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Allow me to share my empowering journey with you. I'm Michelle Jones, a passionate advocate of natural vitality, wellness, and revitalization. My personal experiences have led me on a remarkable path of discovery, where I've acquired knowledge about fascinating tools that invigorate the body, boost energy, and promote overall well-being.

In 2002, during my pregnancy, I faced the challenge of finding alternative options to support my well-being without relying on medications. Determined to provide my baby with the best start in life, I delved into books, medical journals, and immersed myself in the study of Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, and Iridology. This journey sparked a transformative shift in my understanding of how we can revitalize our bodies naturally.

Through embracing a mindful approach to nutrition, exploring energizing practices, and harnessing the power of herbs and natural remedies, I experienced a profound transformation. The knowledge I gained not only revitalized my own body but also inspired me to share these incredible tools with others.

For the past 14 years, as a practitioner in the realm of natural wellness, I have had the privilege of guiding individuals towards a more vibrant and revitalized life. Witnessing their amazing results and the profound impact of incorporating the right tools, I've come to appreciate the incredible options we have to enhance our energy and overall well-being.

I'm here to empower you with these valuable tools that promote vitality and well-being. Together, we will explore the art of creating personalized herbal blends, utilizing invigorating practices, and discovering the remarkable benefits of nature's offerings. We'll embark on a journey of revitalization, cultivating a deeper understanding of the tools and techniques that nourish and energize our bodies.

Join me as we unlock the secrets to revitalizing our bodies, boosting energy levels, and cultivating a sense of well-being. Together, we'll embrace the wisdom of natural approaches and learn how to revitalize our lives in harmony with the abundant gifts of nature.




Jenny Holmes Oct 2023

I enjoyed the Herbal Tea Blending class very much. We each were given fresh herbs and learned about their properties. We then used dried herbs to make a tea blend that we could take home. Michelle was friendly, very knowledgeable and engaged the whole group. It was a fun afternoon.

Anna Xia Oct 2022

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Michelle is passionate about herbs and their medicinal properties to cure all the day to day ailments that haunt us. She’s a great presenter and maintains a herb garden where she harvests the fresh herbs to show us during the live-streaming class. I really enjoyed the class and will be blending the herbs to enjoy as a tea/herbal remedy long into the future.

Make Wellness Tea 101 review by Anna Xia
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