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As Sydney’s freshest Paint and Sip studio, we offer a fun night of painting, drinking, music and friends. Pack your favourite drink and leave the rest to us. You will be guided through your selected artwork by one of our talented artists. With fresh beats, fun artworks and your favourite drink, you can expect a fun night of dripping and splashing!

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Kerrie Hindle Feb 2024

I brought 15 staff to this event and it was fabulous.
Fun night for all. The venue was also fabulous.

Kate Marshall Feb 2024

What a wonderful evening. Dale was very helpful and provided lots of tips to ensure we were off to a good start. All equipment needed is provided with great music to keep your inspiration high. I’d highly recommend this experience.

Lana Formosa Feb 2024

Haven’t even received my diy painting kit x2 that were supposed to be shipped within 2days, tried contacting but no luck.

Nathan Saad Jan 2024

Awesome atmosphere, music was pumping and drinks flowing. Great selection of pictures to paint. Personally I have never touched a brush and canvas since high school but that didn’t stop me enjoying the experience. Staff was more than accommodating. There was a gentleman running the class who really well spoken and was always there to help with some techniques or even mixing up colours for us. Overall my partner and I really enjoyed the whole experience, but was better than expected and we already have plans to go back.

Vivian Borovickic Oct 2023

What a vibe Truly a great experience. The art teacher was so helpful, kind and knowledgeable. All materials were provided, the music was on point, we could not stop dancing and singing. Definitely get your moneys worth. It was absolutely one of the most fun nights we’ve had in forever. A night we will never forget Thank you to the team and drip splash

Painting class review by Vivian Borovickic - Sydney

Emilia Lezes Aug 2023

Had an amazing night! Great music and vibes, instructor was chill and it was nice to get into the zone and enjoy getting paint everywhere. Would definitely recommend if you're needing a break from life.

Sip and Paint Class - North Strathfield review by Emilia Lezes - Sydney

Lillian Porcia Jul 2023

First time to a sip and paint experience and I can’t wait to do it again!
Michael was so patient and there to help along the way and I was so impressed with all the results around the room by the end of the night.
Music was awesome and such a fun vibe.
We had drinks but others in the room didn’t so it was good to see couples and groups all enjoying their own experience.

Marie Crespel Jul 2023

Super fun activity to do, nice location.
Really enjoyed the 2hr open bar.
The teacher was very nice

Celeste Offord Jun 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Such a good vibe - we had so much fun and it was easy to follow along

Federica Lento Jun 2023

The venue and the teacher were AMAZING! everyone very kind. We will come back for sure for other events.

Gloria Contarino Jun 2023

Great class, amazing atmosphere and beautiful rooftop venue! Team is very friendly and we had so much fun celebrating mine and my friend hens party

Paint and Sip Class: Babylon Rooftop CBD review by Gloria Contarino - Sydney

Claire Zammit Jun 2023

teacher was amazing, our group was so good too, we ended up spending the rest of the night with them!

Crystal Abdallah May 2023

I took my sister for her birthday and we both really enjoyed this class. There were plenty of art options to choose from and the process was mapped out easily. We were able to create some really cool artworks despite being total beginners! Great choice of R&B music by the host artist and it was a chilled, relaxing vibe. Highly recommend!

Painting class review by Crystal Abdallah - Sydney

Jade Day Apr 2023

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I purchased the Paint & Sip Class - in the Club Edition - Parramatta x 2 for my daughter for her 16th Birthday. The class itself was enjoy and I would highly recommend it.
Michael the teacher / host was good, explained the process and spoke with each guest, helped everyone etc. There were a few things out of Michael’s control that both the venue and the owner of Drip Splash could look at, find ways to improve, such as the music - sound system in the room wasn’t working, and the hotel employees didn’t seem to fussed on trying to help out or resolve the issue. The time booked for the class is 7pm till 10pm, however guests to the class were told on multiple occasions that the lights usually get turned off at times around 9:30pm for the room we were in, to become a night club. A feeling of being rushed, for something that you’ve paid good money for, doesn’t sit well with me. Also out of Michael’s control were guests who turned up 45 minutes late to the class, intoxicated and asking / pretty much telling two other guests to move to a different seat, so that their group of six could all sit together then proceeding to help themselves to the items for the class without waiting for Michael to explain things and continuously swearing, using derogatory names for people of darker skin (yes you know the ‘n’ word, that I’m talking about), complaining that they didn’t have paint and paint brushes (paint brushes were on the table behind the canvas, right near where they’d sat there drinks - not sure how they were missed and the paint was on a table, available to everyone to put the colors they wanted on their plate) and just generally disrupting the class. I’m all for everyone enjoying themselves, but also have some respect for the rest of the class who turned up on time and were also trying to enjoy themselves.

Painting class review by Jade Day - Sydney

Hana David Feb 2023

Junior was helpful and cool as! So was the bar guy. The atmosphere was a total vibe. The whole experience was the best, will definitely be doing this again!

Danya Kanafani Feb 2023

Was chill. Loved the vibe of the place. The music Drip Splash was playing was SO good.
He was very calm, supportive and laid back. I enjoyed that.
Awesome location!

Paint and Sip Class: in the Club Edition - Parramatta review by Danya Kanafani - Sydney

Kalolaine Latu Jul 2022

Awesome class, even better teacher What a beautiful young woman❤️ Thank you for starting our drunken night off in an awesome fashionOnward

Painting class review by Kalolaine Latu - Sydney

Lauren Cannell Jul 2022

Was asked to review the product before it had even arrived and wasn't informed it was going to be delayed. It didn't arrive within the time specified, therefore we were unable to use it for the event we had planned it for and then lastly, when we first ordered the kit we wanted the Notorious B.I.G, then after we had paid for that design, we were sent a voucher to go a redeem it, when we went to redeem it, the Notorious B.I.G wasn't available, so we were left disappointed with no other choice but to then choose a different painting, that we originally didn't wantso basically $120 spent on something we didn't want and it didn't arrive in time so we couldn't use it anyway.

Cory Gray Jul 2022

Had a awesome experience with knowledgeable teacher. Venue was in a great location and would definitely be going back again!

Kalolaine Latu Jul 2022

It was awesome luv it will be doing this again - maggie was a great host…

Sip and Paint Class - North Strathfield review by Kalolaine Latu - Sydney

Takura Matenga May 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

It was such a great vibe, learnt a lot and Tray was a great teacher!

Alana Brown May 2022

62 ClassBento workshops attended • 10 reviews

Excellent art kit with lots of quality paints and nice selection of brushes.
Thanks very much

DIY Street Art Painting Craft Kit review by Alana Brown

Spiroula Stathakis May 2022

Great experience, a little more of a professional working space would have been good but that rustic atmosphere works. Took my boyfriend as a surprise for his birthday and he got to paint his favourite artist Tupac - absolutely loved it! Music was great, teacher was great and helpful and the artwork choices were awesome!

Would definitely go back! :)

Sip and Paint Class - Chippendale review by Spiroula Stathakis - Sydney

Sandi Apr 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

My friends and I had a wonderful time painting. Great ambience. We were there during the Valentine's Day special so the theme was Tupac. Tupac's music was played throughout the course of time. Super easy painting session for all beginners because you trace and print the picture prior to actually painting. It is not a step by step guide painting class. Therefore, this is not the class for intermediate or advance painters.

Sip and Paint Class - North Strathfield review by Sandi  - Sydney

Marc Schmandin Mar 2022

Had a fun night - our teacher gave clear instructions and encouragement when needed. Would definitely recommend.

Painting class review by Marc Schmandin - Sydney

Akur Juach Feb 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Trey was an excellent teacher, was really patient, helpful and involved with each individual present, had amazing soundtracks and showed us some cool painting techniques The whole experience was sensational, I copied his work cause I loved it the venue captured the essence of drip splash, great aesthetics! Worth every pennyyyyy

Sip and Paint Class - Chippendale review by Akur Juach - Sydney

Sarah McAdams Feb 2022

This class was loads of fun. We had a great teacher, Matt, and a really good atmosphere. Hip hop music playing, good pics to paint. All round a good time. Loved the casual vibe. Was awesome

Painting class review by Sarah McAdams - Sydney

Jai Thoguluva Dec 2021

Great class. Enjoyed it! Fun and relaxed atmosphere. Great way to learn a new skill

Tanya Arou Nov 2021

Would definitely do again, best experience, great environment and the teacher was great also thank you !

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