Lockdown Date Ideas for Couples Celebrating an Anniversary

Lockdown Date Ideas for Couples Celebrating an Anniversary

By ClassBento Team

Why not add some excitement to your relationship by trying out these amazing experience gifts for couples? You can explore the world of jewellery making, enhance your cooking skills and so much more, without even leaving home! Don't feel restricted by your living space, because you can still celebrate your special bond in a unique way while having a great time. Whether it's your anniversary or even just a rainy day where you're searching for indoor activities, these unique experiences for couples are perfect for creating memorable moments with your partner.

Transform your kitchen into a personal home cocktail bar, reimagine your living room as a colourful craft studio or turn your garage into a silversmithing workshop, with these fun indoor date ideas you’ll be entertained on your special day, no matter the restrictions. 

Are you excited to add a touch of creativity and make your anniversary truly special? Look no further! We have the perfect guide for you, filled with unique date ideas that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Let's dive in and make this anniversary an unforgettable one in 2024!

Bond over jewellery making

couple making polymer clay jewellery

For an at-home date night that really shines, a DIY silversmithing for beginners class ticks all the boxes. What better way to commemorate your anniversary than with a beautiful piece of jewellery you crafted together? 

This DIY craft kit includes everything you need to kick off your new silversmithing hobby, meaning you can continue to make jewellery at home long after you’ve completed your online course. If you miss hunting for handmade treasures at markets like South Melbourne or Salamanca, you’ll love eclectic options like our clay jewellery making at home online workshop.   

Shake things up with cocktail classes

online cocktail classes

Craving a night out for your anniversary? Hitting up iconic entertainment enclaves like Flinders Lane and Eagle Street Pier may not be an option, but with an online cocktail making class you can recreate the buzz at home. Run across Australia, these iso-friendly date night at-home classes will teach you how to shake, stir and muddle like a pro. 

It’ll feel like Christmas has come early when you unpack your custom DIY cocktail kit delivered directly to your door. Kits come with everything you need to create craft cocktails at home. Learn how to make three classic cocktails—a margarita, vodka martini and a negroni—with this cocktail making and quiz at home.

If nights in front of Netflix are starting to feel a little dull, an online cocktail class is the perfect way to mix things up and inject some excitement back into your indoor date ideas. Looking for Christmas gift experiences for couples? Reconnect with these playful presents!

Hand build with clay

couple hand building with clay

You don’t need to hit up the studio to make ceramics at home, with online pottery classes equipping you with everything you need. As well as curated pottery kits for beginners delivered straight to your doorstep, you’ll tune into live streamed Zoom classes led by expert ceramicists. No need to act professionally here. This Zoom date idea is all about having fun and getting your hands messy!

Other online pottery classes feature pre-recorded videos that give you the flexibility to choose your time and date. With plenty of opportunities to get creative and collaborate, this is one of the best isolation date ideas for bonding with your bae. 

Express yourselves with art classes

From whimsical watercolours to hand-drawn mandalas, online art classes are one of Australia’s best indoor activities for couples. There’s no need for previous experience, with most classes tailored towards beginners. So, whether you want to learn to paint or master sketching, we have an option for you.

If date nights at home just aren’t complete without a glass of wine or bubbly, you’ll love our paint and sip online classes that combine two of our favourite things – art and alcohol. 

Feeling a little stressed while stuck inside? Art can be incredibly therapeutic, making it a particularly good option for de-stressing and enjoying a relaxing date night at home. 

Learn how to make mouthwatering chocolate

couple at chocolate making class

Chocolate makes everything better. If you want to go beyond your usual Lindt bar or Cadbury block, an online chocolate class will redefine the way you enjoy cacao beans. Whether you want to get creative with a cake decorating class or learn how to make chocolate cake decorations at home, these Zoom date ideas led by expert chocolatiers are guaranteed to sweeten up your time at home. 

As always, DIY kits are delivered direct to your door, so you won’t need to hunt down specialty items like decorative moulds or a digital thermometer for this unique date night idea. 

Cook up a storm in your kitchen

couple piping macarons at home

Being stuck at home for whatever reason is the perfect excuse to hone your skills in the kitchen. Whether you want to recreate your favourite street food from the Twilight Hawkers' Market in Perth or learn to master the art of authentic Italian pasta, online cooking classes make great virtual date ideas. Plus, our DIY kits include everything you need to bring your chosen cuisine to life. 

Learn to make your favourite curries from scratch with an online Indian cooking class or keep things sweet and learn to make South America's most loved biscuits, Alfajores in this live streaming class. There are loads of online vegan cooking classes to choose from—perfect for if you’re a plant-powered couple or just want to experiment with vegan cooking on your next date night at home.

Indulge in food and drink tasting

You don’t need to jump on a tram to Fitzroy or ride the train to Darling Harbour to enjoy a night of first-rate food and wine tasting. From self-guided gin tasting experiences to chocolate sampling sessions, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a delicious night in with these indulgent date night ideas.

Set the mood at home with DIY candles

Looking for a romantic and creative way to celebrate your anniversary at home? Consider diving into the world of candle making with a relaxing and informative online class. Transform your space into a cosy candle-making studio and embark on a journey to craft beautiful DIY candles together. Not only will you create unique and personalised pieces, but you'll also have the chance to explore various scents and designs that resonate with your shared memories.

Unleash your creativity with the guidance of experienced candle-making instructors, who will take you through the process via live streaming demonstration. From selecting the right wax to experimenting with fragrances, you'll learn the secrets behind crafting the perfect candle. The best part? You can continue this newfound hobby long after your anniversary, lighting up your home with the warmth of candles you created together.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can infuse your special day with the soft glow of handmade candles?

Celebrating anniversaries at home

heartwarming gifts for couples

Whether you’re trying to save money on your anniversary gifts or are isolating together, celebrating your 1st, 10th or 30th anniversary at home can be just as fun, if not more fun in the comfort of your own living room or kitchen. With just a little bit of creativity and a healthy internet connection, you can make the night a great experience for both of you.

With our live streaming classes and craft kits there are at-home date ideas for every couple. From online painting classes that inspire you to express yourself to virtual cocktail making classes that will allow you to really shake things up, your anniversary date night ideas are changed forever.

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