Learn About Cubism Class

introduction to the cubist idea and practice

Mishko Desovski

Mishko Desovski

25 teaching experince + practicing artist



1 - 10




Students will be introduced to the cubist idea and practice.  
Student will learn about the revolutionary points in cubism  through the works of Picasso and Braque.  
Student will learn about Analytic and Synthetic cubism.   

During the course session student will create their own unique cubist art work.  
This course  will suit beginners and  advanced students.
This study frame is delivered in session in duration of two hours per session ( Note: It is recommended students to enrol at least to 3 session to experience learning benefit.)

This class is available on Request

library_books Knowledge Required

This course  will suit beginners and  advanced students no pre- knowledge required.

build What to bring

Equipment Required:
Student Acrylics Colour need to buy for the first week
Red , Blue , Yellow + White .

Jar or tube

One litter of each color

One Canvas,1m x 1m, no need to buy on the first week

Drawing materials

Varity of pencils: students own choice. No more then 5
Charcoal: students own choice. One package
Soft pastels: students own choice. One box

Brushes and pallet knives:

Student own choice in brand,
Quantity: No more than 5 brushes and no more than two pallet knives

Equipment Provided:

Variety of drawing paper.

filter_8 Session repeats

After the first session, subsequent sessions can be arranged with the teacher, at a time that suits you


Erskineville, NSW

Exact location is anonymised for privacy. You'll get the specific address after booking.


Mishko Desovski
Mishko Desovski

25 teaching experince + practicing artist

Mishko is a International visual art teacher and Sydney based artist.

Born in Skopje , Republic of Macedonia.

He live and work for more than 25 years in Sydney and the last 5 years between Sydney - Malaysia - Sydney .

From a high school age he was studied at the selective art school in Skopje for 5 years.

After finishing art school, continuing to study at the Academy of fine art in Skopje for another 5 years, majoring in Painting and minor in graphic design.

1986 he migrate to Sydney with his young family.

In Sydney Mishko was fully engaging in art circles by participating at the numbers of local exhibition and continuing studding and practicing art .

In 1997 he complete his Master of art degree at the UNSW-COFA (College of Fine Art) Australia.

As he was practicing art and tutoring art at
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