Knife Making Workshop

Learn how to forge your own chef knife in a day

Creative Man

Creative Man


8 hours Class size 1 to 3 label $590 or 4 payments of $147.50 Afterpay

Come spend an exciting day with us in this practical introduction to knife making, and go home with your very own hand-forged chef knife from high carbon steel and a beautiful handle!

In this class, which is suitable for beginners, you will experience shaping your own knife with hammer and fire, as well as learn a bit about the forge, anvil, tools and techniques used in blacksmithing.

This workshop is very involved and includes forging your own blade, heat treating it yourself, grinding it to shape and attaching it to a pre-made handle. It begins with a safety briefing and then we discuss what it takes to get into knife making as a hobby, the tools required, where to source materials, safe working practises and an overview of the project of the day.

This full-day workshop consists of:
- A safety briefing and tool overview (hammer/anvil/grinder/heat treatment).
- Blacksmithing: forging your own blade from high-carbon steel.
- Heat treatment: heat to non-magnetic and quench your blade.
- Lunch break: hydrate after forging session and get some food into you!
- Grinding room: safety, tool overview, grinder operation, blade grinding technique.
- Grinding the blade: profile to your design, grind bevels to sharp.
- Finishing the blade: progress to high grit belts and finish with scotch Brite for a satin grinder-finish.
- Handle fitting: select a pre-made handle and attach this to your chef knife.
- Sharpening: we will sharpen your completed forged chef knife before you finish for the day.

The workshop includes:
- All materials required (carbon steel, hammers, tongs, anvil, gas forge, PPE, grinder, abrasives etc.)
- Forging your own knife with hammer and anvil.
- Help with grinding bevels or forging as required.
- Heat treating your own blade by heating and quenching in oil.
- All instructions and support required.

As this is a full-day workshop, it will include a couple of short breaks.

Please note: To complete the knife in one day, we will use pre-made handles and there is no handle construction component of this course.

Aside from this class, this teacher also has the following coming up:

Knowledge Required
No prior knowledge required but some fitness required due to the hammering involved. You will need to have the ability to stand up in front of an anvil and lift a 1 kg hammer above the head for some time. This is not suitable for anyone under 16 years of age or with limited mobility.
What you'll get
All required materials on the day and an introduction to knife making by making their own forged chef knife in a day, including attaching a ready-made handle to the blade they forge and grind.
What to bring
Closed-toe shoes, full-length shirt and pants in cotton rather than synthetics.

13-15 Mitchell Road, Brookvale NSW

Your teacher
Creative Man
Creative Man


Creative workshops on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, in Brookvale! We love hobbies where you make something yourself, and teach workshops in spoon carving, blacksmithing and also how to make your own chef knife on set weekends every month.

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