8 Environmentally Friendly Workshops in Sydney

8 Environmentally Friendly Workshops in Sydney


Climate change, resource depletion and species extinction are very real and their consequences, now more than ever are being seen across the world. Sustainable living is all about minimising damage to the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. It's all about getting back to the basics and making simple changes to your life, which, although may seem insignificant at first can make all the difference in minimising your environmental impact. So to make your journey to sustainable living less daunting we've gathered some of the best classes and workshops to help you get started living your best green life. 



Make a Reusable Cutlery Kit

It’s time to ditch single-use plastics and BYOC (bring your own cutlery). In this special Sydney Craft Week workshop, you'll learn how to make your own reusable cutlery kit. This green-inspired class will teach you the basics of sewing allowing you to create your own custom kit, using some pre-loved fabric. Enjoy learning new skills and take home the perfect sustainable accessory for any office lunch, picnic or weekend BBQ. 


Sustainable Jewellery Workshop

Got a favourite piece of jewellery that has seen better days? Discover how to restore your forgotten jewellery in this studio workshop running as part of Sydney Craft Week. Join contemporary jewellery artist Alice Whish, and learn how to make use of old items to inspire a new jewellery piece that you'll get to design, make and take home. Renovate your jewellery box and restore your collection into a wearable state in this sustainable class that will have your bling looking brand new. 


Sustainable Living: Composting in Tiny Spaces

Think you don't have enough space to compost? Think again! Living in a small space doesn't mean you can't start composting. Banish was born from a mission to help Australians reduce their waste with the right eco-friendly products and information. In this workshop, you’ll discover what you can and can't compost and how to get started on your no waste journey. So dust off your garden gloves and get composting– because there’s no time to waste.


Bio-intensive Vegetable Production Workshop

Grown from a simple raised garden bed, Urbavore now operates a market garden in the lower Blue Mountains. On a mission to reconnect people with the lost arts of abundant food production, this workshop will teach you how to grow veggies using bio-intensive systems. You’ll head home with a bunch of free seedlings to get create your own garden this Spring. So get ready to grow and begin your journey towards food growth in urban spaces.



Recycled Paper Making Class

If you've ever wondered how paper gets recycled, this is the workshop for you. Making paper might seem like something of the past, but recycling paper is something everyone can and should learn how to do. In this workshop, you’ll discover how to take your unwanted paper waste and turn it into paper that you can actually use. Reduce, reuse and recycle in this class and turn your junk mail into your own unique handmade paper.


Vegan Essentials Cooking Class

Just starting out on a plant-based diet? Or thinking about making the transition? Whether trying to grasp the basics or learn something new, this vegan essentials workshop is perfect for any beginner. Discover a new way of eating with a plant-based diet, learn new dishes, and leave with some great nutrition facts. Enjoy an array of delicious organic and plant-based snacks and meet some like-minded people along the way. You’ll walk away with confidence in your vegan dishes and a change in the way you look at cooking.


Visible Clothes Mending Workshop

Don't give up on your favourite pair of jeans or comfy jumper when you find a tear, learn how to repair and revamp your loved clothes. In this relaxing and fun series of workshops, you’ll learn how to repair and embellish your clothing to make it last. Stitching is a great skill which will not only save you money and clothes but will help you reduce your impact on the environment. So make your grandparents proud and add some personal flair to your worn-out clothes. 

Soy Candle Making Workshop

The secret to finding the perfect scented candle – make your own!  Candles are a great way to add some light and fragrance into a room. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make your own, fragranced soy candles for a fraction of the price.  Customise everything from the colours and fragrances, to the moulds and create your own delicious candle blend. Whether already a pro or just getting started, this candle making course offers something for everyone interested in the craft of candle making.


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