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Gloria Silva

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I can remember the precise moment when art became a big part of my life. It first piqued my interest while I was in primary school, I won contest and I received prizes. After that, I grew and work in banking but I thought is something missing that I love and I need to grow more and more and is my painting.

I am a self-taught acrylic artist and educator based in Sydney. I am very focus on bringing happiest to people and provide excellent experience in your life, there are two things among others that make you happy which is painting and food.

Focusing on painting allows a person’s mind to relax, when people create something beautiful through painting, they stimulate the creative mind.
I enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. My collection has a bit of nature, abstract, calm, force. I think everyone have an artist inside.
I teach fun painting classes and sell arts products for anyone.

So, if you are looking for fun things to do and revel the artist you have inside, this painting workshop is perfect for you. Get fun, be happy and enjoy the location surrounded by nature. Let’s create something beautiful together!




Patsy Wi Dec 2023

Lovely morning spent with Gloria. Gloria provided a relaxing environment along with high quality paints and paint brushes along with extra painting materials. We learnt to paint using different mediums. Two hours passed very quickly and we left with paintings in our hands and very proud of our efforts. Thank you Gloria for your hospitality and painting knowledge, giving us confidence to attempt creating paintings at home. Great value for money, highly recommended.

Teacher's response

Dear Patsy,

I am very happy that you are proudly showing your paintings to family and friends.
Thanks for your words and for being part of this journey, I enjoy completely the experience too

You are a talented couple; I am pretty sure that after this experience you have found again the artist within you. The knowledge of different techniques for realistic and abstract paintings done in class will make you comfortable to follow the steps of your artistic family.
I encourage to enjoy and create your next artwork. Be in touch for any advice
Thanks a lot, and the best for you too

Jessica Deacon Dec 2023

The teacher was fantastic to chat with, flexible with the painting, and gave heavy hands on guidance on the techniques and design. Ideal for beginners.

Teacher's response

Thank you! To be part on painting classes. I am very proud of you. I love your work and effort and I also love your texture art that you showed me. You are very artistic too! Just encourage you to practice with the acrylic pen, sometime is a bit difficult with the pulse but with the practice and support with your other hand could help you. Thanks a lot. The best for you my dear Artist!

Bethany Ellis Dec 2023

The teacher was very nice and patient. She knew what she was doing and was very helpful and encouraging.

Teacher's response

Hi Bethany, Thanks for your kind replay with 5 starts. As I told you before Happy friends, Happy Whales! Thanks for the big moment with you! You got it! and I am very proud of you! Be always happy as the happy whales! Gloria :)

Carmen Nov 2023

The teacher was lovely and made sure we knew why we did each step throughout the painting experience, guiding us to produce a wonderful painting that we can display in our home. The surroundings were calm and relaxed and the teacher provided all required art materials

Teacher's response

Thank you! I am so grateful for your kind words and 5
Start rating!

I am pretty proud of what you did “Abstract Painting, The
City” wooww you got good techniques now.

Thanks for being with me in this part of the journey.
I was so happy to have fun and share my knowledge.

Now, you could challenge your new knowledge and
create more wonderful abstract painting, you did very well!

The best for you my dear Artists!.

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