Leah Robinson, drawing, fluid art and painting teacher

Leah Robinson

Visual Artist, Workshop Facilitator, Educator & Trainer, Breakthrough Coach, Intuitive Guide

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For me Art is a powerful, multi-dimensional language. Art is communication. I am passionate about what I do as an artist and I am motivated to inspire and make access to this language of the visual available to others. I do this by connecting with my students, tuning into their inner artist and guiding them to explore new ways to express themselves creatively. I empower and inspire my students though my passion, communication and facilitation style.
I am a multi-talented visual artist with many years of experience, and many varied skills and talents to offer. I have strong visualisation and conceptual skills along with the practical and technical ability to fulfil on creative vision. I have years of experience of planning and facilitating successful art workshops and classes.
I am a creative artist who produces groundbreaking works using painting and digital media. With a talent for capturing ideas visually, for me art communicates ideas. As a result of my personal experience of the power of art, I have a strong commitment to opening others to what’s available through exploring self-expression, creativity and fun.
I am a Transpersonal Art Therapist. I run art workshops for people living with disabilities. I attained a Master of Visual Arts. I have taught art at universities, TAFE and schools.





Gabriella Ehrmann May 2024

I booked a class but was the only student.. Leah still took me on. What a privilege..
The workshop was revitalizing, intresting and awesome.
Leah ' s approach and knowledge was great. Not just have I been shown the technical side of acrylic pouring, I learned how to express my inner thoughts into a painting.
Went home with lots of new thoughts and with a bounce and smile.

Deirdre McDonagh Mar 2024

I was the only student so it was like a private lesson. Leah was an excellent teacher, explaining everything from colour theory to choosing a colour palette. Her colour reading was amazing and populated my mind with colours that came through clearly in the piece of art that I produced. Leah was very easy to get along with and I felt like I'd met a bit of a kindred spirit. I would highly recommend her classes.

Jacqui Susan Reed Jan 2024

15 ClassBento workshops attended • 11 reviews

Fabulous morning spent with Leah, very well organised, knowledgeable and the session tailored to individual need. Gorgeous setting also

Raheli Cabala Sep 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class! Highly recommend doing this class. I have done this at home since and made some cool art!

Josephine Schlieper Mar 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great experience with a teacher that was very knowledgeable. Class number was perfect for the workshop.

Vanessa Garland Feb 2022

Very knowledgeable. Made the whole experience relaxing and fun. Really released the creative juices. Great fun.

Sumaya Osman Feb 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

A refreshing experience to create something new and unique. You just don’t know how your individual work will turn out. Leah provides lots of advice and tips to realise your vision and make the experience fun.

Kerrie Carnohan Feb 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Leah provided a beautiful, intuitive and wholistic approach to her acrylic pouring class which lived up to its name ‘Go with the Flow’. She explained things easily and patiently which made for a fun, informative hands-on class. Highly recommend.

Jasmine Novak Feb 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Leah was lovely and very helpful throughout the entire class. She didn’t rush us when creating our piece and gave us great tips and steps to create our artwork.

Kelly Merrill Jan 2022

Really enjoyed the class overall. The knowledge and passion of the instructor was apparent, and I was definitely put at ease with any questions. It was a fun technique that I would not have learned on my own without guidance, yet is simple enough to carry forward into life and make a variety of pieces with. Really glad I did it!

Christine Love Jan 2022

Go with the Flo was a utterly enjoyable afternoon with Leah and would recommend it to anyone.

Chris Zografakis Jan 2022

More time spent on the actual fluid painting more information would help thank you thanks

Victoria Marriott Jan 2022

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Leah is an incredible art teacher. It took me some time to truly let go and go with the flow of the art class but Leah guides with a lot of humour and fun to break through and connect deeply to the artistic process. I was able to connect with my inner child with the meditation and intuitive Oracle card selection. Art materials and paint were all provided included choice of canvas and colour. It was a lot of fun creating the art design with a hair-dryer :)

After the class I feel inspired, excited and have learnt so much about paint and colour and the acrylic art process and techniques that I am keen to do more. Thank you so much

Samantha Cook Dec 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really loved the class. Leah was very helpful and it was such a fun Christmas activity! Would go again :)

Jasmin Lin Dec 2021

64 ClassBento workshops attended • 64 reviews

What an amazing way to spend a Sunday afternoon, Leah was helpful, encouraging, creative and passionate, which in turn inspired me to be creative. It was a relaxing and enjoyable experience and thank you for the photos.

Michelle Rogers Dec 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Leah was really informative and knowledgeable, bringing us along an amazing art experience I will always remember!
Her preparation and the incredible art materials [metallic, lustre and subtle acrylic colour options meant we created exactly what was in our hearts and minds.

Angela Liu Nov 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Leah was a great teacher and very informative and helpful. Lots of fun and beginner friendly

Sylvia Macritchie-Hook Nov 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Leah was able to give one-on-one feedback on technique, which was invaluable. In addition, she expanded our horizons by connecting the concept of art to one’s inner life and guided us through a visualisation exercise which I really enjoyed.

Debbi Stockhammer Oct 2021

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Enjoyed the morning learning to do another acrylic pouring method (up to now had been doing dirty pours). The teacher was attentive and provided the necessary one-on-one assistance.

Jimmy Nguyen Oct 2021

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Beautifully executed. Leah's class felt educational, creative, and of course interactive.
Really enjoyed how my piece turned out and learned an incredible new skill.
Definitely recommend for those looking to try painting classes outside the standard paint and sip.

Kait Williamson Jun 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Loved this creative experience! Leah is a wonderful teacher. Perfect class to get into your creative flow or give as a birthday present.

Jacky Robinson Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyed this class, Leah was very informative and I had a lot of fun getting creative and trying something completely new

Geraldine Mockler Jun 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The experience was great my only concern was timing - the workshop took longer than expected

Teacher's response

It was really great speaking to you in person when you picked up your paintings about this. And just for anyone else who could have a concern about time, in the future I can organise getting you out early, as long as you don’t stick around longer, all will be fine. It was great that you did - and stayed to watch the others, even though that made you late. In the future I will make sure I let you know when we will finish so you can keep on time with your plans.

Thank you
Leah Robinson

Urmila Cuganesan Jun 2021

Leah was patient and a lovely lady ,
We were able to understand and follow her directions

Nadia Perry Jun 2021

Once you learn the technique the creative outcomes are unexpected, fun and endlessly varied. Get set for an surprising visual result.

Tanya Lucasq May 2021

Leah is a wonderful teacher and was very patient with the girls. They all had a wonderful time. Thank you

Fiona Griffiths May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Leah was a great teacher.
Had a fantastic time and it is a lot of fun to use a hair dryer to move paint around.
I highly recommend doing a class.

Evelise Manzoni May 2021

I loved this class. Leah is great, she makes the whole experience very inviting, makes you to want to go back for more.
Thanks Leah

Diana Martincich May 2021

I absolutely loved this class and Leah was a fantastic teacher. Definitely will do more of her classes as her explanations and demonstrations were clear.

Alex Peta May 2021

I had a lovely morning with Leah learning how to choose colours and make an acrylic pour ‘masterpiece’.

I can’t wait to pick it up so I can see it all dry and ready to display.

Acrylic Pour Painting Class for Mother's Day review by Alex Peta - Cairns

Maxine Romilly May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Leah has a wealth of skill and knowledge and takes you through the process step by step with calm patience. Great afternoon learning about colours and Acrylic Paint Pouring and creating beautiful artwork. Loved every minute of it.

Shirley Mower May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Had a fantastic session learning how to do a Dutch pour! Leah led us along an awakening journey of colour appreciation and we made two beautiful pieces of amazing art. It was fun, informative and we had the best time would definitely recommend Leah and the class

Luca Dinardo Apr 2021

The venue was beautiful. The setup and structure of the class was very thought out. I loved how much knowledge was shared during the session. It was a wonderful experience and I’d definitely do it again.

Wendy Snell Apr 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The venue was great, everything was organised and Leah the teacher was wonderful. A very calming experience.

Karen Yuen Apr 2021

What a wonderful workshop. I really enjoyed learning a new painting technique and being able to create something to take home.

Alina Selwin Apr 2021

Looooved this class. The class was well organized. I had come in with no idea regarding acrylic pain pouring and left with a genuine interest in this art form. Had so much fun doing it. Leah was so patient with everyone in the class. Totally worth it. I definitely will attend more classes in the future.

Denzil Saldanha Apr 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Leah is such an amazing teacher. The acrylic pouring class was a beautiful experience for both me and my friend. Leah was kind and took us through the basics of acryic pouring and then reassured along the way untill we created our masterpiece. Highly recommend this class for anyone trying to dabble in this artform!

James Hohnen Apr 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

My friend and I did the Acrylic Pouring Class with Leah, and it was fantastic. Leah prepped us well then took her time taking us through the steps, providing guidance (and reassurance!) along the way. It was amazing to finally see the artwork appear on the canvas. We had a great time. The session was well worth the money.

Imelda Ellis Apr 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class was really fun and enlightening . I’ve dabbled with watercolour and oil painting. Acrylic pouring personally is the most fun and exciting. I am looking forward to doing another piece. Leah is a great teacher.

Ibrahim Annous Apr 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Absolutely loved this class. I booked this class for our 3rd year anniversary as a surprise for my husband. He enjoyed it very much! He raved on about it afterwards to all our family and friends. Leah was very knowledgeable and her passion was very contagious. It made the class a lot more enjoyable. We took a journey through meditation into a rainforest which allowed us to follow our intuitions and select colors for our paintings. It was a very unique, enjoyable and fun evening. Highly recommended!

Chantel Lorimer Apr 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

I absolutely loved this class. It was an amazing creative experience including learning about the colour wheel, creative visualisation, and of course the creation of the artwork. Highly recommended!

Hayley Condon Mar 2021

The teacher was lovely and the space was beautiful. Learning the Dutch Flow techniques was interesting and has given me plenty of inspiration for my future projects.

Meimei Chau Mar 2021

Leah is a great teacher with a lot of patience. I am a beginner for this and found her teaching is thorough and easy to understand. I was thrilled and amazed seeing my finished work!

Amelia Gleeson Mar 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

We had a great time! The venue was conveniently located, and a great artistic space. The teacher is extremely knowledgeable and a wonderful guide. It was so fun to do something so different to the norm, and to end up with a beautiful, organic painting at the end. We want to return to create more, and have recommended it to our friends!

Karolyn Faets Mar 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Leah was great very friendly and most importantly very patient . Leah was also very knowledgeable on the subject. This was the first class in the new space there were a few teething problems however I believe these will be resolved for future classes.I had a really enjoyable time and learnt some techniques that hopefully I will be able to replicate at home.

Courtney Kynaston Mar 2021

Leah is lovely, really knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to talk to.
It was easy to get to the art space via the train and it was not a long walk, it was refreshing.
Leah helped with the access to the software which helped to get used to it.
I really enjoyed the investment to expand my geometry knowledge.

Rowena Mangona Mar 2021

Leah was fantastic, we learned more than just the paint pouring but about ourselves too and how to resonate with colours.

However, because the class was for 3 hours (went for over 4 with us being a big group) water should be provided as my friend's children (young adults) lost focus towards the end as they were very thirsty. If cannot be provided, we should've been advised so we can bring our own bottled water. Thanks

Teacher's response

Thank you for your feedback Rowena. Apologies, I overlooked to advise you and your guests that because of the larger group you could expect the class to go a bit longer than the duration stated in the description. I will make sure water is accessible to all students from now on, and/or advise students to bring their own.

Mary Ghaleb Mar 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Was just what the doctor ordered,
I really enjoyed the class and was very happy with the results
Leah is not only a good teacher she is very thoughtful and very attentive to each student

Tracey Franks Mar 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Class was amazing really enjoyed it. Teacher was great made me feel at ease very helpful. All the supplies were supplied you just had to turn up and have fun. Would really recommend this class.

Domonique Roach Feb 2021

This was a very enjoyable class. Leah was great at sharing her passion for this technique. The class was very intimate and gives you a great taste of acrylic pouring and gives you an artwork of self expression. Recommended highly.

Renata Bogomolet Feb 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a fun and informative class. Excellent for anyone who's interested in acrylic pouring properly or just having the experience. Leah does a great job of blending a bit of colour theory in with the actual experience of acrylic pouring, I had a great time and did this class twice. Thanks Leah!

Shiwani Menon Feb 2021

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Leah was really thorough with the different acrylic pouring technique in a great space and overall had a great warm lovely personality. I was really happy with my art work and would highly recommend this class.

Yasmin Shima Feb 2021

This class went beyond learning this method but also delved into colour theory & intuitive art. The visualisation was a wonderful addition to get into a serene, creative zone.
Leah was informative and lovely and the venue is inspiring and set amongst nature.
I learnt what I wanted to learn about colour mixing and this particular technique. I would like to try some of her other classes.

Robert Miziarski Feb 2021

The teacher was very welcoming and knowledgeable. She explained the technique very clearly and helping me along the way. I was amased with the end result.

Sangeetha Manoharan Jan 2021

I thought the class was great, Leah was very thorough and helped us work through our ideas and express ourselves. I would definitely recommend and will be returning for more in the future!

Maryam Khajenouri Jan 2021

Was a great session loved the learning and freedom of expression.thanks so much Leah and look forward to more of your classes to get back to my creative bones x

Imogen Blackie Jan 2021

I had so much fun learning about and experimenting with acrylic paint pouring!

Such great value for money. All the materials were provided and I got to take home my creation.

Leah is a very patient and passionate teacher. I loved being creative and I can’t wait to do another class

Gabriela Bermudez Jan 2021

Highly recommended class! 4 person set up was ideal as the one-on-one coaching is crucial during painting. Enjoyed the spiritual aspects (pre-painting meditation, soothing music, and color reading) as well as how you do every step rather than the instructor doing them for you. Fearlessness encouraged! Next time I would bring a friend as I would love to share the joy

Karen Goodman Jan 2021

Enjoyed my time ! Only regret was disappointed with my choice of the pour, but learnt a lot
Thank you

Evie-Sue Rustean Jan 2021

I really enjoyed the course and got so much more than I ever expected, the art work techniques that we used have inspired me to keep making art, I now have the tools to use art as a creative outlet for me to incorporate into my life, The whole process opened me up to parts of myself that I haven’t accessed before emotionally and mentally, The space is held wonderfully by Leah she holds ancompletely non-judgmental space and always felt very supported by her! I also loved how different each session was. Thankyou so much leah looking forward to attend again one day soon XX

Myriem Slater Jan 2021

Loved the class! Lean the theory and had lots of fun practicing
Great leaning and looking forward to getting my painting after it dries :-)

Shabana Cooke Jan 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Leah was very welcoming and took is through a great introduction to acrylic pouring before we started, allowing us to feel and understand techniques ahead of the practical element of the class. Leah also gave us the opportunity to choose our technique and supported each one of us individually to help achieve our design. Really enjoyed the intimate class (we had 4 in total) as this allowed much more individual support which is great for a beginner!

Edgar Wee Dec 2020

I got to share this experience with my wife as part of our anniversary and getting a wonderful art keepsake at the end was great. Leah explained everything well and in detail, making learning the techniques etc really easy for us as beginners.

Elizabeth Rush Dec 2020

12 ClassBento workshops attended • 8 reviews

She was happy to show different techniques and to run the class for just me.

Jenny Kalogeropoulos Dec 2020

Lovely and relaxed class with great colour options. Leah was a lovely and knowledgeable teacher.

Ryan Annesley Dec 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Lots of fun and a nice and relaxed atmosphere. Definitely recommend for those looking for a nice pre-Christmas idea or date night.

Judith Townsend Dec 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Another enjoyable morning, my third. I tried scraping technique which didn't work at first. Very deflated, but Leah showed me how to redo some parts and use a different implement and it all worked out fine. Can't wait to see it dry. Now hoping to expand my repertoire from home.

Amanda Papalexopoulos Dec 2020

I chose this class as a surprise birthday gift for my bestie.
She loved it! It was a great way of Re introducing ourselves to art, we would definitely do this again.
Leah is kind and patient and provides an environment that encourages self expression/ creativity.

Joseline Parra Dec 2020

Great class! Enjoyed learning the pouring techniques with Leah who was so friendly and full of knowledge. Can't wait to gift my baubles Definitely recommend trying the class out!

Jennifer Pybus Dec 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended

This was such a fantastic class with Leah. We started with a bit of theory about colour, a visualisation, followed by the choosing of colours for the painting. Leah explained and demonstrated clearly and the end result is a much loved painting.

Susane Popovski Dec 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Leah was lovely, my daughter and I had a wonderful experience and learnt some great and interesting stuff.
Even thinking we may do further courses

Simone Boski Nov 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Class was great, fun way to learn a new craft and have new decorations for Christmas.

Anna Borgnolo Nov 2020

Leah was lovely & very encouraging- especially to someone like myself who hasn’t done anything creative for many years. It was a lot of fun & pleased with the end result. I went with a couple of friends & we all enjoyed the process & highly recommend it.

Fluid Art class review by Anna Borgnolo - Cairns

Diana Bertram Nov 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Really enjoyed learning about some of the different pouring techniques. Looking forward to trying some out. Leah explained the craft clearly and at a good pace. The practical part was great.

Mia Buys Nov 2020

Leah was a fantastic teacher with a lot of experience and knowledge in acrylic pouring techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed the class, especially the guided meditation that helped us choose our colours. Leah was a warm and patient teacher, she made sure each student had a personalised experience. I highly recommend Leah and look forward to joining more of her classes in the future.

Judith Townsend Nov 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

A really good experience today. Straight into information about the pour I wanted to do. A short meditation to let ideas surface. Then into the process itself which took quite a while as ideas changed and developed. It's really quite hard to do the first time and Leah was encouraging and supportive. I'll be back for my third class shortly.

Catherine Lee Nov 2020

22 ClassBento workshops attended • 23 reviews

A fun morning learning new skills. Awesome venue with all the things we needed there.
Plenty of colours to chose and suggestions on how to use them
Was allowed to explore the technique by yourself with helpful tips when needed.

DIY Christmas Baubles Painting Pouring Class review by Catherine Lee - Cairns

Diane Souza Sep 2020

We had a terrific afternoon with Leah. We loved the tutorial about colour, meditation and visualisation at the start. A homely, relaxing setting and a stress free art form that allowed us to explore our inner selves. It’s was loads of fun and the music was rhythmic and peaceful. We will definitely recommend the experience to our friends. Great for a team building exercise with work mates as well. Thanks Leah Noel and Diane

Sandeep Virdi Sep 2020

The knowledge Leah has was mind blowing. The course offers a meditation which is guided and allows you to drop in and then express this through sacred geometry. I would recommend this course to others. I wish is was longer.

Otto Dargan Sep 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great teacher, kept things simple and explained things well. We went through basic charcoal sketching as I'm new at this.

Florence Berchten Sep 2020

Great painting course with fantastic teacher and very happy with the result. Thank you very much!

Martha Ganilau Aug 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Was an amazing class. The place was organised and clean, and Leah was fantastic. I got to learn a technique like no other. Was a therapitic experience, and discovered a deeper connection with the finish artwork I never expected. Definitely worth it.

Toby Funston Aug 2020

My sister and I attended a class with Leah and had a great time! It was a very intimate class with just the three of us in her studio, and this worked well as we had individual time to work on our paintings. Leah taught us some colour theory and showed us examples of gorgeous results from a couple of different techniques which we could choose from. Then we had a great time choosing colours and making our artworks, which I'll pick up when dry. Leah was very generous with her time!

Kim Cooper Jul 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Leah and the workshop was great. Everything supplied and lots of creative support. Will definitely do another one of Leah’s workshops.

Millie Padmanabhan Jul 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a great class taught by a teacher who really knew her stuff ! I wasn't sure what to expect, but it exceeded my expectations. The class foused more on intuitive creativity than technical and logical creativity, which helped me gain insight. We were also taught some really great pouring techniques. Do recommend this class !

Brenda Zeng Jul 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

One of the best and special experiences I’ve had in 2020! Great workshop and nice teacher.

Sascha McIntyre Jul 2020

It was a wonderful afternoon to spend with my daughter. We learnt about colours first and then used our new knowledge to create our own artworks. We both enjoyed our time and felt inspired to create more artworks

Denise Cheng Jun 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What an incredible experience! Leah is a fantastic teacher - so much more than just a paint workshop, we learnt about colour theory and techniques and even a bit of colour psychology. And watching our creation come to life was amazing. An experience we won't forget in a hurry :)

Nikash Anand Jun 2020

Leah was so friendly and welcoming.
This was a birthday present for my wife and Leah was so patient and so thorough that we went over time and didn’t even realise it as we never felt rushed. So proud of our end result and we will have such fond memories of Leah and our beautiful when we look at our work of art! We highly recommend any of Leah’s classes and we look forward to our next one.

Danielle Amorosi Jun 2020

Leah was a great teacher explained the techniques and how colours work together also really enjoyed the aspect of relaxing and letting your creativity flow naturally.

Vicky Bates Jun 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Leah was really helpful in guiding me and showing me how to improve on my current skills, I really look forward to future lessons

Chad Hammock Jun 2020

Fun class with great instruction. Might want to leave a little extra time at the end just in case / depending on size, as ours ran a bit longer than 2 hours. Still great fun and now I have a new hobby!

Michele Newman Mar 2020

This was my first lesson. Leah is an excellent teacher as well as a nice person. She explained everything & I made my first acrylic paint "artwork" which I thought was amazing.
I am definitely going back to learn more!

Ted Dao Mar 2020

Leah was an amazing facilitator. We spent an hour after the workshop talking about all the other different forms of expression from spirituality to healing through art. She is thorough and patient. Highly recommend anyone looking for a new experience. From colour theory to colour visualisation meditation. The flow through the workshop was intuitive and fun. The final reveal of the colours were aligned with my present energy such a great start to my new chapter of self exploration! It was an inspiring session and creating something to mark this new chapter was really rewarding :)

Samantha Travers Mar 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

antastic class! Leah is very skilled and knows her stuff! She also has endless patience and encouraging comments She keeps things fun and relaxed. I haven't laughed that hard in ages!

Risto Papadopoulos Mar 2020

Great session with Leah, recommend all interested to definitely go for it. I had never done any classes like this before and felt hesitant at first, but was wrong to feel that way.
Learnt a lot and will definitely be coming back!

Eve Friedman Feb 2020

Fantastic class lovely teacher really enjoyed time with her. Learned something new and easy to try at home

Puminda Amaratunga Feb 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended

Leah was great.
We had an amazing time at our special valentines class.
She explained everything very thoroughly at the start before beginning what was a most memorable experience.
At the end we completed 2 lovely pieces of art.

Thank you so much leah.
Kind Regards
Puminda and Shalani

Olivia Peters Feb 2020

Wonderful one on one class with Leah, and she helped me so much! I didn't really know how to take my paintings to the next level and she helped me figure out what I could do, techniques for drawing people and practices I can do to improve :). She was also really insightful into the types/subjects of paintings I like to do and how I can bring these to life even more! Highly recommend for anyone looking to develop their own art and skills :).

Mi Wark Feb 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Brilliant and fulfilled day with a wonderful teacher, Leah.
Came home with a masterpiece. Highly recommend!
Thank you leah

Mark Trinidad Feb 2020

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

The class was very enjoyable and fun!
Leah was informative showing us the variations and contrasts between colours. Her passion is reflected through her Artwork, and coming from a non artistic background myself, she showed me that art can be used as a medium for self expression!
We did everything from scratch - from preparing the canvas, to choosing and preparing our paints, and creating our final masterpiece.
I would highly recommend this class to anyone - I would definitely do it all over again!

John Blake Jan 2020

The class was conducted in the artist's studio which made it a wonderfully personal experience. Leah's expertise and teaching ability were excellent and we left at the end of the day feeling like we had learnt a great deal about the many different techniques behind acrylic paint pouring. Overall it was a wonderfully unique and satisfying experience . Plus we will get to take home our own piece of art that we made on the day once it dries off in a few days time

Olga Gal Jan 2020

Thank you Leahi absolutely loved this class.
Location is goodparking is available.
The class was informative and really fun, with lots of techniques shown.
Very inspiring has made me want to do this as a hobby.
I am very happy with my first experience.
Highly recommend class.

Jane Li Jan 2020

10 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

This was a very fun and relaxing way to spend an evening! Leah was a great teacher - very patient and guided me through every step. We did a Dutch pour and the results were amazing - I never thought I'd be able to make something so beautiful! I highly recommend this!

Nina Cruz Jan 2020

Teacher Leah knows a lot about paintings, even photography. My first time doing painting class and Leah’s been very helpful especially for a beginner like me The venue is comfortable. Parking available which is absolutely fantastic!
All materials were supplied.
Learned different technique of acrylic pouring, not something you’ll learn from you tube so definitely worth it.

Helen Pollard Nov 2019

Leah was extremely knowledge, providing all the materials that were needed for my Acrylic Paint Pouring 2 hour class.
Leah taught me different pouring, swiping techniques. I also learnt
interesting facts regarding the colour wheel. This helped me to choose my paint colours.
I had a great time, thoroughly enjoying myself, taking homely my own lovely original art work.
Thank you Cheers Helen

Katie Lam Nov 2019

16 ClassBento workshops attended • 14 reviews

Great class! I've learnt that I can see myself in the sacred geometry artworks that I produce without deliberately meaning to depict that in the artwork. Being in the class has made me want to explore sacred geometry further and see what it can do for me. I liked creating the artworks, the mediation and music, and how the combination has given me insight about myself. Would definitely recommend this to others.

Drawing class review by Katie Lam - Cairns

Shelly Casey Oct 2019

What a wonderful experience it was to learn about paint pouring.
Leah is such a talented teacher who knows how to explain things easily.
Having calming music in the background and learning all the techniques was grounding, therapeutic and quite a stress reliever.
I ended up with a beautiful painting.
Thank you Leah! I will return to do more painting soon.
Highly recommended to all!

Acrylic Paint Pouring Class review by Shelly Casey - Cairns

Aaron Cronin Oct 2019

A very enjoyable relaxing pouring class. Leah was very easy going, knowledgeable and helpful. She has a very good range of colours and types of paints. More than happy with the outcome of my canvas for a first time and now have had the confidence to do myself at home. An enjoyable class and good value - highly recommended.

My_plan_manager Team Sep 2019

Art and creativity have been fantastic with Leah who is very friendly and encouraging
Leah provides materials and everything is always ready for the start of a great capacity building experience
Soft music playing in the background makes for an even more relaxing experience

Blythe Marques Jul 2019

Leah was very warm, knowledgeable and very in tune with what I was looking for from the class.
I had so much fun creating a lovely Dutch pouring Acrylic piece, learning something new and getting my artistic zen on!

Keely Wilson May 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Leah was excellent all art needs are supplied
I'm learning to gain confidence in the ability to adventure into new areas of art and sensory activities

Keely Wilson May 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Keely really enjoyed her Art Class with Leah.
All went very well and Leah did a great job encouraging and communicating keely to participate in reaching her goal for today

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