Learn Sensual Dance and Meditation at Home

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Learn more about your body and connect with like-minded women in this online course

Genevieve Rogan
Genevieve Rogan
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4 x 1.5 hours

label $333 - $444 (or 4 payments of $83.25 - $111 Afterpay)
($333 per Class only, no box, $444 per Class and box)

How it works
We'll send a ClassBento Box to you (a craft kit with what you'll need). Shipping is free, and it should arrive within 5-7 business days. We ship nationwide. International shipping is also available for private groups, please enquire for pricing details.
Enjoy the online class - after booking, you'll get a pre-recorded video with instructions. You're welcome to ask the teacher any questions you have.

Sensualdancity is a beautiful entry-level course for women looking to reconnect with their bodies, a deeper sense of sensuality and presence and the joy of moving.

You do not need any dance experience for this course! You simply need the desire to unwind, recharge and enjoy the beauty of your body moving to music.

In this four weeks online course, your teacher will guide you through various meditations and transmissions to help you to connect more easily with your body.

You will also learn the sensualdancity routine, which is an easy and powerful combination that you can practice in your own time and use as a foundation to get comfortable with new movements.

The Sensualdancity course comes with a special package of aromatherapy support and rose quartz yoni egg from the yoni pleasure palace.

In this on-demand course, your teacher will explain to you how to use the yoni egg to connect more deeply with your womb space and life force energy. However, the use of the egg is completely optional. You may prefer to have it as a decoration in the home if you like!

The aromatherapy support package "I am sensual", is a beautiful combination of bath salts, essential oils and Palo Santo by Aurelia Alchemy.

Indulge in this four-week bliss bomb course that will leave you feeling completely attuned with your inner Goddess nature!

Knowledge required
This is a beginner-friendly experience.
What you'll get in your craft kit
  • A rose quartz yoni egg by renowned Australian company The Yoni Pleasure Palace
  • An "I am sensual" bundle by Aurelia Alchemy including I am sensual bath salts, Sacred Sexuality essential oil and Palo Santo.
What you'll need
Just yourself!
Your teacher
Genevieve Rogan
Genevieve Rogan

20+ years experience in dance. Holistic teaching methodology to get anyone dancing freely.

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Genevieve became entranced by the world of movement at age 3 when she started classical ballet. In 2011 she completed her full time performance studies at ED5International (Aus). Genevieve's travels to South America and Africa have allowed her unique training and performance opportunities in the styles of samba, salsa, axe, sabar, djembe, cabaret and burlesque. Later her travels to India and Nepal sparked a fascination with alternative movement modalities, dance healing practice and meditation.

In 2015 Genevieve moved to Bogota, Colombia where she danced with Afro contemporary company Zarabana, and discovered her passion for Kizomba. She danced with Light Dance Project in Bogota, specialising in Kizomba and Semba. Since 2015 Genevieve has taught and performed in numerous Kizomba festivals across Australia and Colombia. She is currently based in Sydney teaching Kizomba, Semba and Urban kiz with her dance partner Adriano Raiola. Genevieve wishes to express and teach the healing magic, and creativity of Kizomba in her classes and performances.

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