How to Make the Best Christmas Decorations in Melbourne

How to Make the Best Christmas Decorations in Melbourne

By Annie Symmonds

Keen to add some creativity and joy to your Christmas party ideas in Melbourne? Whether you’re looking for family-friendly Melbourne activities or things to do on the weekend, starting the holidays with a fun DIY hobby is the perfect way to boost your Christmas cheer and feel connected to your loved ones. Bring friends and family together to make beautiful Christmas decorations taught by a team of local artists and makers.

Christmas is such a magical time of the year when you can finally take a well-deserved break and cherish every precious moment without the pressure of your daily work routine. And guess what? This year, you have the perfect opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit and create wonderful memories with your favourite people. These delightful and exciting Melbourne workshops are guaranteed to make your Christmas holidays even more joyful and festive! Make your Christmas party activities in 2024 a time to focus on what truly matters—spending quality time with the people who mean the world to you. From crafting beautiful handmade ornaments to baking mouth-watering cookies and other delicious treats, these fun things to do in Melbourne will transport you to the perfect Christmas wonderland.

Since Christmas decorations hold such a special place in our hearts, it only makes sense to combine your Christmas party ideas with learning how to create your own Christmas decorations in Melbourne! Not only will you be adding to your ever-growing collection, but you'll also be crafting special memories with your family, friends or colleagues that are bound to warm your heart for years to come. So grab those craft supplies and let your imagination run wild. It's time to infuse your Christmas with a touch of DIY charm and make this holiday season truly unforgettable.

Without further ado, let's kickstart the festive season with these Christmas party ideas in Melbourne and transform your home into a space even Santa would be proud of!

Make a unique Christmas wreath in Melbourne

couple with christmas wreaths

One of the classic Christmas decorations every home should have is a Christmas wreath. Rather than buying an expensive wreath that won’t hold any special memories, why not bring your friends and family along to a wreath making class in Melbourne and learn to make your own? You’ll be able to customise your wreath and your unique creation won’t be seen anywhere else in your neighbourhood, or for that matter, in the world!

Taught by a local florist, you’ll learn how to make a fresh floral Christmas wreath using seasonal or dried flowers and Christmas decorations. Learn how to mix and match different flowers together to make your wreath unique. You’ll also learn about which varieties of flowers are best suited for wreath designs so you can keep on creating floral masterpieces when you get home. While many people choose to hang their wreath on the front door, you might like to hang it on a wall or around the fireplace for an extra festive feel. At this popular Melbourne workshop, you’ll gain the basic skills you need to make beautiful Christmas wreaths year after year with your besties or family, as and when you like.

Check out these fun ideas for a Christmas lunch in Melbourne and make some new traditions with your family.

Learn how to paint a festive artwork

couple at christmas paint and sip class

Get into the festive spirit and learn how to paint a joyful masterpiece with painting classes in Melbourne. Guided by a passionate artist, you’ll create with colour as you socialise with loved ones and sip your favourite drinks. Paint everything from Christmas trees to artworks inspired by Aussie summers and watch your creativity bloom! 

You and your little ones are going to have an absolute ball with this delightful Christmas activity! It's the perfect opportunity to come together as a family and create lasting memories. And if you're on the lookout for some team building activities in Melbourne, why not gather your colleagues and indulge in this meditative class together? You'll get to spend quality time bonding while immersing yourselves in a peaceful and enriching experience—the perfect way to switch off from work

Take time out of the busy Christmas period, step back and relax into what Christmas is all about – spending quality time with loved ones. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t started this new Christmas tradition earlier.

Craft DIY Christmas cards

DIY Christmas cards

Sending Christmas cards is a holiday tradition that goes way back in time. Although many people communicate over a device nowadays, why not go to the effort of sending a card in the mail to a loved one? Step it up a level and learn to make your own Christmas cards to add an extra sentimental touch—we promise it will go a long way. You never know how much your card will mean to someone you care about as you spread the Christmas cheer to loved ones.

Learn from a local craft expert in a Christmas DIY card making workshop and learn to customise your very own Christmas cards you won’t find anywhere else. If you always struggle to find the perfect card, you’ll gain the skills to continue making your own, whether it’s birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards, Father’s Day cards or Easter cards in the future.

Bring the kids with you and help them feel part of a family activity you can do all together. There’s no better way to spend quality time together than by making cards that spread joy to your loved ones.

Learn how to paint at home

Christmas party ideas Melbourne

Stuck at home or far away from your loved ones this Christmas? Let us bring the festive spirit to you with a fun live-streaming painting class! Learn how to paint a Christmas-themed artwork at an online paint and sip class. It doesn’t matter where you’re based in Australia as anyone can attend this online art class. Perfect for family or friends who can’t make a class in person, you can still get together virtually and enjoy an entertaining painting class.

Taught by a local artist, this beginner's online painting class is sure to help lift your Christmas spirit as you learn to paint Santa’s favourite reindeer, festive florals or other Christmas-themed masterpieces. You won’t need to pick up any tools or materials to take part in this class as you’ll be sent a beautiful DIY craft box lovingly packed by local artists and makers.

Simply set up your workspace at home, don your favourite Christmas accessories and get ready for a Christmas painting class like no other. Join via Zoom and you’ll feel like you and your family could all be in the same room together. Start this virtual painting class as a new Christmas tradition and you’ll continue it for years to come.

With various ideas to create your own Christmas decorations in Melbourne, it pays to think outside of the box and spend quality time with loved ones creating memories that will last a lifetime.  

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