Make Christmas Cocktails with Pineapple Jam

Make Christmas Cocktails with Pineapple Jam

By Kellie Maloney

It’s time to shake things up this holiday season with Clinton Weir of Pineapple Jam! Learn how to make a delicious pineapple spritz—the perfect refreshing cocktail to pair with Christmas lunch.

Meet Clinton Weir from Pineapple Jam

Christmas smells like…

Summer and spices. Growing up in South Africa which has a similar weather pattern to Australia, Christmas time has always been in summer for me. This meant that there was more family around, more things going on and having holidays from school. I have been pretty much surviving on my own since the age of 17, so for me, Christmas was at first just hanging out with friends and my brothers, and then as we got older it became more about the kids. But it was always about summer fun for us and spices were always represented in the food and the drinks around that celebration.

pouring a cocktail

This year I’m grateful to...

Be living in Australia and online masterclasses. Since April last year, online classes have pretty much been the main source of our income as we’re based in Melbourne. I’ve always had to adapt my business to suit different seasons or situations and that was the main reason I wanted to expand into a company to get bigger contracts and work with bigger brands. 

We had been working on building the business and we were getting really busy with events then obviously Covid hit and shut everything down. A client of ours told us to check out our competitors in Sydney and after doing that we were inspired to jump onto ClassBento. Since then, we’ve been approached by dozens of companies to run masterclasses for them. It’s become so big that we’ve created new products. I’ve always wanted to make my own products and was able to do that with the lockdowns and the extra time on my hands. It’s great to be able to bring our experience and set up to not only bring on these online classes but also things like our cocktail kits.   

adding preserved orange slice to cocktail


flair bartending trick with martini glass


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