshchina Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I’m sure I would have enjoyed the session of my mug wouldn’t be lost. Had to go home empty handed

Lisa Brandon Jan 2024

Gift for my best friend we loved it! Recommend to anyone who wants a fun and creative afternoon out.

Make a Mug Class for All Ages review by Lisa Brandon - Sydney

Vickie Lieu Jan 2024

We did this class for a friends birthday. It was so fun.
Teachers were pretty hands off but you can always ask for help.
Items were provided, you just show up which is great.

Pottery class review by Vickie Lieu - Sydney

Marie Basset Jan 2024

I went with my mom who was visiting from France. We had a great time. Amazing teacher, funny group, great atmosphere. Wine “unlimited”. We all laughed a lot even though we didn’t know each other. Would def recommend for anyone wanting to create but also have a great a time

Andrew Galer Jan 2024

Teachers were great and found it to be a great date night, would definitely recommend

Jacqueline Zeller Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Kids absolutely loved their time in the class. Teachers were helpful in guiding but also give them creative freedom. Already looking into another class!

Evelyn Acworth Jan 2024

It was a really positive experience for my granddaughters. I like the fact that they could get as much or little help with their choice of model. I booked the workshop because there was time at the shell and everything is included in the price.
Great emphasis on fun and upbeat teacher. They were very sensitive and helpful with my younger granddaughter who was in tears to begin but she had a ball. Have recommended this workshop to a friend.

Bronte Anderson Jan 2024

The wheel throwing class was an amazing experience! The studio was stunning and well equipped, and the teachers were friendly and highly skilled. As someone who had never used a pottery wheel, this class was super beginner-friendly, yet would be suitable for any skill level. Highly recommend this class as a gift, a treat for yourself, or an enjoyable evening with friends!

Pottery class review by Bronte Anderson - Sydney

Mariyoula Symeonidis Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

My daughter & friend thoroughly enjoyed their holiday workshop.
They made 2 beautiful pieces thank you.

Katrina Porter Jan 2024

Thankyou! Lots of fun! Instructors were very helpful! Would love to come again! Thanks again!

Ellie Beech Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was amazing. We had lots of fun. "Slay amazing slay slay"

From one of our Mums
The girls had a great time in the schol holiday session. Between them they made 7 items they are super excited that they get to go back again in a few weeks time to glaze them all. From a parental point of view the class was extrememly good value and its the happiest Ive seen my 11 year old daughter all holidays! We will definitely be back.


Paloma Celse Jan 2024

I had a very nice time. I went there for my birthday and had a really pleasant time. Everything was well explained and no rush feeling. Cant wait to glaze my mug. Thanks ❤️‍

Pottery class review by Paloma Celse - Sydney

Safa Skaff Jan 2024

My daughters liked everything stating from the teachers, to use the dough and smack it, to use the spinning wheel, to create their cups or anything they like It doesn't matter if it is not as expected as it is the first try.
When I asked them, would like to come again, they loudly said YEEEEEEESSSS!

Pauline Malcouronne Jan 2024

We did this class on a Wednesday night with my partner.
The set-up of the space was great and our two teachers were so lovely. Instructions were super clear.
It was great to create a first item together and get free time to create things on our own. Rose wine and mocktails were offered. Overall great night !

Janelle Rui Jan 2024

Good value as an add on to the mug class

Teacher helpful and pleasant enough although I would have like a few more tips or pointers

Ritu Boyd Jan 2024

A wonderful school holiday program to keep children creative, interactive and social away from devices! The teachers were kind and patient as well as attentive to student needs. Value for money with an individual piece of art as a keepsake and so much fun - we will be back again!

Brennan O'Flaherty Jan 2024

The class leader was patient and attentive. Class was simple, enjoyable with all materials fit for purpose.

Sasha Goryaeva Jan 2024

My friends made me a very cool birthday gift - the master class was awesome. The host was great. Thank you for a wonderful evening :)

Victoria Palmer Jan 2024

Such a great class - kids loved it and learnt a lot! Thank you - Bec was a fantastic teacher and so good with the kids.

Jack Bingham Jan 2024

An amazing first experience for my son in pottery. Great experience booking in, arrival, and throughout the class. He cant wait to come back.

Elle Abdallah Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The Kids LOVED the experience, asking to rebook them for another session.
Staff were so friendly and very helpful.

Jodie Priestley Jan 2024

My daughter and her friend had a great time, the teachers were helpful and nice. She used a pottery wheel and came home asking to go again.

Hayley Young Jan 2024

Good little intro to clay. Class was a good size and the vibe was high.

Monika Lord Jan 2024

We arrived early and got to kick off right away! There was clear instructions and my husband and I had a great time I only wish i had thought of my ideas sooner as I was a bit stuck for what to do on the day, however, they had some amazing hints for me!

Erica Wood Jan 2024

My son had the best time at the pottery class this morning, he can’t wait to go back. The teachers were so knowledgeable and patient and we were really impressed with how lovely the studio was. Will definitely be coming back.

Tania Hackett Jan 2024

Great afternoon with as our tutors Laura's a great help. Location perfect. Might book another class.

Michelle Davey Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Danielle was a wonderful and patient teacher and shared her time well amongst all members of the class. We loved learning the techniques and trying to create something worthy of taking home.

Bree Gillespie Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher and space were great I really loved the instruction given, I found it simple enough to follow!

The value for money was okay, I think I found it slightly expensive because I didn't drink any margaritas or mocktails as they weren't of much interest to me, so maybe an option for no bottomless drinks for a little bit cheaper would be a good option!

Hand Building Pottery Class: Booty Mugs and Margies review by Bree Gillespie - Sydney

Kristie Leonard Jan 2024

Had so much fun! Teacher was great and got to make as many pots as we wanted! Great value!

Olivia de Gruchy Dec 2023

We had so much fun in this class - great instruction and a really nice atmosphere.

Laura Minns Dec 2023

Had the most fun at our booty and margs class. Teachers were fantastic and such a lovely vibe. Would highly recommend!

Tiana Dolores Dec 2023

That was so much fun! Sophie was a great host and took song recommendations which made it even better. Would highly recommend to anyone as a fun date or friends activity

James Henderson Dec 2023

Class was alright, instructors felt kinda rushed & annoyed to be there. And the wine ran out.

Pip Butt Dec 2023

So much fun. Good to zen out and create something.
Fabulous instructors guiding you all the way.

Fanny Fogelstrøm Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I had a great time at crocked!
I would definitely go again! Great atmosphere and friendly staff ❤️❤️

Felipe Chavez Dec 2023

Sophie was amazing, so patient and helpful! Such a great set up, and so so SO much fun!

Adrienne Huang Dec 2023

- Easy and flexible to book.
- great location
- lovely staff
- lots of fun
- nice set up

Kiera Mizzi Dec 2023

Such a fun night! Great walk through & explaining for first timers
Thank you for having us!

Matthew Young Dec 2023

Friendly teacher with great tips for newbies like us. Had a blast on the wheel, rose in hand!

Karla Brooks Dec 2023

My daughter loved her afternoon at the studio. She made three things and loved making something on the spinning wheel. The ladies were lovely with her and she loved the time creating. We would definitely book in again!

Eric Le Dec 2023

The materials and venue were fabulous. The cute cartoon designs on the packaging of the materials and maps were incredible. I loved the easy to follow steps which worked out. I also liked the design tips on customising the cup.

It could have been clearer on when to fire the cup and when to glaze as it seemed as though they were the same session. Otherwise, the class was too expensive.

Mary McMillan Dec 2023

Great night! Our instructor Laura was so helpful and explained everything really well.
Cutest venue, loved the vibe at night with really nice lighting and candles!
Plenty of time to make 2 really great pieces. Bottomless Rose was also a win!
Fun date night idea!

Pottery class review by Mary McMillan - Sydney

Trish Fisher Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We had such a great time - Highly recommended.
Danielle gave us great instruction - so well we actually made a bowl or two :)
Good idea for a date too :)

Libby Green Dec 2023

We had such a fantastic Christmas Party with Bec on Saturday night. She was fun, kept he vibes high and made us all laugh. The team really enjoyed out class and can't wait to see our creations soon!

Pottery class review by Libby Green - Sydney

Chloé Smit Dec 2023

Such a fun workshop with music, creativity and nice drinks! The room is so beautiful and the people leading the workshop very kind.

Nadia Carmody Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Dani was awesome, she was very knowledgeable and helpful! We Loved this class and can’t wait to see the finished product.

Eva Chown Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Booty mugs and Margies class was so fun! The space is lovely and the teacher Laura brought great energy to the class. Moulding the clay is so satisfying and it was a great activity to do with my group of friends…we had a good laugh!

Maddy Parkinson Dec 2023

I booked a class for my boyfriend and myself in the Black Friday sales and it was great value for money. The tutors were really helpful and the class was super relaxing and fun. The only downside is it can get quite loud due to the small venue and music but overall was a great experience.

Louise Peacock Dec 2023

I booked this event for a friend and myself to enjoy some time together and to do something fun and creative, and we were not disappointed. Honestly this is one of the most delightful experiences I’ve been able to do in Sydney and it so worth it in every sense! And a big shout out to Danielle for being such a great teacher as well. We had such a great time

Juliette McCoy Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Amazing! The hosts were so helpful and creative, helping with all our wacky ideas and creations!

Clay and Sip Class: Slab Shapes and Bottomless Wine review by Juliette McCoy - Sydney

Hannah Berghouse Dec 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class, was so much fun my partner and I had a great time at Crockd.

Danielle Meng Dec 2023

Came here with my friends for my birthday and we all loved out time here. Bec and Emma were super friendly and helpful. Highly reccomend!

Maya Bohr Dec 2023

Our instructor was great, clear step by step instructions. She was open for us to complete own creation and provided advice on what to improve on. Was fantastic!

Charmaine Phillips Nov 2023

The music was good music, teacher was lovely and had a lot of fun! Would definitely recommend

Pottery class review by Charmaine Phillips - Sydney

Abbie Encarnacion Nov 2023

Did a 4 week course and loved it Bec is the best Will be back :)

Isabella Matthews Nov 2023

This class was so fun! We were taught a few techniques and then had the freedom to use those techniques to create our own version with our own creative twist. Teachers were so kind and helpful.

Christine Chan Nov 2023

Lovely staff and relaxed atmosphere. Great for beginners and lots of fun, there's no rush. Ample space to use your creative flair.

Pottery class review by Christine Chan - Sydney

Sophie Missen Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really fun evening making our mugs! Everyone was super friendly, the explanation for each step was thorough, without feeling like you were back at school. Tasty free-flowing margs helped get our creative juices flowing even more! Would highly recommend for a fun evening out!

Gill Angel Nov 2023

Loved the whole concept and all went too fast would like to have had more time
Nice energy n vibe in the room
Overall a great way to connect with people you're with be creative get out of your headspace and into your hands

Lauren Barclay Nov 2023

So much fun! The teacher was so encouraging and supported any creativity, it was a great way to celebrate end of year as a work team :)

Hand Building Pottery Class: Booty Mugs and Margies review by Lauren Barclay - Sydney

Isabella Smolinski Nov 2023

I really loved the class, the atmosphere was super relaxing and it was so nice to do something creative and calming! Was definitely worth it’s value and will definitely be coming back with all the girls :)

Livia Tereu Nov 2023

The teachers were great, patient and knowledgeable and fun.
The venue was really nice, very cosy and easy to access.
Value for money is ok.

Anna Karolina de Andrade Lopes Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I didn't like the class. Before the class started, I told him I wanted to make a mug. When the piece was ready, the teacher said it wouldn't be possible to attach the handle. In addition, he didn't give any support to the class, only to two girls, so much so that the couple who were there ended up leaving before finishing.

Elise Craig Nov 2023

my parter and i had a fantastic time making mugs at crockd neutral bay definitely recommend

Rhiannon Dempster Nov 2023

Great environment and teacher. Was self paced and didn’t feel stressful or overly prescriptive.

Mariana Alves Nov 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I had a great time! The teacher explained everything clearly and the class was delightful

Gaëlle Vince Nov 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended

The ambiance of the class was really relaxing allowing us to boost our creativity.
Teacher was really nice, she took the time to come and check on everyone on a regular basis.

Pottery class review by Gaëlle Vince - Sydney

Lyndsi Crowder Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Very nice and helpful teacher and a lovely relaxed atmosphere. Great for parents to do with their kids too. My son is 9 and there was a 7 year old there as well.

Ann Abraham Nov 2023

The class was so much fun with yummy drinks! The instructor was super friendly and explained everything very patiently. Will definitely go back again!

Samantha Todd Nov 2023

Professional, classy, cute, totally instagrammable. Had such a lovely time! Really flexible and responsive when booking my friend's hens. Will definitely come back for more!

Laurinda Corcoran Nov 2023

What a great experience. The instructors were so welcoming, fun and friendly. This is definitely worth the money and who ever is going to complain about bottomless margaritas!

Tahlia Allen Nov 2023

Teacher (Alice) was amazing! So nice to talk to and create such a good environment for all of us.

Amanda Sundstrom Nov 2023

We surprised our girlfriend and had the best time Would definitely come back Thank you lovely Dani for your patience, good learning and good vibes, and amazing tunes too xxx

Pottery class review by Amanda Sundstrom - Sydney

Kate Nieass Nov 2023

Really fun class, small group and great teacher. The 2 hours went by so quickly!

Madeleine Diamond Nov 2023

I like the fact that you now get to decorate your piece. The teacher was super helpful and colours etc were all provided as well as some inspiration pieces.

Rhys James Nov 2023

What was the teacher like? The teacher was very nice and approachable. She kept us topped up.

How was the venue (if applicable)? The venue was fantastic. Great setting with all the equipment needed.

If materials were provided, did you like them? Yes they were all essential for the experience.

Was the experience good value for money? It was quite expensive. However it is inline with other offerings out there.

What did you do / learn? Learnt some techniques to make a mug! It was also a great way to switch off from obtrusive thoughts.

What did you like most? The relaxed nature of the workshop.

Bec Robinson Nov 2023

Absolutely great class! Everyone had lots of fun and our instructor Pru created a great atmosphere for a hens. Would definitely recommend this class.

Natalie Caruana Nov 2023

The lesson was fun and well presented and the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Agnes Gustafsson Nov 2023

My mug was broken. I wasn't even advised of this beforehand so I went all the way to the session to glaze it and pick it up just to be told that it had broken. Felt disrespectful and like a waste of my time and money.

Megan Lees Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Such a fun class, lovely atmosphere, plenty of margs and a little bum mug to keep would definitely recommend!

Ai I Lo Nov 2023

The class was great! The teacher was skilled, knowledgeable and friendly. The materials were nice. We made booty mugs. The margaritas were great! It was a birthday present and we both loved it!

Hand Building Pottery Class: Booty Mugs and Margies review by Ai I Lo - Sydney

Erin Stott Nov 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

So much fun! Great class. Fantastic instructor. Would recommend to all of my friends. Thanks!

Phoebe Coram Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Loved this class! Took my bed friend and had a ball. Just Booked the class for my mum to enjoy too. It’s fun and inclusive and Margie’s were yummt

Would recommend

Nickolaus Oct 2023

We really enjoyed the glazing session! We got our pieces after waiting a few minutes for the staff which was fine. It’s a really great add on experience after attending a fun session a few weeks back and nice way to spend the weekend. There’s plenty of glaze colours to choose from and we were given heaps of ideas. Looking forward to seeing the our pieces fired and ready to use!

Abbie Blake Oct 2023

Awesome evening. Danielle was lovely and great at explaining and instructing! Very fun and therapeutic experience, good value for money!

Sabrina Rabbani Oct 2023

Had the best date night. Laughed throughout the session, learnt some cool things and we'll come back again. Highly recommend!

Maddison Savage Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Such an amazing Date Night, loved the energy and the hands on experience. It was my second time at the studio will not be my last.

Nicole Potent Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great teacher, fun activity (it's harder than it looks). Nice studio, wish the class was longer.

Anonymised ClassBento student Oct 2023

Loved the class! The instructor was really helpful and made the class super fun. Would definitely come back again

Tim Pearson Oct 2023

Our session started at (1030), there was no real timeline given and by the time we'd finished one of our two pieces from the wheel throwing class the next group (1130) was pouring in while the one staff member (who did amazing) tried to help people and desperately apologise for the wait and try to set them up in different areas of the shop space. We felt incredibly rushed in trying to finish our remaining piece and it impacted the finishes all the pieces received. There was also a shortage of sand paper meaning the customers with sand paper had to rush and the customers without sand paper and to sit and do nothing as that was the first step.

Roxanne Joyner Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Firstly we had 2 lovely instructors who guided us through the entire process. The location is stunning. Felt such a vibe having the session in this beautifully decorated studio. Everything you need is provided and all set up when you arrive. We were welcomed with the margaritas and really had a good time.

Audrey Michelin Oct 2023

The venue was super easy to find, clean and well decorated.
The instructor was great, she was on her own which was challenging for her but she handled it well.
I love that they offered non-alcoholic drink options as well as wine.
The class was really enjoyable and I'm looking forward to going back to glaze my mug.

Jackson Adams Oct 2023

Was an amazing experience with a great instructor. The wine was also a nice treat.

Stella Hochstrat Oct 2023

The class was ok.

Similar to the actual pottery class that I gave detailed feedback on, I felt this class was very rushed.
- We started 20mins late which resulted in people for the next class waiting around & even though we got to stay longer it felt very much like, get your stuff done and free your seat
- the explanation of the single glazing steps was not very clear so each table actually ended up questioning individually
- the colours available weren’t all primary colours

Overall very disappointing experience for both sessions, considering the amount paid.

Emily Eldridge Oct 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The teacher was super nice and friendly. However they didn’t have enough paint and the session before overran. I would still recommend as it was a really therapeutic experience to glaze my mug I had built from scratch previously.

Samantha Murphy Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

After having so much fun at each class with Crockd I can't wait to sign up for my next one. The whole time goes too fast as you are just having so much fun. Definitely recommend it to anyone keen on a fun, relaxing, and creative activity!

Narelle Campbell Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Excellent afternoon. Alicia was a fabulous teacher. Totally enjoyed the experience. We will be back

Kayla Oct 2023

This was a really cool experience, I had heaps of fun, despite being terrible at pottery! Bec & Prue were awesome, the margies were pretty good and I can’t wait to get my finished products back! Appreciate the creative freedom given & relaxed vibe.

Pottery class review by Kayla - Sydney

Shannon Paterson Oct 2023

Great value and fun! Good materials, well set up. Entertaining and helpful. A fun experience overall. Would do it again and recommend it.

Holly Edwards Oct 2023

Amazing night at Crock’d! Danielle was a fantastic teacher and had so much fun, would highly recommend

Kyana Chan Oct 2023

The cutest class with super friendly staff and yummy margs Would recommend to all for date night or with the girlies :))

Kirrily Gould Oct 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

What a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends. Tapping into our creative side, chatting and learning a new skill. The staff were wonderful couldn't recommend more

Hand Building Pottery Class: Booty Mugs and Margies review by Kirrily Gould - Sydney

Liz Leigh Oct 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

It took us 30 mins to find our pottery. They were all in the wrong buckets. The studio was messy and definitely added to the anxiety, rather than creating a relaxing vibe. The pottery was already glazed, meaning we couldn't paint and glaze. We just had to accept the pots and leave, without participating in the glaze activity.

Anonymised ClassBento student Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great experience! Teachers very funny and engaging, and very helpful when somebody needed help or advice. I liked how eve thing we used had a little logo of the place on it, and the space itself had a great vibe.
Would 100% do again

Kirsten Carlisle Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The slab vase class with bottomless rose was so much fun! The teachers were very helpful and patient. I went solo and met some lovely people too. Highly recommend!

Scott Sep 2023

I organised a team building event for my company, everybody has commented on what a great time they had and can't wait to see their creations kilned and glazed! Thanks for making it such a fun event and great value, plus who doesn't like going to the Oaks across the road for a post-event drink (or two!). Thanks for being such great hosts and definitely recommend if you have a team of 20 that you don't want to go to an Escape Room or Bowling again :-)

Pottery class review by Scott - Sydney

Irene Cotellessa Sep 2023

Great Wednesday night with friends - so much fun for a night out. Highly recommend ( also very therapeutic)

Beth Rowe Sep 2023

Great experience for a corporate activity. Lots of fun, a touch challenging and cool to learn a new skill.

Elaine Fitzgerald Sep 2023

Brilliant experience. There was 24 of us and everything was organised and explained so clearly.
I would highly recommend x

Pottery class review by Elaine Fitzgerald - Sydney

Milou Schrap Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

An absolute amazing experience! The staff was extremely helpful and explained every step very clear. The mocktails were also super jam:) Thanks

Pottery class review by Milou Schrap - Sydney

Zoya Jamshidi Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had a fantastic time at Crock’d. The instructors were really helpful and we were easily able to approach them for more direction when we needed. Using the clay was therapeutic and relaxing. I loved the end product we created! Would highly recommend.

Jess Pastidio Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Absolutely loved it! Crockd team is amazing! Yellow the little puppy was also cheering for us!

Phoebe Coram Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Our venue was beautiful and the teachers were amazing. Making sure our drinks were filled up and that we were encouraged and helped through the mug making process :) about to go get them back after being fired in kiln

Jade Ward Sep 2023

Teachers were friendly and all utensils provided Great fun with friends Definitely gets you out of your head!

Keiley Mead Sep 2023

The teachers were incredibly funny and hospitable! Super clean venue and the materials were really high quality. We were taken through the whole process and it was super easy and fun to be a part of the class Came away with a super fun mug and margs were delicious!

Pottery class review by Keiley Mead - Sydney

Katrina Montgomery Sep 2023

The whole experience and vibe was amazing! We went for a work social event, and that’s exactly what is was! So social. So fun. The teachers were also very patient with us haha thanks so much crockd! Will be back x

Pottery Class for Private Groups review by Katrina Montgomery - Sydney

Erin McCauley Sep 2023

Such a lovely way to spend an evening. The teachers were lovely and the venue is beautiful. Thank you Crockd!

Annabelle Gersch Sep 2023

So fun and cute very freeform so you just get to relax and have fun and roll with the mistakes. Butts and boobs so fun! And bottomless margs what more could you want.

Brynn Korpi Sep 2023

The venue was so cute and fun The leaders were very helpful and really wanted to make sure that we all had a great time. It was such a fun activity

Sherry Lai Sep 2023

Super fun class And yum margaritas would highly recommend! Lots to make as well so it will keep your 2 hours occupied

Layla Nazha Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Amazing teachers, BEAUTIFUL location and studio. Couldn’t ask for more! 10/10 and will be back soon.

Clay and Sip Class: Slab Shapes and Bottomless Wine review by Layla Nazha - Sydney

Madeleine Diamond Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This is the third Crockd class I have done and Id be back for more! Super fun activity to do with friends or family and not too difficult.

The teachers were lovely and super firendly.

Make a Mug Class for All Ages review by Madeleine Diamond - Sydney

Laura Kirkpatrick Sep 2023

This was amazing! Such a great experience and the 2 hostesses were so welcoming and supportive

Camila Galizzi Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Loved ittt Jason and Dani are the best. In only 4 classes we went through all the steps of wheel throwing without knowing a thing (super friendly for beginners!) They were very kind and supportive with each and every one of us.

Elise Marnoch Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I had such a wonderful time at Crockd doing the mugs and Margs course. I invited 12 friends to join me and we all had a ball! Dani and Alice were fabulous, super helpful and informative and they just felt like another one of the girls. I would highly recommend this experience to my friends and family!

Briana van Hilst Sep 2023

Loved the class, the venue had a lovely atmosphere and the leaders were super helpful and friendly (even talking us out of our perfectionistic ways!). We were given the option to switch from booties to boobies and it was lovely to have the freedom as well as guidance. :)

Bec Attanasio Sep 2023

Bec was awesome - clear articulation of instructions and hands on helpful

Jaime Cymbaluk Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The packaged clay dries too fast. Towards the end it was almost impossible to use my clay. The instructors were nice and helpful.

Elouise Sep 2023

Was great fun and easy to show your expressive side! Great teachers and atmosphere with a steady pace to discover your inner arts!

Hand Building Pottery Class: Booty Mugs and Margies review by Elouise  - Sydney

Rebecca Hanly Sep 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great fun and enjoyable evening . Easy to follow and free to do whatever you feel like making

Hand Building Pottery Class: Booty Mugs and Margies review by Rebecca Hanly - Sydney

Holly Peasland Sep 2023

23 ClassBento workshops attended • 20 reviews

Thank you for an amazing time. Alice and Prue our teachers were great and the venue was had such a great vibe. We had lots of laughs and can't wait to come back and do the glazing. I definitely "got out of my head and into my hands"

Hand Building Pottery Class: Booty Mugs and Margies review by Holly Peasland - Sydney

Sonora Lada Aug 2023

Tonight Was an awesome experience - I’ve also realized, I am definitely not a creative soul ‍♀️

Pottery class review by Sonora Lada - Sydney

Willow Stefanovic Aug 2023

Such nice staff, such good experience and amazing drinks Will def come here again soon

Sofia Naso Aug 2023

Loved it! Such a fun way to relax!
Huge thanks to Alice for hosting the coolest class :)

Tiphanie Berthomiere Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Cute, funny, Margie flowing evening where creativity takes over the work mind! Loved it ❤️ can’t wait to drink off my butt mug

Allie Thornton Aug 2023

This was such a fun experience. Our teacher was great and got the opportunity to make 2 pieces each. It was our first time and great for beginners.

Emily Baita Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Kind approachable teacher was t afraid to ask questions and omg loved the dog! Also the encouragement of refills for wine was great

Christine Casaljay Aug 2023

The class was so fun. Jason, the instructor, made it look so easy. 2 hrs went by so fast but nevertheless it was worth it especially if you're just starting out at wheel throwing.

Laura Crawley Aug 2023

Alice was amazing and so helpful This was well worth the money! I'll definitely be back. Super beginner friendly too!

Imogen Hassall Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Had a wonderful instructor Alice who helped with any questions, all materials were provided and a stunning space to create in!

Make a Mug Class for All Ages review by Imogen Hassall - Sydney

Kayla Maggio Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

So much fun! Alice was an amazing leader, the group of people was so fun to talk to and we got to make a memory and a mug to take home! Will definitely be coming back!

Chloe Torres Aug 2023

Had balls of fun. Prue and Alice were lovely and so hopeful. Thank you x

Pottery class review by Chloe Torres - Sydney

Cynthia Groot Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Challenging but fun workshop! The wheel trowing is a lot more difficult than I thought on beforehand. But with the help of our instructor Jason I managed to create a nice bowl.

Sally Humphris Aug 2023

Very suportive lots of fun highly recomnend. good to try something creative with great teachers.

Hayley Holden Aug 2023

Wow oh wow! What an incredible experience we had for a hens night! You were very responsive, pleasant and informative to deal with when booking - just so accommodating! Danielle was our instructor and was really helpful with arrangements, it was well organised and set up. Also the margaritas were delicious! I really couldn’t recommend the class enough. Job well done by all involved! And the hen had a fabulous time!

Pottery class review by Hayley Holden - Sydney

Michelle Tran Aug 2023

10 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The atmosphere was relaxing, our host explained the instructions well and was very patient with us and we had a lovely time creating our mugs

Pottery class review by Michelle Tran - Sydney

Elana Carnevale Aug 2023

So fun, I love that u get to make two mugs and the instructors were lovely

Fabienne Cizmowski Aug 2023

My first time and it was good fun, chilled atmosphere and lovely little studio. Highly recommend!

Alexandra Laitly Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The place was so cute and the instructors were very helpful in guiding you so you are happy with the piece you want to create

Olivia Owens Aug 2023

Love love loved the girls were so lovely and perfect amount of helping Love love love

Pottery class review by Olivia Owens - Sydney

Carryn Masluk Aug 2023

Attended with my team from work and we all enjoyed it so much. A great evening out.

Rez Cabala Aug 2023

21 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

What a great class! The venue is so relaxing and nicely set up. The instructors were really great in guiding us throughout the class and supported my creative take on making my mug. I felt super relaxed after the class, and I can't wait to pick my mug up!

Saskia Mondon-Ballantyne Aug 2023

Great staff and great vibe, would definitely go again! Great teaching on techniques and lovely atmosphere.

Chantelle Ronquillo Aug 2023

Great experience to have with friends and family. Staff are experienced and friendly. Highly recommended

Samantha Murphy Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Couldn't have asked for a better experience! The class was lead to be so much fun and made the whole experience all the more enjoyable. Fantastic atmosphere and so happy with our creations!

Catherine Isaac Aug 2023

The teachers were fantastic. Very entertaining and the instructions were easy to follow. My only complaint would be the drinks. The margaritas were awful, tasted like they were straight from a can. For such a beautiful venue, and the price, I would have thought we’d get authentic, handmade cocktails, not ones poured from a jug. Apart from that, my friends and I had a fantastic night, thank you

Jiaxuan Du Aug 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

really fun class, Jason was very hands-on and good at teaching, made the learning experience very smooth for visual learners

Adrienne Teunissen Jul 2023

Thanks for the class today! It was fun creating a mug.
A few points of feedback;
- The group was rather large and the acoustics of the space made it quite noisy. People were overpowering each other.
- We felt that we lost some time (+20min) in the beginning (probably because of the big group) and spent more time on the small creation that we didn’t have enough time for the big mug (which was the centerpiece in our eyes).
Was really looking forward to making my own mug and it ended up being quite stressful at the end to finish on time. The result are not as desired and quite questionable. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed the class, but it would have been great if we could spent more time on the centerpiece.
- The hosts were all very friendly.
- Explainations were clear.


Jil Schütze Jul 2023

Very nice venue and knowledgable teacher. Intimate and fun experience! Want to come back and try the other courses! :)

Pottery class review by Jil Schütze - Sydney

Amy Elenius Jul 2023

Jason and Pru were wonderful teachers. The class was intimate and friendly, everyone had a wonderful time. There was enough time for teachers to help each student 1:1 and the results were a pleasant surprise. See you again soon Crock'd!

Pottery class review by Amy Elenius - Sydney

Kerrie Skelton Jul 2023

Thanks so much to Rosa for such a fun arvo. You were a fantastic host and were extremely friendly and helpful. The team had such a great couple of hours and as well as making some awesome pottery, they thoroughly enjoyed the Rose too.

Molly Finlayson Jul 2023

Very fun and good instruction

Anthony Barden Jul 2023

Jason and Prue were excellent and with great kindness, patience and expertise guided the class for a fun and effective learning experience.

Claudia Adolphus Jul 2023

Lovely teacher, very helpful and fun! We will definitely be coming back again soon! Thanks

Rez Cabala Jul 2023

21 ClassBento workshops attended • 9 reviews

Such a nice venue and atmosphere! The class was really fun and I liked learning a new skill. Highly recommend!

Chantelle Mansour Jul 2023

Great class, teachers were patient and supportive throughout. Great bonding experience for our team. Would go again!

Kellie Maloney Jul 2023

28 ClassBento workshops attended • 24 reviews

Absolutely loved crafting this voluptuous lady at Crockd! The teachers were so friendly and helpful and gave everyone plenty of freedom to get creative and do their own thing. The class is amazing value for money and a great night out. Highly recommend to those interested in sculpture.

Pottery class review by Kellie Maloney - Sydney

Isabel Dean Jun 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Nina was so sweet Loved the class, super great instructions but also freedom to do what you want. Definitely want to come back

Olivia Campana Jun 2023

Pru was so helpful! Such a fun night.
Would highly recommend for a fun group activity

Kellie Maloney Jun 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This was my second time at a Crockd workshop and I absolutely loved the experience (again). The atmosphere is great, the teachers are super friendly and the activity itself is so much fun. Would highly recommend!

Clay and Sip Class: Slab Shapes and Bottomless Wine review by Kellie Maloney - Sydney

Alexandra Pratt Jun 2023

I enjoyed it but I don't think ill be back. I wouldn't say this is "Bottomless" in the 2 hours they poured me a whole glass at first and I asked for a second, only toppled up my glass half way I asked again for another one and again only topped up my glass half full which was strange. I guess I'm on a glass half full kind of girl.

Laine Fullerton Jun 2023

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

We had such a fun time in this class! The teachers were super lovely and taught us all the basic skills of slab building and then let us create whatever vase design we wanted. The bottomless rosé is a nice touch too. I would definitely recommend!

Clay and Sip Class: Slab Shapes and Bottomless Wine review by Laine Fullerton - Sydney

Tiffany Fung Jun 2023

10 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

The slab vase n sip class was so much fun! Loved the idea of not having to create the perfect piece but to get your hands dirty and have fun with the people around you :) would definitely recommend!

Katie Milton Jun 2023

16 ClassBento workshops attended • 7 reviews

Such a fun class! The instructors were so friendly and upbeat, taught us everything we needed to know and gave us the freedom to create our own pieces, thankyou! Will definitely recommend :)

Clay and Sip Class: Slab Shapes and Bottomless Wine review by Katie Milton - Sydney

Olivia Linsdell May 2023

Amazing, will def do another class. Instructors were really great and helpful. Would definitely recommend!

Mia Dobell May 2023

We had a great time at this class! there was lots of great instruction and tips given to us, but ultimately we got to be really creative with our designs!
Would definitely recommend this class!

Pottery class review by Mia Dobell - Sydney

Nikki Conley Apr 2023

Thank you so much for an awesome workshop! The hosts were so great, friendly and fun. All the girls had such a great time :)

Gwen Nguyen Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The instructors are lovely, funny and so helpful ❤️ Will be back Very happy with my art piece.

Eleanor Phillips Apr 2023

Such a good event. Crockd always smashes it out of the park and this one was no exception.

Alice Hill Apr 2023

I had such a fun time at Crockd's slab vase making event! The vibe of the studio was amazing, and the workshop hosts made the class feel so easy and enjoyable.

Aria Baker Apr 2023

I loved the intimate feel of Crockd Studios' ceramics making event. The workshop hosts were so skilled and informative, and the atmosphere was so relaxed and fun.

Emma Lewis Apr 2023

Crockd's slab vase making event is the perfect girls' day/night out! The workshop hosts were amazing, and the studio had such a fun and creative energy.

Lucy Scott Apr 2023

I loved the intimate feel of Crockd Studios' ceramics making event. The workshop hosts were so skilled and informative, and the atmosphere was so relaxed and fun.

Audrey Green Apr 2023

Crockd's slab vase making event was so much fun! The workshop hosts were so friendly and knowledgeable, and the studio had such a great vibe.

Poppy Murphy Apr 2023

Crockd Studios was the perfect venue for the ceramics making event! The workshop hosts were incredibly friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere was so creative and welcoming.

Savannah Hall Apr 2023

I had such a fun time at Crockd's Slab Vase and Sip event! The vibe of the studio was amazing, and the workshop hosts made the class feel so easy and enjoyable.

Ivy Thomas Apr 2023

Crockd Studios was the perfect venue for the Slab Vase and Sip event! The workshop hosts were incredibly friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere was so creative and welcoming.

Hazel Edwards Apr 2023

I was blown away by the beautiful space and atmosphere at Crockd Studios. The pottery class was such a fun and engaging experience, and the teachers were so friendly and helpful.

Ruby Clark Apr 2023

Crockd Studios has such a great vibe, and the pottery class was no exception. The teachers were so encouraging and made the class feel so easy to follow. Can't wait to come back for another class.

Zoey Mitchell Apr 2023

I loved everything about this pottery class! The teachers were so patient and informative, and the studio had such a great vibe. Can't wait to come back!

Sienna Johnson Apr 2023

My friends and I had a blast at this pottery class! The teachers were amazing, and the studio had such a great energy. Can't wait to come back for another class.

Matilda King Apr 2023

I was blown away by the beautiful space and atmosphere at Crockd Studios. The pottery class was such a fun and engaging experience, and the teachers were so friendly and helpful.

Lily Wright Apr 2023

This pottery class at Crockd Studios was the perfect date activity! Loved the intimate feel, bottomless wine, and the chance to create something unique and special. Highly recommend for couples looking for a fun and romantic day/ night out.

Sophie Lee Apr 2023

What an amazing pottery class! ‍ The teacher was so talented and patient, and I loved the opportunity to explore my creativity. The studio had a great atmosphere and made for a perfect activity.

Ella Wilson Apr 2023

My partner and I had so much fun at this class! Loved the intimate feel, bottomless , and time to create freely at the end - made for a really great date night.

Ava White Apr 2023

My friends and I had a blast at this pottery class! The teachers were amazing, and the studio had such a great energy. Can't wait to come back for another class.

Grace Jackson Apr 2023

I had an incredible time at the pottery class at Crockd. The teachers at Crockd Studios were so encouraging and friendly, and the atmosphere was so creative and fun.