Learn to Paint the Atmospheric Seasons of Venice: Summer

Learn how to create atmosphere by painting Venice wet-into-wet using watercolour.

Dianne Kelly
Dianne Kelly
(Dianne Kelly Artist)
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1 hour label $20

If you are lucky enough to have visited the eternal city of Venice during the different seasons, you will notice how the light of the city changes during different times of the day.

This video will teach you how to recreate these beautiful moments with paintings depicting these times of the year: summer and winter.

I would describe the cool winter colours as being more mauve, pinks, and purples with touches of warmth popping through here and there, whereas summer is hazed in warmth with touches of gold, apricot, and pinks.

In this video, I will be teaching you how to paint the different stages of the wet-into-wet process to create atmosphere during the summer or the winter months. You will also learn how to use different calligraphic brushstrokes to emphasize the details of the buildings without having them jumping off the page. Refer to my 'Japanese Brushstroking' Course to learn how to paint details as if you were writing in calligraphy.

As I often remind all my students, this technique is the core of mastering watercolour as a medium. By the end of the lesson, you will have a very good grounding of this technique, and it will open a whole world of new options for every type of subject imaginable.

What you get:

  • 4 tuition videos demonstrating all steps.
  • You will also receive printable instruction how-to sheets for you to have a go at putting everything you have learned into practise.

Video modules:
  • Part 1 - Practise your colour variations with small swatches
  • Part 2 - Painting into a Wet Shape
  • Part 3 - At Damp Stage
  • Part 4 - Adding Figures and Finishing Off

Finish up this on-demand class with unique artworks and a variety of new skills!

Knowledge required
Suitable for both absolute beginners and artists with more experience.
What to bring
  • Brushes: Pointed mop brushes (not round) in different sizes, small to large. If you only have small mop brushes, your images will only be about twice the size of the brush.
  • Japanese-style brushes: These come in all sizes from small to large, but the large ones are very expensive, so don't feel you need to purchase them.
  • Watercolours
  • Watercolour paper
Your teacher
Dianne Kelly
Dianne Kelly
(Dianne Kelly Artist)

4.5 (4)
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Dianne Kelly is a Brisbane born-and-based professional watercolour artist.

Di was originally trained in commercial/fine art, working in advertising before pursuing her absolute love and sharing her passion for watercolour painting.

Di is still teaching 32 years later and has now fulfilled her dream of writing her first book, The Art of Watering Colour. Over the years, Di has had several of her paintings published as limited edition prints, as well as producing several ranges of gift cards featuring watercolour images from her overseas travels.

Di’s works hang in collections around Australia and overseas and are currently being incorporated into her new range of fabrics and wallpapers and swimwear.

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