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I’m a bestselling author, who has published a few books on topics ranging from salsa dancing to Brasilian music & percussion to life enrichment & autism. I’ve also taught college classes on writing and publishing. In addition, I play music and teach ukulele, and body percussion as well...

I love helping people follow their dreams to write (and publish) their own books, and am looking forward to working with you to achieve your literary goals.




Caitriona Ryan Jun 2023

Great workshop, Dan has really solid advice and heavy duty knowledge about how to write your book, while not being intimidating or making it daunting!
Have gained great insight and am so excited with what I have learnt!

Lucy Pignataro Mar 2023

I really enjoyed my session with Dan it was helpful to share and understand what l was looking for. Dan provided plenty to think about and mull over.

Natalie Smith Mar 2023

91 ClassBento workshops attended • 38 reviews

I am so excited I have been working on this but it has been so hard. He’s set me on the right direction. In one class I new more about writing then I could ever imagine. I shared with him my ides and off we went. Inspired and settled at the same time

Paper Craft and Ink class review by Natalie Smith

Tsen-Hwee Williams Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Dan was really friendly and informative and I’m definitely excited about writing my book now! Highly recommend!

Alex Pepper Dec 2022

Thank you so much for the insightful and informative session. Dan is very friendly, and I would strongly recommend them.

Paul Robson Oct 2022

Excellent fun! Dan is relaxed and encouraging. Now I’m ready to find my style! Thanks Dan!

Donah Sabbagh Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Good tips, engaging class, lovely human!

This was given to me as a unique birthday gift. I've enjoyed it, and I recommend for any budding writers out there.

Ali Anjum Oct 2022

Dan was absolutely fantastic. As a complete beginner, I learned a lot of new things about Ukukele.

Terry Aizen Oct 2022

Dan explained everything clearly and I love the way he gave me a full overview of playing ukulele in an hour. I love he he showed the potential to making it personalized and fit your style and mood. A great first lesson. Now to practice those chord changes

Matty Sep 2022

My wife got me ukulele lessons as a father's day gift and it was great. Dan was engaging, incredibly knowledgeable, and at the end of the lesson I could already play a son. (I had never even held a ukulele before the class.) Dan's also just a really nice guy. I've since purchased a uke and can't wait to play it for my daughter. Btw, learning a ukulele is wayyyy easier than a guitar.

I would highly recommend Dan.

Frances Lewis May 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Thank you Dan for a great hour lesson. So looking forward to honing my Uke skills over the next few weeks and then I will be back for more!

Danette Watson Mar 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

A very fun time - Dan keeps it very chilled and you really do feel like you’re actually playing within an hour.

Jo Huang Mar 2022

I can't be happier with the class with Dan. Really enjoy his style of teaching and the booklet he prepared for me to keep and practice after. I feel I was empowered to more freely enjoy playing ukelele and exploring different styles rather than focusing on the techniques and worrying about whether I was strumming it correctly.
Really excited to continue my learning of ukelele and can't recommend Dan's class more.

Mitchell Herrero Feb 2022

We had a great introductory ukulele lesson with Dan. Both first time players, my partner and I were stepped through a fun and smooth lesson with a no-fear culture to making mistakes. Recommend to anyone and everyone Enjoy the music !

Andy Nguyen Dec 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had a wonderful time and learnt so much with Dan. He was very supportive and encouraging for us to find our own style. We would definitely recommend this class!

Phillip Thai Dec 2021

Was so good to have an in person workshop after so long. Dan was great at facilitating the conversation and tried to really have the team work together.

Emma Morris Dec 2021

116 ClassBento workshops attended • 83 reviews

Dan was absolutely fantastic, this was such a great workshop I feel so motivated to write now Like I’ve already started pestering my friends to be test readers

Paper Craft and Ink class review by Emma Morris

Liz G Nov 2021

Dan is a very good teacher. Patient and encouraging. Materials good and clear. Would recommend to anyone.

Hopper Rebecca Oct 2021

Excellent really enjoyable and I learnt a lot in 1 hour. Dan is a very good teacher

Dee Murray Oct 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What an amazing birthday gift!
A fabulous experience.
Dan is an awesome teacher and very accommodating. Highly recommended
Thank you so much Dan! We loved it!
Stacey , Dee & Eva XXX

Gwynne Brennan Oct 2021

Dan is very personable and encourages your creativity. He brings some flair to the ukulele and demonstrates it’s versatile. I learnt a lot in a very short time and would highly recommend Dan’s workshop. The materials provided are excellent.

Megan Aug 2021

338 ClassBento workshops attended • 338 reviews

This was fun & Dan was very enthusiastic but felt rushed & he tried to do too much. It would've been easier if Dan was standing up so we could see him doing the whole routine. Would do a full length class as it would be more fun as there's more time to learn the routines. This would be good for seniors & kids. I would rate this 4 1/2 stars.

Susan Laverty Aug 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Very enjoyable, a highlight of my day. Teacher was very passionate and enthusiastic. The lesson was very well planned and flowed easily.

Mayuri Parekh Aug 2021

It was awesome mindful lunchbreak. I enjoyed throught the session and it was quite relaxing activity.

Robin Tabari Aug 2021

Haha This one was fun & a great one for kids!
Recommend to keep the little ones active!

Holly Bennett Aug 2021

Wow! SO much fun, Dan is amazing, so much energy! This is a great activity during this lockdown. Thank you Class Bento!

Nerys Thompson Aug 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Thank you ClassBento! This class was so much fun! I've never tried Body Percussion before and it's something that is completely out of my comfort zone but Dan was great and made it easy to follow along. Would highly recommend this as great way to break up your day.

Yosi Aug 2021

Good workshop. But isnt there any class except thursday? I'm too busy at thursday. Let me know if there is class except thursday

Ella Aug 2021

42 ClassBento workshops attended • 43 reviews

This was such a fun class, great lockdown mood-booster and the teacher was great.

Alix Madden Aug 2021

18 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

Fabulous! So energising and Dan was just excellent with including everyone. Was really wonderful! Thank you

Holly Peasland Aug 2021

22 ClassBento workshops attended • 20 reviews

So much fun, would love to do it again and even try the Ukkele class

Alicia Druery Aug 2021

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 14 reviews

Dan’s body percussion class was so much fun Thank you to Dan and Class Bento. That was awesome

Scott Johnson Aug 2021

Really good experience, Dan came into it with a lot of enthusiasm, ideas and experience which have really helped me focus on how to progress my book. It's a hard time to concentrate and focus, but I'm confident with Dan's advice that I can really take some big steps forward.

Sarah Ho Jul 2021

Thank you Dan for a wonderful class, at a beautiful setting! I did not have any previous music experience, Dan is a wonderful teacher, very patient and I found the class very enjoyable.

Anonymized Customer Jun 2021

23 ClassBento workshops attended • 19 reviews

Great session. Lots of tips on continuing, with ways to make chord practice interesting and how to improvise to make ukulele playing fun. Dan was inspiring and lesson moved at a good pace. I'm already playing more

Music class review by Anonymized Customer

Dorcas Walters Jun 2021

Dan is brilliant,totally enjoyed his class.He is very helpful and surely answered all my questions and undoubtedly put me on the track.

Lauren Manzo Jan 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Dan made the class very fun, even over video conferencing. He was well prepared with 2 laptops, one to show his notes and one to show himself. We could hear his voice and his ukulele clearly. He put the emphasis on having fun and teaching us that playing the ukulele is all about developing your own personal style, and doing what you want to do. Very inspiring. Thanks Dan.

Sarah Franks Jan 2021

It was a lot of fun to spend 45 minutes with Dan at the beginning of our offsite. He was well organised in how to make it work over video. The team had a lot of laughs getting the blood flowing and using our bodies as percussion. Thanks Dan!

Arunima Sharma Jan 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was a great class, I got to learn heaps and Dan was gentle and patient while teaching and answering my questions. Highly recommend!

Roberto Martinez-Maldonado Nov 2020

Dan is an awesome and patient teacher. The class is very clear and it really helps you to get the basics of ukulele playing and to motivate you to enjoy while learning how to play. The resources he uses are great and clear. I would gladly recommend this class and Dan. Cannot wait for mi next class!

Theresa Perry Oct 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was such a fun class! I am not particularly musical, though I thought it would be pretty cool to be able to learn how to play a song on the ukulele. Dan was patient and explained step by step how to play the different notes, he gave useful tips and showed some fun styling on how you can add your own flavour to any song. The class was playful and I learned to play a song. I look forward to playing some more at home and adding my own flavour :) Thanks Dan!

Belinda Thomas Oct 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended

I had a great time in my Ukulele class with Dan! As an absolute beginner, I was a bit nervous beforehand but Dan was really positive and encouraging and I had a great time! I just wish it was longer as the hour went very quickly!

Janine Poon Oct 2020

When it comes to playing an instrument, I’m an absolute beginner. So I was a little nervous to try this out. But Dan was a fantastic teacher who made me feel at ease, and by the end of the lesson I could actually strum a song! What I liked about this class is that Dan teaches the basics, but also expanded my idea of what ukulele playing can be. I didn’t know there were so many styles of playing, and now I’m excited to experiment and find my own style. This class is a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it if you’ve been thinking of learning to play a ukulele, or just simply learning a new instrument as it’s much easier than you think!

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