Laura Jade

Laura Jade

Artist & Designer

Laura Jade, meditation teacher


Laura Jade is a hybrid designer and artist working at the intersection of Science, Art, Design and Technology. Laura creates unique lighting experiences for events, festivals and museums as well as teaching educational workshops around the themes of art and science. Laura is also the creative director of Brainlight, an interactive brain installation that lights up with the power of your mind. Laura has a multidisciplinary background, holding a Masters in Illumination Design from the University of Technology Sydney, a degree in Fine Art and further studies in biology, science communication, curation and museum studies. Laura Jade has worked on major Australian festivals including Vivid, BEAMS festival and Woodford Folk Festival. She has exhibited at major institutions across Australia, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Powerhouse Museum, the Australian Museum, the S.A Natural History Museum and the National Archives in Canberra. Currently, Laura is undertaking a research art residency at Culture At Work linking the multi-disciplinary fields of art, illumination design, neuroscience and brain-computer interface technology through illuminated installations.


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