Ikebana Floral Art Class

Aya Shibata

Aya Shibata

President of Ikenobo Ikebana Society (Sydney)

2.5 hours 1 to 6 label $75

You'll learn how to arrange flowers in the Ikebana style, which is very different from the European style. More specifically, you'll learn about the Ikenobo school within Ikebana, which emphasises elegance and simplicity, originating from Buddhist monks.

This is a very relaxed, calm and meditative class, perfect for getting some peace in today's hectic world.

You'll learn about the history of Ikebana, and about Japanese culture too. You'll use Kenzans (pin pads) and ceramic vases as your base, to build your 'freestyle' arrangements. There are three styles that you'll learn and explore:
- Moribana - "filling up" the container, with a very natural look
- Nageire - "thrown into" the container (very similar to Chabana or tea ceremony flowers), a simple arrangement with usually only one or two flowers
- Jiyuka - creative modern/contemporary freestyle, where you can use other materials, like plastic or metal to complement your flowers

You'll learn about the 'Yin and Yang' of plants (sunny and shady sides) and how best to express these.

You'll make creative and elegant arrangements, using your newly acquired skills and knowledge. Gift your arrangement to someone special, or keep them and beautify your living space.

You'll get plenty of guidance and one on one feedback, and walk away with foundational knowledge of the key techniques in Ikebana, as well as your lovely flower arrangements.

Knowledge Required

No knowledge needed - perfect for beginners

What to bring

If you have any containers you'd like to use, please bring them along, otherwise I'll provide Kenzan and vases that you can use

You'll get to take away your arrangements via cute little gift bags, which will give shape and structure for your floral art.

Alternatively, you can buy a high-quality Kenzan (special vase imported from Japan for Ikebana) for $35 on the day to take your arrangement away in.

Suitable for

This class is popular for a hens party, special occasion or baby shower.


3/105 Deering st, Ulladulla

Your teacher
Aya Shibata
Aya Shibata

President of Ikenobo Ikebana Society (Sydney)

I started learning Ikebana since when I was ten, and studied graphic design after high school. My design background is what makes my approach to Ikebana particularly distinctive. I studied in Kyoto for three years, and received a diploma of Ikebana teaching. I've been teaching ever since, for decades, and I still enjoy it very much.

I was born in Fukuoka, and spent the first half of my life in Japan, but came to Australia in the 90s to indulge in Australia's ocean lifestyle. The sea continuously inspires me, and I've developed a passion for surf art. I paint on canvases, as well as seashore gems like sea glass and driftwood. The unique style of my surf art is shaped by my knowledge of Ikebana.


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More about this class

Moribana is one of the classic expressions of Ikebana. Its literal transalation is 'piled up flowers'

It was introduced in the late 19th century, and heralded a Western influence on Japanese flower arranging. It typically is placed in a Kenzan, and may feature horizontal spreading of flora, in contrast to earlier styles which emphasised vertical lines.

Nageire on the other hand focuses on spontaneous arrangements, which are less bound to the classical 'rules' around shape and colour. A common expression of this style is a tall skinny container, from which springs an upright stem.

Jiyuka is even freer, where the artist express any creative idea. Artificial materials and unusual containers are sometimes used to create unexpected and inspiring floral arrangements.

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